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The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: Crash Course World History #9

by CrashCourse • 1,217,070 views

The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: In which John Green teaches you about the so-called Silk Road, a network of trade routes where goods such as ivory, silver, iron, wine, and yes, silk were exchanged...

Final in history tomorrow on this. Thanks crash course!
+LuvExotics i had finals after break, that is how we do in MD. after everyone has forgotten everything over winter break then we take finals.
"people who have a test tomorrow"...
The Black Death is only the worst KNOWN plague in human history. Some theories suggest the Native American population was as large, or even outnumbered the European population, but sometime between Columbus and the majority of white settlers, a plague wiped out 20-80% of the population. And yes I know that is an incredibly large gap, but the point is we just don't know. We can estimate roughly how many Native Americans there likely would have been during the height of European colonization, and we know the population was much larger before then, but we have no idea exactly how much larger.
+Gabe Anderson But of the known plagues, the Black Death killed the largest percentage of people in Europe and elsewhere. Overall, a third or even half of people in affected areas may have died. In some places, entire towns were wiped out. That's a very different experience compared to the Spanish Flu (which killed one of my mother's cousins, btw, but not half of Europe).
Not sure but i think even the origin of Buddhism was a direct result of silk road. The vedic culture in india didnt give importance for traders those days and when these traders became economically rich there was a power shift....they were powerful enough to make a new state called the shakya clan ..which was almost a republic and it was the state where Buddha was born. Annnnndddd according to me they just made their own religion by scraping ideas from hinduism...the gautama title is given for all philosopher sages in he must have been a philosopher and you know how Christianity was used to strengthen kingdoms, similarly someone should have taken his idea and try to use it as a unifying factor for newly formed kingdom. (later also used on a depressed emperor like ashoka to spread its ideas).
so you're saying I am one of those rare people that get to travel the world all of the time??? Great!!!  My life is awesome because I do something that most of humanity doesn't. I am satisfied. like I've lived on every continent but antartica
did john seriously just say grammar nazi?????? he has to know that that term is so highly offensive. to pretend that people who are asses about grammar are the same as people who committed genocide(s) and murdered 11 million people and tortured and enslaved millions more is obviously a slap in the face to anyone whose group was targeted during the holocaust (esp. romani and jewish people)
+Heather Gluck I'm offended as a human,that the Israeli state is committing war crimes right now.
I have a test tomorrow.
hang on... it's a weekend...
8:37 The Black Death was not the largest population devastation in human history.  The plauges that devastated the Americas just before the coming of the europeans did that.
Good point!  I thought of that, as well.  Maybe he means because the deaths in Europe took place mainly over a four year period, while the devastation of native American populations by disease took place during different periods at different places on the continent.
+Jenny Kapau Furthormore, that's precisely what he said.
I think that the "People who have a test tomorrow" category on your pie chart is a little larger than that
watched by people who have a test tomorrow. haha well in my case its for papers and work shop post/questions :) 
I thought Japan started the mustachioed plumber exporting business. You learn something knew every single day.
Anyone catch the statue at 7:06 has a necklace of a swastika? 
+Deepak Sharma A kind of occultism / or multiple esoteric beliefs, which inspired people especially before WW I in Europe.
I feel I belong in the Grammar Nazi category of CrashCourse viewer demographics, but to play devil's advocate for the billionaire demographic: I'd like to say that one can certainly begrudge those accrue personal wealth to dizzying heights via corruption, public endangerment, are fueled by zealous greed, etc. However, so long as the wealth is gained though legitimate practices, those who reach ridiculous heights for supplying sub-par materials are not to blame, but the consumers who buy them. Likewise, those who create great things have no obligation to contribute to charity organizations, so while their contributions can make huge differences & are certainly in a better position to do so, we should not lump them together with those who prey upon people's wallets by facilitating broken systems or the ignorance of impressionable or just plain stupid people.
I'm just a dude who likes to listen to the smart man talking. What demographic is that? But seriously, I'm eating these episodes up like teen boys would love to eat women, in the naughty way, not the psychotic way.
It's so true! I DO have a test tomorrow ^.^
not a single deep web joke?
"Im going to put on a collared shirt because we're here to look at the big picture" - Sorry but that line delivered with that badass tone was just sooo cheesy! <3 you anyway
With each new video, it becomes more clear: I came for the learning, but stayed for your sarcastic disdain for Past!You. :)
🙋 muggle quidditch player over here
I have an essay due tomorrow and I accidentally left my notebook that had my notes and rough draft at school…thank God for favorite authors that also conveniently make videos concerning commonly-learned subjects. 
Ok.. you lost me.. whats the meaning of this so called "course" for anyway?  This look more like new points of view about history ..
My world history teacher gave this video and ep 5 Persians and Greeks as extra credit. Thanks CrashCourse!!
what about the people who are looking for a renaissance type knowledge. WE DESERVE A DEMOGRAPHIC AS WELL best wishes Jon John Griffith
Mustachioed plumbers and tortoise shells? 1up
I have two tests tomorrow.
you used the word decimation wrong.
I have a test not tomorrow but day after, btw how can they figure it out?? 
Thanks for this outstanding video on Silk Road Trading. AMAZING! Both my daughter and I really enjoyed your video and look forward to learning more history thanks to your free Tube Channel. 
These videos are so interesting
Hey people I have a question who needs a bit of reflection. When the Xiongnu defeated the Yyezhi and subsequently made a cup from the leaders skull, do you know if they believed in a mistic power as" the force" in SW ,however in this case called "orenda". I am asking this ,because of my  search for the most plausible theory about the origin of prabulgarians who also believed in the mistic power of orenda.
I thought orenda was the religion of the iroquois O_o
why there is a nazi cross on buddah's chest in 7:06?
Hey, Crash Course. You forgot to credit Nintendo for the cameo of Mario and the Red Koopa Shell.
I... I do have a test tomorrow sweats
What did a prostitute charge in 100 ce on the silk road?
People who have a test tomorrow 🙋 thank you for your help!
how do dat emote doe? i had to ctrl+c ctrl+v (copy paste)
Hang on one second, the Mongols did find it difficult to conquer... If anything it ended the Mongol Western expansion and that's why they never took Europe.
+Mfgcasa It wasnt easy for the Mongols to invade China.  During the Mongol invasion, China was divided, Jin empire to the North, and Sung empire to the south.  Southern China was the heart of the Chinese civilization at the time.  It took the Mongols 44 years to conqured it in exact, and it ruled over the whole of China no more than 80 some years.  This is mainly due to the Mongols didnt integrate in to the Chinese culture.  And the lag of civil abilities to rule over such a big land and population. Within ten years of the founding of Chinese Ming Empire, the Mongol military force was totally wiped out near Buir Lake, at Outer Mongolia by the Chinese Ming military.  Their Emperor Uskhal Khan was captured along with over 100 members of his family. 
+CiscoKid The Mongols lost their crown in China so fast because they knew nothing about how to rule a big country but racism. They considered themselves as winner of war and "guest" instead of new leader of the great empire. They considered the whole China as some booties that can be wasted instead of their LAND which should be managed. They considered Chinese people as slaves instead of THEIR PEOPLE who should be well-treated. As what you said, they never tried to integrate and gain people's heart. Compared with Mongols, Emperors of Qing Dynasty are smarter to some degree, although I do not like both of them.
Why is his hair always different?!
Thaaaaaank youuuuu for the cool videos!!! :) 
i'm about to study history degree in the college.
why is there a swastika on the statue? 7:07
Because know....the swastika was a symbol of buddhism. ALSO NAZIS!
Really Mr. Green? REALLY? You are a doing a history show and you said: "the largest population decimation in human history. With nearly half of Europeans dying in a four year period." ... Decimation would mean that the population was reduced by a tenth... A fair bit less impressive than "nearly HALF". So no the population was not decimated it was DEVASTATED. DEVASTATE... Please use the word Devastate when you really mean some wholesale destruction because Decimate is nowhere near the word you really want. Decimation was a punishment dolled out to Roman Centurions for failures in battle. They would walk down their line of 100 men and every tenth guy was executed. That is where the idea really comes from in popular use and as you can see it is not that big of a deal.
I have a final in History tomorrow and our teacher told us to watch your videos(:
Yes people who have test tomorrow, test of Electric Machines and right now I am sooo much into history
Lol i got so creeped out when he said people who have a test tommorow... aka ME!!
I came across this guy who does excellent "crash courses" for historical topics. My mentor teacher assigned one of his videos as home work (to give an overview). So, here's one of them, although he has many, all of which I've seen do a fairly good job covering their respective topic. The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: Crash Course World History #9
i actually have a test tomorrow 
3 in the morning and I couldn't bring myself to read the text book. So I'm covering everything that I learned this semester through your videos. sobs
Why didn't Buddhism spread west?
I don't fit into any of those categories until tomorrow
Despite some historical errors (I wish they'd cite their sources) Still better than rereading 500 pages of a college textbook to review for my midterms.
I just notice that he wrote fault in our stars
I am not a grammar nazi, a billionare, a muggle quidditch player. I don't have a test tomorrow
So you must not be watching.  Why did you comment on this video if you didn't watch it?  God, I hate people that do that.
+Gordon Stearns Muggle Quidditch Player here. Yeah, I hate people who do that too.
Midterm tomorrow woohoo
Fuck you nerd you ruined my life
Arrrgghhh! Routes is pronounced "roots" not "rawts"! ("Rawts" are what you get when you use a router)
The 1346 plague was probably not bubonic. A popular idea is that it is a combination of bubonic and pneumonic
Haha. I have watched all these history videos because I have an exam tomorrow.
Got assigned to take notes off of this video as homework. Also, history final tomorrow. Thank you so much because this video has exactly what is needed in such a short period of time!!
Hey John, is 317 your favorite prime number or something? ( 0:29 )
ugh correction. some of us have a test TODAY. wow misrepresenting us...
10:04 The Catcher In The Rye shirt :)
I'm the portion that has a test tomorow.
If i watch this video I REMEMBER SO MUCH ABOUT THE SILK ROAD While i'm in class like- UHHHH, I CAN'T REMEMBER S*IT!
why does history abandon the term A.D. I understand the aversion to religion in historic fact but the calender we use today is by fact centered around Jesus of Nazareth regardless of whether he existed or not. Is this not hypocritical?
Well many non-Christians find the idea offensive. When people don't believe in the same saviors then they tend to dislike things like that. Also Jesus may not have been the son of god or even lived. I find that B.C.E and C.E. More useful
I understand that viewpoint but history isn't a viewpoint its a truth. and the truth is the BC AD system was created by the catholic church centered on their  belief to be the date of Jesus. to change it to BC CE but keep the exact same year is sorta like cheating history wouldnt you think
No test, just an essay due. Like, forty minutes ago due.
The intro summed up a vast percentage of the youtube commenters. Intentional?!
Let's not forget that some Buddhist sects believe that Nirvana is a form of enlightenment that all people can reach, and Buddhahood is open to all living beings.
And not by worshipping provisional Buddhas, but by practicing the same Law that Shakyamuni attained.
Boss ich Krebs habe und bin eine Grammatik Nazi
+Chisom Anyanwu I have a exam tomorrow ;_;
why do i hat this guy so much? 
I actually have a test in an hour, but close enough.
The guy is a bit annoying but he has some good data.
Even in the ancient world, wealth shaped Governents.
thankyou so much for making this video, it saved my butt right before a huge essay
6:07 I take offense to that! I don't have a test tomorrow! I have a paper due! ... Wait, what? He was being glib-tonged? Oh, I get it now.
"...who could have achieved nirvana but chose to hang out on Earth with us because they’re super nice..."
Guess who falls into the 'people who have a test tomorrow' portion of his beautiful pie chart.
Lol, definitely not, "a nazi".
thank you crash course!! you guys are awesome
lol... I have a test tomorrow. 
muggle quidich players go
I love this show ... Anyone here who just loves watching history ?
Mr Green! Mr Green! How do they pay for the silk or any other goods? is there any currency system or anything?
Gold,Silver, Ect. People would trade like "I'll give you some salt for some bread" and they would make a deal. No currency.
+Omanagan on the contrary, although without a doubt that way was a big part of trading, currency was used as well, although there was no universal currency, money had it's own intrinsic value back then unlike today, because it used to be worth the metal it was made out of, so different currencies weren't really a problem, you just asked for a specific weight of metal (usually silver, e.g. roman denarii, hellenistic minai and the more widespread "talent"). Certainly this was the case in  Europe, Middle East and Indian subcontinent during the chalcolithic to Iron age periods, I don't know so much about later dates though! :)
yeah if you lived in the14th century you blamed jews and witches for the plague because you would be paranoid and stupid.
so if it werent for the silk road spreading disease to westerners westerners never would have colonized the americas, and the u,s wouldnt exist, at least not in its current form, and much of the modern world wouldnt exist since most modern technologies were invented in the u.s. bascially if it werent for the silk road the entire world would be much much different place maybe more advanced maybe less, maybe all humans wouldve gone extinct who knows?
Susan Wagner Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
The evil running the world was devised thousands of years back, unfortunately.
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