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(Kissed You) Good Night Ft Tiffany Alvord

by chestersee • 966,997 views

Tiffany's version coming soon... Check out my friend Tiffany and Sub her up if you like her! Check the amazing Dtrix and do the same...

You can tell that the side view she has a head band but in the front view she dosent
Love Tiffany Love Chester So pleeeaaaseee do MORE videos together .
Hey Chester you should do a song from journey- don't stop believing please and thank you 3
chester looks so fucking good.... i use to ship them haha but it's all about #GRESTER  now :D
Woww. Chester your voice. I forgot how amazing it was in this song. :O
i know they're like 9 years apart but i ship them
8 years, but who's counting. They are adorable together!
omg this is hilarious HAHAHAHAHAHA
Awesome...I love these two together...
this was published on my sixteenth birthday! <3
I personally think the lyrics are a tiny bit disturbing. Great voices, though. And hilarious ending.
Am I the only one who imagined him in boardshorts surfing? So hot!!!
Dawn Zeng Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
+Emma Yrabbi Uh Mohammad Another good cover from Chester.  I didn't find it for a long time.
She's good at singing, but her voice is so normal.
fuckin hidden comments! y youtube?!?! this SUCKS
I uhh I dunno I thought you like it rough... I hurt my hand.
chester looks filipino when he's with white people but he looks white when he's with asians like ryan or dominic
he needs to do more country songs, he has the perfect voice for it
They are both so cute :( i love when they togther
it's on tiffany's channel, which is linked in the downbar
Can you two please just be together PLEASE
I love her dress, and thier voices are amazing!! :)
How can a be 36 ?:o he looks so much younger
I can hear Chester's high pitch voice screaming NO! at 0.22 ... hahaha
That makes him 16 years older than her. He looks so young, though.
lolzzz... i just wish that i could push you to da wall... wat dahell!!! lolzzzz
Well, I also admire Chester but not in a homosexual way though.
lmfaooooooo Dom and Lauren X'D
but yes the would be a cute couple
Tiffany has to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and that's before she even starts singing after that ... words can't describe..
did anyone see that your able to turn this into 3D?
I'm looking at Tiffany. Lol. I admit i got the dude crush on Chester but still Tif is way cuter. lol
Look at how she looks at him, I guess it's more than friends :D just my guess.
I will love to heard the whole cover song from you two
You should do another one of these videos of the full song! You guys have an amazing voice! :D
you should put your songs on download
they should sing the whole song. it's perf <3
what was the beginning lol so random
"You've got a little hanger right there! Yeah, right there in the left one. Yeah you might want to get that. Ok bye!" Oh D-Trix you fox!
It seems like his video is more fuller than Tiffany's. Hers didn't include some things.
you and tiffany should go out!! P.S You're amazing chesterrrrr <3 #nohomo
front cam she wears no headband, from the side she is wearing one, haha
Chester, you are insanely adorable and have a really great voice. (:
they are a cute couple!!!!! they shouldve kissed each other!!!!
love the song and i loved your version :)
Woah. You guys made an excellent collab!
omg i love his little jump. it made me melt i love his shy sweetheart approuch to this he should show this side more <3 i wish i knew himmmmm I LOVE U CHESTER! SOOOOOO FRICKEN MUCH the more i watch this video the more i love u
oh my goodness. you have amazing voices.
Chester see... marry me? <3 i can't get enough of your voice. Why are you so attractive?! <3
wait a sec.!! I already watched the official music video on tiffany's channel long time ago but now you say coming soon?? weird..but I like the song anyway..hurry up and add the official video please thanks :)
Chester at the bieganing os this video looked hoooo
am i gay if i think that chester is so handsome :D?
Your lyrics give me goosebumps. Good work.
Hey Chester! I saw this playing in a department store in the Philippines, over like 4 or 5 TV sets. :D
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