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RuneSpan Bot Free, up to 150k xp-hour [Updated October 2012]

by Aron Jaco • 2,029 views

100% working RuneSpan bot! Get 99 Runecrafting in a matter of days. Download Link:

wait, how come you made so many accounts just to boost your self esteem?
That was amazing! subbed instantly!
im already 96 and got 2 days ago! this is fantastic..
subscribed, favorited, b/c you made my day!
Epicbot's scripts fail so hard.
Whoa, total and complete awesomeness...
wow! that is a really funny vid lol
you are all stupid for liking this.... JUST GET EPIC BOT,it has everything and more already -.- EVEN RUNESPAN.....
Is it boobs? What about boobs? Could? it be boobs? I
Is this a script that u can use with epicbot?
I hope you upload new videos soon, I really enjoyed this!
OMG A-freaking-MAZING! Why arent you more popular?
lmao!!!! this is the funniest thing ive ever seen
WoW awesome video! How did you do this?
ok kid, you say that... but ive had it for over a year.... no virus', no problems. maybe you just have shit antivirus maybe?
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