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Saw Theme Song- Hello Zepp

by ROMEwolfboy357 • 4,115,745 views

The Saw theme song called- Hello Zepp. Artist: Charles Clouser. Watch my new Saw Theme Song video- Suprised and Shithole. Here's the link-

Upon starting to play Dark Souls: "Hello, player. I want to play a game. For many years you've been playing games on Easy or Normal, thinking that you're great at video games as you blast through levels, missions - entire games, within a few hours. Well. I serve to prove that you are not who you think you are. Before you is a title screen. Should you begin playing this game, there is no turning back. The device located around your wrists will eternally lock your controller or mouse and keyboard to you, binding you until you finish this game. Oh, and you can't just finish it once. The device is rigged to only release once you've defeated the game at an amount equal to your age. Live as an insane husk or die a sobbing nerd. The choice is yours." - Love, From Software
This is an actual Saw trap.. :O
+George Fucking Washington Fuck, better find me a group of sinning 6 year olds then.
Hello Zoe Quinn. I wanna play a game. You are here because of your lies. Your sin has corrupted you, and your work. Every day, You whore yourself out to powerful men in the video game journalism industry to advance your own agenda. You care so little about the body that was given to you, that you are willing to use it as a bargaining chip to ensure that your game is rated highly. You even went so far as to have unprotected sex with these men, risking STD's and Aids just to get what you want. All this behind your boyfriends back. And when someone called you out on it, You played the victim saying that these people were simply sexist men. But we all know your true feelings about Women equality, dont we? Need we forget what you did to a group of women who wanted to make games? You made them out to be monsters, and revealed their information online. Because if they did make their games, The journalists would not have had anything to report, would they? You are guilty of these sins and more...And while we can not change the past...We can change your future. The room you are in is built like a Car crushing machine. The walls will slowly and slowly come closer and closer, Crushing you to the point, where you are nothing more than a thick red paste. But you can save yourself. Outside of your room, Are the five men you slept with in order to advance your own agenda. They are Signal as the cancer that slowly takes hold of you. All you need to do is...Cut them out. There is a button in front of you that will open the doors and set you free. However, The five men will suffer as the price. Their room is rigged to detonate with a High explosive, able to take out a small house in a single blast. So what will it be, Zoe? Will you Sacrifice yourself in order to save these men who used your body as payment in order to advance your career? Or will you let them die in order to keep whats left of your body alive. Live or Die...Its your choice.
4chan should stay dead
Hello, I would like to play a game. Its called Monopoly, I'll be the Top Hat.
"Hello Bowser!!  I want to play a game!!  For years you've been kidnapping Princess Peach, to lure Mario into your traps, so you can rule over the mushroom kingdom.  And every attempt you make ends in failure.  Nevertheless, you're determined to never give up and keep trying. "Well I'm here to prove to you once and for all that what you are doing is completely pointless!! "While you were sleeping, I have injected a deadly poison into your bloodstream.  Within 3 days, the poison will contaminate your entire body, and you will die!!  This time for real!!  And only I have the antidote!!  If you want it, you must perform a big task. "Kidnap Princess Peach, like you always do, and bring her to the address marked on your Clown Car.  Make sure that Mario takes the bait, comes to the address where you have Peach, and then kill them both!!   "Succeed and I will give you the antidote.  Fail, and you will die a slow and very painful death, from the deadly poison.  "Become the Grand Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, or die a Pathetic Koopa King, that will never get any from a princess.  The choice is yours.  Let the game begin!  GO!!"
Play this reeeealy loud in repeat in your locked bedroom.  Your family/housemates will FEAR YOU
Well you didn't use a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence, and you started it off grammatically incorrect as well.
Hello console gamers...I want to play a game..for years you have complained about your consoles being sub par..fought each other over which one is better..well thats why you are here. In this room you will find a tv with a Nintendo 64 connected to it..all you have to do is play the game and ever there is a catch.the game in the console is Superman have 1 hour to beat it..once you do the door to your salvation will open..if you fail..the room will fill with poisonous gas and this room will become your or die..make your choice...let the game begin..
Haha +Ryan Hartwell read this ! Angry video game nerd reference
What is up with all the "lets play a game" comment?
Hello Liam Neeson. I want to play a game. For years you been making movies yet been on a low radar until now. You have been a Jedi, trained batman and even inseminated a Greek women that eventually gave birth to a demigod. You always say there is not much time. Well now this I will help you have more time. Fix the broken clock to your nearest left, if not time will run out and you will suffer a slow death. There is a venom that will reach your respiratory system. The antidote is inside the clock and can only be obtain once you fix the clock. You have you challenge, let the game begin. Liam Neeson: (In a soft deep voice) I want you to listen real carefully jigsaw. I don't know what you want or what you want for me. If you want money I don't have none. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills that I have acquire of a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let me go now that will be the end of it. I will not look for you I will not pursue you. But if you don't I will look for you....I will found you and I will kill you.  Before the night is over, I will kill you. But before I kill you I will make you suffer by embarrassing you, I will fix the clock but I will also hurt you in a pain so unimaginable. That you will pray for the gift of death and leave behind your pursuit of forcing others to value life. 
Litsened to this while cutting my nails… SO ACCURATE
I hope you are fine now ☺️
Some of this sounds a bit like Live And Let Die 
Hello Justin Bieber, Let's play a game. Everyone hates you. Kill yourself.
lol what a funny cunt (i said that in a good way :) 
Creepiest theme ever
Well someone had fun in Windows Movie Maker. Dem effects tho.
escucho esto cuando resuelvo ejercicios de matemáticas 
Hello World...i want to play a game,kill Chuck Norris or die..
see what i see, feel what i feel, four walls build a home.
Hello Elsa I want to play a game Wanna play Assassins Creed Unity?
It's some one from AC untiy
+Alexander Cross Oh, alright. The name in the game is "Elise." 
Hello Earth, I want to play a game. But first I, an Alien will share a little secret to you. We made you, all of you is an experiment. We thought that you will help us, but we thought wrong. For many years you have become psychopaths, porn-lover, a bully, drug dealer, etc. When many years have passed, we tried to be patient with you and we were waiting for a change in Experiment 369-A: Mankind. But we were wrong. Before we made this planet, we set a 500kg. Atomic Bombs below each places, This "Bomb" was set 10 Million Years Ago. We set it because we have a law to extinct all experiments to make our Galaxy safe and sound. Today, only 5 Million Years is left. You think you could survive that long? you think you can live more Years? Well you thought wrong. In our lab, we have the ONLY ONE button to make those bombs detonate in a milisecond. And if we pressed it, those bombs will detonate and you will become extinct. But don't worry, all people who repent their sins and whose the name is clean, We'll be saved by our forces before the Great Time of Regretness will begin. And all the remaining will be left to rot. We don't care if it's a children, a teenager, an adult or a Senior. Or you can have another choice, tell NASA to set an armed astrounauts and an armed spaceship to Mars and tell them to kill us all and then defuse the bomb and yes, we have a "defuse" button here. But you have to kill all our strong forces and push into our an Unbreakable Line of Defense, we call it "Defense Push." But remember, you will only have 1 month to do this or die. Live or die, make your choice, Let the game begin!
Really good song, if you don't think of it as "horror" its actually a good war song in my opinion :D
I play this whenever I have sadistic thoughts of murder and death in my mind which ends with my inevitable test.
+jimmy alderson Maybe it means I get thoughts of killing you. 
hello world existance is the silence misery is tomb and the decay is rapid the pit is pendulm the chain is the link to your sanity if value the box then keep it if its your sanity then run away if its will pursue through are the weapon this the chances that you've been denied you could have sinned now smash that big button play the videogame aand tell if its one of a fight type 
"Hello Mr Hindle, or as they called you in the hospital Zepp, I want you to make a choice. there's a slow acting poison coursing through your system which only i have the antidote for. will you murder a mother and her child to save yourself? Listen carefully if you will, there are rules." "Game over..."
Hello raccoon,I want play a game: you've self-proclaimed the most smart creature from this planet,so,if you are,I want to see this.On the remote control that you are seeing, you will control a cart, the goal will be to take it up to you, however, the walls of this maze are acid, if the cart touch, will be achieved, and is likely to be dissolved, and you have exactly 60 seconds to bring that stand up to you, raccoon, if the cart be dissolved, the collar that is ... let's say ... may or may not ruin your wake, then the choice is yours, the game has begun.
Hello Arthur. You may not know me, but I know you. I want to play a game. For years, you've ruined the lives of others by recklessly running your motorcycle along the sidewalk, mercilessly murdering fathers and children and crushing families beneath your boot. Today, you're going to face the consequences of your actions. I have chained your feet to the floor and your arms to the ceiling, rendering you immobile. I have also placed four running motorcycles on each side of you. Two of them are equipped with scythes, one is equipped with a large machete, and the final one has a bomb strapped to it. The game is simple. In front of you is a solid block of ice that contains the switch to your freedom. You have sixty seconds to completely melt the ice and hit the switch with your tongue to break yourself free. However, failing to do so will result in a chain reaction. The motorcycles will come at you one by one at full speed and you will lose your arms with the first two, your legs with the third, and finally explode with the fourth. You burnt rubber on the souls of many. Now let's see if you and take the heat. Live or die, Arthur? Make your choice.
Hello Player you are going to enter hell so prepared bruh, Player:HOL UP!Why the heck do youwant to play with me? Saw:Beacause you dont understand life Player:o-3
Thumbs up if you love this music!!!
I want him on Rise of The Tomb Raider score. It would be awesome.
No toilet paper in public restroom after you just took a massive shit and you are wearing flip flops at the beach with no socks, what do you do?
Hello, I want to play a game... Skyrim...? Yes. We're going to be here for awhile.
Hello Kyle I want to play a game. I know but you don't know me. You see for years now you have chosen to neglect people by the way they act the way the look or the way they speak. today we will learn two things is the world really better without those people and that we are all the same colour on the inside. After this tape has finished you will have just 60 seconds to cut out of what hurts people most. Since you are out a disadvantage I will give you a hint of what I want you to cut. It will silence you forever. Live or die Kyle make your choice.
official conspiracy theorists  anthem
hello CBS for decades your sitcoms were fucking garbage. You had I Love Lucy and now 2 and a half man? are you fucking kidding me? the big fag theory too? You have a choice of putting up something interesting for once or your executives will be forced to watch 72 hour marathons of you piece of shit shows. Put up something decent or drop dead watching your pathetic sitcoms, the choice is yours. Let the game begin. 
Hello sonic I would like to play a game. For years you have mocked this planet with your speed. Made cheetahs look like snails,well Today I have a game for you that's all about speed. In front of you is a jar attached to a metal box and a shirt. Attached around your neck is a device that will snap shut in 60 seconds. Your task is simple. Simply pour sweat into the jar until it's full. Then grab the key from the metal box once it's open and finally remove the device from your neck. It's time to test your speed hedgehog. Your time starts....... NOW.
well you obviously dont know who sonic is then xD
0:07 I got to the wrong game dang it I want to play bf4, I guess I'll die in bf4
Shut your mouth Dianna. I am immortal
Hello Earth. I want to play a GAME. For centuries you've sinned. War, violence, there has never once been a time of world peace. Not even for a second. Children are condoning drugs now-a-days, parents abusing children, police feeling their above the law when their not, terroists, bullying goes as far as to beating children into the hospital. Teenagers drinking and robbing stores, teen girls being..whores. Shall i go on? Nothing can change the past of course. But we can change the future now cant we? Their is a giant nuclear bomb set to go off in one year. Try to disarm it..and it blows you all to BITS. the survivors..will be intoxicated with the fumes. Only I have the passcode to disarm it. it goes as far down as to the outer core. You have 1 year to.."fix up your 'act'. " If their is not at least a decent change by the end of the year, the Earth is Doomed. i don't mind sacrificing my life. But their is a catch. lets say you do pass my test. If you start to fail aging in the change i will  re-arm. each time you start failing, it gets less, and less the time for the bomb to explode. You have 1 year Earth. Live Or Die. Make...your..choice 
I do want to play a game! 
lol, he must have like 6000 channels which he had subscribed xD
Hello people i wanna play a game. You have been hurting people for very long time now, but now it's your time to hurt yourself. I have a key inside that safe. You can get the key out by saving these people by hurting yourself. You will have 10 minutes to save all of them. If you fail for even one person this C4 explosive will explode that is attached to your head. Don't try to take it off. Let the game begin
When i look at my grades in school, this theme plays...
I saw what you did there Jigsaw
This Reminds Me Of Call Of Duty For Some Reason
Oh..!! Shit...!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a warning from ilurminati  bnelive me, i know where they at county in
Im not subbing to you because I want a Sub. Im subbing to you because your content looks great
): hate this but hat to watch
My favourite horror film
Best horror them ever
0:17 You made me rotate my screen like a douchebag
Hello (your name here). I want to play a GAME. For years, you've been commenting on gamers playing horror games and saying it's not scary, without even playing the real deal.. Well, it's time for you to be a REAL man. That computer in front of you has a selection of 25 horror games that famous YouTubers have ever played. It's simple - choose a game and beat all the levels/modes/etc. Try to exit? Get electrocuted and start all over again. Try to do shortcuts? Get electrocuted and start all over again. Try to shut down the computer? Get electrocuted and start all over again. Once you pick a game, there is no turning back. You have one hour to complete it. If you lose, the door behind you will close permanently and you will have no chance of escaping since you are chained. Each time you fail I will lessen the time. Live or die. Make your choice.
Hello, edgy people of the internet. I want to play a game. For years you have pretended to be the wise voices of reason. The enlightened elite. The ones with all the answers. The ones who believe that they are better than everyone else because they don't associate themselves with anything 'mainstream'. The truth is, you're all just hypocrites who talk the talk. You are currently in a room wearing your favourite Fedoras. There is a toxic nerve gas slowly filling the room to which there is no antidote. Goodbye.
I get REALLY time pressure, if I'm hearing this on the toilet
the band Disfigurement of Flesh use this at the beginning of their song Craniotomy  I had no idea where it was from until now :o
Cool Theme song ! ;D 
i love jigsaw he is cool
It's all yours my friend.
Live or Die , make your choice .
This song makes me feel calm and sleepy...u...and creepy...
Hola tierra, quiero jugar un juego (si, así es, en latinoamerica también llegan las películas)
I want to play with you
hello ranger i am goldgoyal i want to play a game this game will see if you can defeat me if not not the earth will be mine fight me or not make your choce hahahaahahahaahahahahahha
This is not a horror film and there will not be a saw 7 in 2015 no proof
Is it strange that I listen to this music while I sleep?
This song perfectly fits the moment a black guy looked at me while I was wearing a "I'm proud to be white" T-Shirt.
I thought this would be called something like Game Over or I Want to Play a Game. Not Hello Zepp. Who even likes Zepp?
It's called that because this song was first played when Adam was listening to Zep's tape. So, I guess it sort of makes sense.
+john wodehouse Sure I guess, but it's not like the writer of this song first named it that, is it?
Illumernarty CUNTFIRMED !!!!!!!!!!!1111!!1!!!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!!1!!1
+Marlton Johnson don't act smart this is the internet we know you're lying 
99Diktator Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:
Best horror movie theme.
This theme always gets me hyped. Dam jigsaw is such a clever badass person.
This song is really good.
hello I want to play a GAM that I will fuck your ass and you fuck my ass we will see in 1year we will fuck and no stopping to do fuck
que miedooooooooo le tuveee a esooooooooo
One of the best movie and one of the best music
this soundtrack moves zm_port_cso in the ship!!
Hello jigsaw! I want to play a game... you have tested so many people so far, even after your death, but you think you will walk away untested just because you died? Yes you will sir! Have a nice afterlife!
I want to play a game    mwhahahahha
My 3ds friend code is: 444182621615
The first 3 were actually really good in my opinion but after that it got shite
exactly. After the first 3, everything became way too confusing.
The first one was amazing, the second was a little bit worse and the ones after started becoming just gore and no scare.
Dont hate this comment but hello zepp vs halloween(theme song) and nazi zombies damned
and marilyn manson umbrella corp
This music is very fuck! SAW Theme!
Jigsaw...are you my watchmen? Because you stalk people then you put us in traps then steal our ID :/
Lets all listen to this and browse the deep web.
I don't think anybody has ever see the resemblance between Jigsaw and Heisenberg. Their cancer basically makes them evil and their both social paths, especially Walter.
+Who Dares Wins yeah that's all they have in common jig saw tests people with life or death situations and walter cook meth for money completely different things and walters more of a anti hero than evil 
+A Hales What the difference between evil and anti hero?
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