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Scientists Develop SUPER FAST Wifi!

by SourceFed • 270,759 views

Description: Scientists develop super fast wifi connection that can transmit seven Blu-ray movies per second! Order your SourceFed Posters here: Our Source:...

Speak English Jooee !!
Charles Trippy's WiFi tattoo in the thumbnail!
Charles Trippy's WiFi tattoo in the thumbnail!
There is going to be a wifi that is almost that fast 2015
scishow did a good "i don't think it means what you think it means" (idtimwytim) video on radiation if you want to become more aware of what radiation really is and what's safe and what isn't. go look it up here on youtube.
they did this in germany a few months ago but with 32tb a second or something like that
Now I can load SourceFed faster ;)
dvds will be phased out for sure, just like the phonebook; everyone still has them from 10 years ago but they're outdated and only really useful for propping stuff up on
still waiting on that internet speed...
20 mins or less all the time in the world, but yet y'all talk so dam fast so...
I'm sure you know what you are talking about so I'll definitely talk you word for it. -___- You have NO understanding on that matter, do you?
Im still on VHS but mainly DVD...
But as they develop that things will be more complex - meaning the same amount of lag.
because physical media is dying more so in my understanding would be to not have us own a thing i mean like rhapsody and even as far as playstation plus u can only use certain content while paying for them ergo if u buy a disk its urs and even though illegal most casses u can make a copy now picture this easy 2+2 math if u take away physical media then u can have people pay per view or own at a more ridicoulos prices and also if u do this it drives more industry towards storage devices
Um really if there was 2.5 tbps what normal pc could handle that.
The amount of nerdgasm that just erupted from me is insane.
You don't "own" the thing anymore than I do just because you have a physical copy. You still only "own" the right to watch it. Plus, the physical copy is just an inefficient way to house exactly the same digital copy as what I have on my NAS. Physical media is already fading into history. I don't even have a DVD or Blu-Ray player anymore, and wouldn't want one any more than I'd want an 8-track player.
i love the way you speak nerd steve! your face is amazing #totallycrushing
wrong, games will get better and more advanced hence LAGGGG -_-
Is it 2.5 terabytes or terabits per second? Because you said terabits but the graphic said "2.5 TB", which stands for teryabytes. For terabits, write "2.5 Tb".
steve is awesome, but i miss trisha
No, but I'm sure it will give the conspiracy nuts more to talk about.
Physical media just isn't financially viable. Expect it to exist for those who want it, just not in a real world retail environment..
wooow!!! Steve has lost a lot of weight in the last year, cheers man!
I'm thinking its going to be a wireless version of Johnny Mnemonic, except that it'll be streaming movies and stuff instead of whatever was being put into Mnemonic's head (sorry its been a *long* time since I've seen the movie)
So wait? An Israeli condom company has partnered with the NASA to make super internets out of tornado death ray technology? This sounds like something I might like.
How about CED's and Laserdiscs? I've got those.
WoW and I still pay 68$ for only 1Mb speed per month
You have a BluRay collection? Wow, that's so 2000s.... super retro man ;-)
I'm kinda behind my generation then. I'm only 20, and I collect VHS, Records and DVDS but NOT Blu-Rays!
until streaming has better quality, I refuse to give up my blue ray and dvd collection. I personally like having the discs because its something physical, and you can watch them without having an internet connection. If everything went to wifi, and internet decides to stop working, you can't watch your movies if its all streaming.
I could fill my computer with data in half a second! AM-AZ-ING!
it's the same thing here, the wireless tech connects you to a tower that has a wired connection, just like the 3&4G towers, and the receiver has a modem just like the 3&4G devices and normal wired connections. i never said it was a separate system network of towers. i said that it was used as a backup system.
i'm with u, steve. i personally prefer to keep a hard copy of the movies i enjoy & collect rather than having gig upon gig of movies stored on my computer. i guess it's more about having that physical thing rather than the its digital counterpart. that all said though, i'm probly older than u are steve so there is that...
I don't know why you would want physical copies of anything. When we get a satellite transmission speed even half as fast as this and a cloud with all our movies and entertainment needs, that shit is gonna be dope. I could watch a movie easily out in the Kimberley (Back country part of Australia, sort of a desert).
That's why systems have cache's built into them, just for things like fast downloads.
only 300mb per second, ouch try getting stuck on 1.9mb per second like i am
"scientists are working on transmitting data faster wirelessly" cue generic picture of people in lab coats looking at containers of colourful liquid
1 byte=8 bits (in short 1B=8b). Not that complex,is it?
I think we'll still have our physical movies. It's like books and music. Even with the addition of e-books and digital downloads, many still prefer physical copies (I prefer physical books, but digitally downloaded music).
no i wont and im in puberty i wont need to watch i could go out and actually get a girl unlike u no girl probably likes u cause your ugly
The cost of internet would also have to go down for me to steam everything...
anything and i mean anything could be better than at&t home internet
Its like steve spangler's water vortex thing (if you want to explain it)
Yeah, that's impressive. Now build me a laptop that can process that much data flow. Dumbasses.
One. Physical media is unsustainable and will eventually be a thing of the past. Two with these faster data speeds the probability of us having holographic TVs is highly likely. 5 years likely. And 10 years til its as common as a flat panel tv
I can understand your concern about em radiation but I think it is a topic that is very misunderstood. Most people don't realize that the electromagnetic spectrum includes visible light, radio waves, microwaves, and even gamma rays just to name a few. So while yes some types of radiation can be very harmful others are quite safe. It is not fair to group all types of radiation into one big group.
Collectors like you Steve are invaluable - you know why? Because when a fire occurs, or an incident, or some virus wipes out archives and data streams etc etc - there will be a backup hardcopy sitting on your shelf. That's invaluable. I salute you sir.
Electromagnetic waves are harmful and can cause cancer if exposed to for long periods of time. Research electromagnetic waves and come to your own conclusion like I did.
a quick google search shows that tangosys amoung other firms lives of making these systems, and i didn't say they were running 3G/4G i said this tech is similar to 3G/4G try looking up "last mile wireless internet"
OMG !! i need this internet speed! my civilization games on pc is sooo lagy sometimes I i have pretty good internet!!!
300 megabytes is not even 1 gigabyte and a terabyte is 1000 gigabytes so 300 megabytes is nowhere close.
So wait... They crossed the streams? I thought you never wanted to cross the stream beams :D
Actually, Verizon FIOS's fastest speed tier is 300 Mbps not 300 Megabytes. 300 mbps = 37.5 MB/s . The average Blu Ray disc is around 22000 - 23000 MB(22-23 GB). It would take 10 minutes at max speed to download an entire blu ray disc.
When it comes to internet connection, it's always bits, makes people believe it's faster
You really don't want to see ALL the details in those kinds of "actresses"
Grandpa? ROFL good luck with that...
Elliot,steve,lee and Joe should all start in a tv show xD
Yes, the fiber line leading out of a home, or business, woud not be part of the intranet, but thats not the point. This type of tech is not comperable to the 3g network, hell, normal 802.11g is better then 3G, but thats on an entirly different network using cellphone towers which a normal wireless network does not have access to. No ISP would ever try and provide internet via wireless because it is childs play compared to the multi-thousand terabyte bandwidth backbone that supplies the internet.
psh, steve, you think your old? dvd's are the best.
I always buy physical. That's the only way I can feel you own things. Especially with iTunes reserving the right to revoke rights to your music collection at any time. Physical ensure, accessibility whenever you want, on YOUR terms.
do the people on this show really think they're funny? i want to choke them to death...
Stipulations to work at sourcefed: 1. Have an awesome sounding name.
do you live in a dark room at absolute zero? cause if not, then i think you would agree that electromagnetic radiation is a good thing. electromagnetic waves cover things like visible light and infra-red (aka heat) as well as radio waves etc. in fact, waves on the red end of the spectrum of the kind that transmits heat and radio waves and wifi signals etc. are basically harmless for us. it's the other end of the spectrum that's dangerous, the end with uv rays and microwaves and gamma rays etc.
Hard disks will still be around forever. Some people would still rather pay per movie than per month
i dont think physical data will ever be gone (Hard drives and SSDs) but disc drivers and blu rays, records will all be gone
discs, people including myself like to buy stuff and get given a physical thing
0:42 WRONG SourceFed! Verizon's highest tier internet plan is 300 megaBITS per second, the actual speeds we see on our computer are in megaBYTES per second, which is 1/8 of the megaBITS per second speed. This is an advertising strategy ISPs have used for so long yet little people realize -_-
Google fiber is being installed in Kansas city as we speak with 1 gig per second speeds but its wired
Download speeds that fast wouldn't even be helpful unless someone had a hard drive with a read/write speed of 3tb... Or servers with a speed that fast.
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