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DJ Splash - Beautiful Day

by ERPC117 • 2,734,113 views

Hard dance, techno, trance DJ Splash beautiful day:]

WOOOOOW its 5 years when i first listen this now i find it again its epic music <3
Uploaded in 2008. Still better than most pop songs of today.
This sounds like Basshunter :) good song.
+OfficialVanDyce Check other styles too, Goa-Trance, Bumping, Makina, Happy HardCore, Electronic Jazz :) "Happy WORLD"
+ShadX222 Basshunter is doing more like Eurodance and HandsUp
is music made by DJ Splash and DJ Satomi one specific genre? i thought it was trance but appearently i've been told otherwise.
some times i find great song by accident but i want to know all the song that i like that were created in the world in a decaded period(example: all song created from jan1,1990-dec 31, 1999/ jan 1, 2000-dec, 2009)
Of all the kinds of music ,a cappella, abstract hip hop, accordion, acid house, acid jazz, acid techno, acousmatic acoustic blues acoustic pop adult album alternative adult standards african percussion african rock afrikaans afrobeat afrobeats aggrotech albanian pop album rock albuquerque indie alternative americana alternative country alternative dance alternative emo alternative hip hop alternative metal alternative metalcore alternative new age alternative pop alternative pop rock alternative r&b alternative rock ambeat ambient ambient dub techno ambient fusion ambient idm ambient psychill anarcho-punk andean anime anime score anti-folk appalachian folk arab folk arab pop arabesk argentine rock armenian folk art rock athens indie atmospheric black metal atmospheric post rock atmospheric post-metal austindie australian alternative rock australian country australian hip hop australian indie australian pop austropop avant-garde avant-garde jazz avantgarde metal axe azonto bachata baile funk balearic balkan brass banda bangla barbershop baroque baroque ensemble basque rock bass music bass trip beach music bear beatdown bebop belgian indie belgian rock belly dance bemani benga bhangra big band big beat big room black death black metal black sludge black thrash bluegrass blues blues-rock bmore bolero boogaloo boogie-woogie bossa nova boston rock bounce bouncy house bow pop boy band brass band brass ensemble brazilian gospel brazilian hip hop brazilian indie brazilian pop music brazilian punk breakbeat breakcore breaks brega breton folk brill building pop british alternative rock british blues british dance band british folk british indie rock british invasion britpop broken beat brooklyn indie brostep brutal death metal brutal deathcore bubble trance bubblegum dance bubblegum pop bulgarian rock c-pop c64 c86 cabaret cajun calypso canadian hip hop canadian indie canadian pop cantautor cante flamenco canterbury scene cantopop canzone napoletana capoeira carnatic caucasian folk ccm ceilidh cello celtic celtic christmas celtic punk celtic rock chalga chamber pop chanson chanson quebecois chaotic black metal chaotic hardcore charred death chicago blues chicago house chicago indie chicago soul chicano rap children's music chilean rock chill lounge chill-out chill-out trance chillwave chinese indie rock chinese opera chinese traditional chiptune choral choro chr christian alternative rock christian christmas christian dance christian hardcore christian hip hop christian metal christian music christian punk christian rock christmas christmas product cinematic dubstep classic afrobeat classic belgian pop classic chinese pop classic danish pop classic eurovision classic finnish pop classic finnish rock classic french pop classic funk rock classic garage rock classic italian pop classic norwegian pop classic peruvian pop classic polish pop classic psychedelic rock classic rock classic russian rock classic schlager classic soundtrack classic swedish pop classic turkish pop classic venezuelan pop classical classical christmas classical guitar classical organ classical period classical piano colombian rock columbus ohio indie comedy comic commons complextro concert piano contemporary classical contemporary country contemporary folk contemporary jazz contemporary post-bop cool jazz corrosion corsican folk country country blues country christmas country dawn country gospel country road country rock coupe decale coverchill covertrance cowboy western cowpunk crack rock steady croatian pop crossover prog crossover thrash crunk crust punk cuban rumba cubaton cumbia cumbia funk cumbia villera current czech folk czech rock dallas indie dance pop dance rock dance-punk dancehall dangdut danish hip hop danish jazz danish pop danish pop rock dansband danseband dark ambient dark black metal dark cabaret dark electro-industrial dark progressive house dark psytrance dark wave darkstep death core death metal deathgrind deep alternative r&b deep ambient deep breakcore deep chill deep disco deep disco house deep discofox deep downtempo fusion deep euro house deep filthstep deep flow deep freestyle deep funk deep g funk deep happy hardcore deep hardcore deep hardstyle deep house deep italo disco deep liquid deep northern soul deep orgcore deep psytrance» deep ragga deep soul house deep space rock deep tech house deep trap deeper house deeper tech house delta blues demoscene denver indie depressive black metal desert blues desi destroy techno detroit hip hop detroit techno didgeridoo digital hardcore dirty south rap dirty texas rap disco disco house disco polo discofox discovery djent doo-wop doom metal doomcore doujin downtempo downtempo fusion downtempo trip hop dream pop dreamo drill and bass drone drum and bass drumfunk dub dub techno dubstep dubstep product duranguense dutch hip hop dutch house dutch pop dutch rock e6fi early music early music ensemble east coast hip hop easy listening ebm ectofolk ecuadoria edm electric blues electro electro dub electro house electro jazz electro latino electro swing electro trash electro-industrial electroacoustic improvisation electroclash electronic electronica electronicore emo emo punk enka entehno environmental estonian pop ethereal gothic ethereal wave ethiopian pop eurobeat eurodance europop euroska eurovision exotica experimental experimental dubstep experimental psych experimental rock fado fake fallen angel faroese pop fast melodic punk fidget house filmi filter house filthstep fingerstyle finnish hardcore finnish hip hop finnish indie finnish jazz finnish pop flamenco flick hop folk folk christmas folk metal folk punk folk rock folk-pop folklore argentino folkmusik footwork forro fourth world freak folk freakbeat free improvisation free jazz freestyle french folk french folk pop french hip hop french indie pop french movie tunes french pop french punk french rock full on funeral doom funk funk metal funk rock funky breaks future ambient future garage futurepop g funk 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jumpstyle jungle k-hop k-indie k-pop k-rock kabarett kannada karneval kc indie kindermusik kirtan kiwi rock kizomba klezmer kompa kraut rock kuduro kurdish folk kwaito la indie laboratorio laiko latin latin alternative latin christian latin christmas latin hip hop latin jazz latin metal latin pop latvian pop lds leeds indie levenslied liedermacher lilith liquid funk lithumania lo star lo-fi louisiana blues louisville indie lounge lounge house lovers rock lowercase luk thung madchester maghreb makossa malagasy folk malayalam malaysian pop mambo mande pop mandopop manele marching band mariachi martial industrial mashup math pop math rock mathcore mbalax medieval medieval rock meditation mellow gold melodic death metal melodic hard rock melodic hardcore melodic metalcore melodic power metal melodic progressive metal memphis blues memphis hip hop memphis soul merengue merengue urbano merseybeat metal metal guitar metalcore metropopolis mexican indie mexican rock-and-roll mexican son miami bass michigan indie microhouse military band minimal minimal dub minimal dubstep minimal melodic techno minimal techno minimal wave mizrahi mod revival modern blues modern classical modern country rock modern free jazz modern southern rock modern uplift monastic moombahton more acoustic pop more adult standards more baroque more brazilian pop more canadian indie more ccm more cello more christian rock more classic garage rock more classical piano more comedy more contemporary country more dance pop more deep chill more deep house more deeper house more dub techno more east coast hip hop more eurodance more free jazz more german indie more hardcore more hardcore punk more indie pop more indie rock more indie singer-songwriter more jazz guitar more jazz piano more melodic death metal more melodic hard rock more melodic metalcore more motown more neo-synthpop more new wave more orchestral more pop emo more pop punk more progressive house more progressive trance more psychobilly more punk rock more regional mexican more smooth jazz more soft rock more soundtrack more southern soul more string quartet more sunset lounge more surf music more symphonic black metal DJ Splash is by far my favorite.
Rspect for writing all this like god dang dude XD
you forgot one... darude- sandstorm..
Why does all these music make me so happy?
Man this is good it reminds me of halo
WOW 2million plus views!!
Hypnoss01 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫((♥)) :-)
Haven't seen this video in years :(
My brain is so messed up right now from a mix of mtn dew, DJ Splash music, and my normal insanity.
I miss this type of music!
i love to exercise with this :D
Epic song.  Is and always will be absolutely beautiful!
este modem esta hackeado por el oscar orrego y los monsalves de panama:y decia:you are pocahontas  y tambien segun ellos que yo digo :esto me pasa por encamarme con el orrego...puercos y sucios esa es mi opinion y ademas lo que dicen que yo digo y como me llaman es una mentira.
This could be in Geometry Dash! :D Like if you think so too!
i dont like that game i ws raging evry time 80 %dead 81% dead 80%dead 90 %dead AAAHHHHRG
yea so could any song ... sigh i cant go ten music videos without a mention of geometry dash..
this is the best song eva!!!
And the fallout series as well.
Shuja Rafi Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫((♥)) :-)
Reminds me of Basshunter!
nem mondasz hülyeséget, de a 2őt akkor sem lehet összehasonlítani :D
bashunter dota ? haha good music
Shazam matched flying high- DCX
Muzika za one koji svako toliko žele pobjeći sa ovog svijeta- zdravo je to!
Brings back memories ! !
GOOD vibes from 2008. Good days. Jan
You make the bests songs!!! :D
Lonely valentine this year again
check out my piano cover, along with other originals/ covers, more to come. Would really love for you to give your feedback. been playing for 6 years.. thanks this is url code thing, or just click my channel. .watch?v=dCwaKoerAPU
I dont know why but this remember me lineage 2 ,good times :')
Well sorry to disappoint you Ashin Gray but I love SASKUE and I have huge feelings for Itachi too. All of the Uchiahs are cute.  
I knwo i Know ... me too .. itachi is so poweeful,smart, sensetive, and perfect Uchiha Clan is so cooooool I LOVE THEM XOXO
Polska Przemuje ! <3
drum in the base, slap a girl in the face
Dj splash is best dj
My love for this kind of music brings back such fond memories from high school, a couple of years ago. Seeing different kinds of techno, house, and HD music branch out from this music has been very humbling, would mean a lot if just a few people would check out my cover of this song, and many others to come. I play just for the fun, and for the euphoric state that comes with it.  watch?v=dCwaKoerAPU&list=UUwBs2XNcR550WI9uqlv2l6w or just click my name.Thanks.
Aw man the ending
These songs are works of Art, they can motivate the soul in to making the mortal human do immortal things :)
This song that Basshunter stole the beat from :)
Súper me encanta :)
This is actually DJ Splash - A Beautiful Day (Primetime Remix Final) just letting you guys know :D
It just like basshunter
the song is the bst bat song
Ahhhhh still like this after so long!
tres bonne musique
this shit still kicking it!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, I'm a dutch techno/trance producer. Just check my channel and enjoy the music I hope you like it :) Dj ACER
We meet again BAAAAD Q! >_<
Cum at the face.
Wau spasial the luna. Hot cool hit!
How can you not like it??
Many people say that techno isn't real music. This proves them wrong. :)
Eso es musica de juegos oline como el darkorbit
u.u yo estoy buscando musica para un video de alfa :)
2,300,000 veiwer :D
techno and trance shall rule the music world !!!!!!!!!!!
Dj splash all the way ... this is some inspirational stuff people
This be some kawaii shit bruh
ah... so good... feels like im in heaven
why 200+ dislikers? noobs this song is awesome
my new favorite song!!!  :D
This makes me smile and feel happy. I don't know why! :D :D :D :D :D:D :D :D :D
Way the planet! Beauty full!
you can actually get similar HD wallpapers at however, i do not own nor am i the original artist of the products you see there. i am merely a supporter/fan of those awesome guys who make such pieces of art.
Techno vs Dupstep !
Esto es mas clásico -.-  
si es cierto bro :D
who don't like it ???
People who don't know what's Music.
Martin hagler Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
DJ Splash - Beautiful Day
HOLY SHIT u repeated the title!!
thank's ,, pleasure ,,
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