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Ladies at Lance's 12/6/11

by Radballs • 15,762 views

Ozzie Ausband got together a group of female heavy hitters for a session at Lance Mountain's including, Amelia Brodka, Jen O'Brien, Cara-Beth Burnside, Allysha Bergado, Mimi Knoop, Lizzie Armanto,...

Scott Dayhoff Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Keep it up ladies! Ladies at Lance's 12/6/11:
Wish I could skate like those ladies. Great video and great skating!
Why can't my girlfriend skate?
I want a girlfriend that skates
This video make me wanna just grab my board and jump in the first empty pool I find. I wonder why i'm just wasting my life away after a paycheck. :( Amazing skill girls! Absolutely! !
lizzie shreds the shit outta that pool!
Jen, Mimi, CB, you all looking awesome, as are the shredful younguns xxxx
Lizzie rides for Santa Monica Airlines, if there is any company people should ride for its SMA.
Great riding, clear footage with a really nice edit. One of only a few videos I've seen that really does justice to how well these ladies can skate. Bravo!
yeah ,lizzie shreds it like it were her own.she's beyond belief. I also always like Julie's style too.
Sick!!!!!!!! That's some beautiful skateboarding right there!!! Lizzie <3 . <3
girls are wise, they use helmet. No need to skip any part, watch it complete, they deserve it. Lizzie is awesome, should be sponsored by some bigger company, so she can travel around the world and be more known and a role model for girls. Is sad to go to the skatepark and just see the girls like "groupies" around.
Brandon you did a great job on this I love it!!!! this video is full of some serious shredding!!!!
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