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WKUK Bike Up The Ass

by The Whitest Kids U'Know • 226,904 views

Season 4 Sketch

"What the fuck is a bicycle?"
"what the fuck is a bicycle!?" i laughed so hard
This has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. I thought I was gonna die just now
man i don't know anything about these guys i'm an internet guy for god's sake.
What the fuck is an internet?
this is probably their best sketch
I've seen lots of cartoonish(american) parodies and this one takes the cake... america today is like a bike up your ass
Sooo, how did the cop know the word bicycle? They had only said bike up to that point.
I don't even know what a comment is!!!
wkuk have the greatest intro
why would ANYBODY want want to ride 401.k XD
Why would ANYBODY want to ride 400 and 1 K!
I love how everyone has a normal job, doctor, cop, business man, judge, mom (house wife) but Zach says I'm a "bicycle guy" he doesn't even say "biker" or "bike rider"
Timmy should of been the cop on the left I like the cop with the gun
who wants to buy some evidence, lol
Did anyone else think that the cop was going to shoot himself by accident.
I love how the policemen show up with their guns in the air
I love how they say "bike" and the cop says "bicycle" like he already knew what it was! xD
@scary00001 I dont know anything about evidence, or email, im a chef lol
because professional cycling is only a career if you ride in the tour de france
the doctor and those cops should take a page from Doctor Kyle. I heard he doesn't give a fuck.
what if the world was like this
I'll ride a bike made out of science into your anus.
Whoa whoa whoa what the fuck is a bicycle!?!? Lol
Zach sounds so much like charlie day in this sketch
lol if the world actually worked like that
wow the top comments are the same...
God, that cyclist is such a fred.
I'm a youtube commenter, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT.
Now... Who wants to buy some evidence? Hahaha lol
1:15 That's not crazy talk, this is crazy talk. Glablblbla, glglglbl, gla gla gla, GLGLGLGLGLGLGLGL!
yeah business guy won... as much as you can ever win after getting a bike shoved up your ass
And this is what happens when a society over-specializes. WKUK brings us more social commentary.
What the fuck is a bicycle.... For the first time on this show an extra had the best line.
I don't understand anything these guys are saying, I'm a city gaurd. Now does anyone want to buy some arrows?
Im just a commenter....Want some hate? Fuck you You get some anyways
meanwhile, at the apple v samsung case
Why would any policeman point a gun to his head...? 2:06
hahaha a businness man should know what 50k stands for, at least how much it is
This is somehow brilliant. It'll simply take 20 years to unravel it all.
Cat vids? Those sound great! I'll take 20
Late: Very necessary because obviously, bicycle is a very big word that isn't used as often, such as sesquicentennial.
1:45 He calls it a bike The cop asks "What the fuck is a bicycle" Bike Bicycle ... 'Nuff said.
did you hear... there turning the top comment section into quotes from the video section!
top comments are a mind fuck
Im just a gamer and I have no fuckin clue what a cat vid is... want some free DLCs?
ever time trevor is the doctor: "IM A DOCTOR!!"
I'm a politician and I don't know what the constitution is.
how come Trevor is aways the doctor?
I'm sorry but I don't remember. Probably some "Thumbs up if" or comment on the like/dislike bar. I usually tell those people to shut the fuck up ;).
Oooo, everybody look who can't use dictionary(.)com so I have to do it for him!
What in the hell are "cat vids"? I'm only student, want some gum?
How did the cop know it was called a bicycle? They only called it a bike while he was there.
I'm a youtube commenter.......sure I want some cat vids.
I'm just a YouTube commenter, I have NO idea what this video is talking about.
For the life of me I can't figure out the deeper meaning of this sketch...Or am I trying too hard?
I'm a music guy and I don't know what anything mentioned in this video are.
@TheSummerGirl14 He's just really proud about it.
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