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by BFvsGF • 686,296 views

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+angel tamadon I comment and then my posts somehow get 100-200 likes. I have no clue why; but yeah, I love PVP and Ed! They're my favorite YouTubers. ❤️
haha jeana has a date named hunter ya'll two ove each othor
yo you gotta get a ps3 because i be modding that and me and you can go into lobbies and stuff, yo reply i will send you one of my ps3s i got 3 1 CFW 1 OFW n a OFW
All those little kids in line for cod
Looks like his butt is on backwards :3
Can I have the hat Pvp saaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
this video was posted in 2011  
jesse i want to be your friend on xbox 360 but your friend list is full can u delete maybe one of your older friends i love pvp videos im working on starting my gaming channel and my vlog channel but i just want to be your friend on xbox live my gamertag is gta 5 killa66                or  gta 5 killa 66
why are people saying they want the hat still.. this videos is about 3 years old lmao....
Already three years ago wow.
Wat up jenna and jessie
I do whant the elite hat
Be my friend on xbox 360 I want to 1v1 you my gamertag is SideArms03 😄
Ship me the hat bro!!!
It's not funny when you have to go way out of your way to knock things over. I guess we shouldn't expect more out of a COD player... Planetside2 FTW
Can I please have the hat jesse
He has a special treatment called assreversal
No you don't it's not even out yet
You suck at pranking sorry to tell you. Leave it to bassmaster . Find something else to do .
there like the best prankers you suck
I am a psychology student. I can say that girl is Fake as fuck. She is a divorce material. giggling.."OMG he looks like the biggest nerd ever"
Psychology student? LOL
+ullasv That's not your problem. Why are you trying to mess with a perfectly fine relationship? They have been dating for about 9 years, so they obviously love each other and they don't need people like you, trying to mess it up.
i wait that a hat because i have  elet cod
Dubstep? Yo jesse listens to dubstep yes epicness
Go into a store with no shirt or shoes and see if they give you service
mortons is very expensive, great place to eat some good steak tho
Mhfmymhcmhmh me me please
I would like the hat plz plz plz plz I would like it
I wen't to Morton's steak house and got a steak that was 400$. That certificate would be worth 1/4 of a meal if they got 2.
Wonder if someone already got the hat
why the hell are they waiting line for a video game I could see a game console but a game I remember mw3 I litteraly went in the day after and got in the next day they always have a copy
they wanna play earlier idiotaaa waay play your violin faggot
You like dubstep Jesse? You should listen to Excision, Datsik, or Flux Pavilion. They're way better than Skrillex.
O-O you do not lick skrilx wtf man
7:19 ijustine in the back round?
What's up with all the hate comments man
Like if you guys are watching this in 2013 :D
Man I really want to go to gamestop really bad now since I watched this video haha
i want that hat the only thing i do is watch u o play that game
Amazing film. Youtube is good for this sort of content.My step brother was previously bullied. He stated he was planning to get bigger. I chuckled at him because I didn't think he would.... Til he gained 40 pounds of 100 % pure muscle. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it). He doesn't get bullied these days.
0:01 his face wen arfter they say whal up
Haha. Prank from almost two years ago, and people are still like "I want the hat."
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