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Rafael Nadal & Zoe D'Andrea

by BaldwinDAndrea • 316,012 views

Zoe D'Andrea and Rafael Nadal in Paribis Open as she was one of the official ball girls...

Well done Zoe: I'm disagree with these people who said that this are a fucking shit film. It's only about a father who love her daugther!!! Really nice!!!
isn't it sad how the ball boys are treated like slaves?
Not really.. I mean they did get the job, If they don't want it then they can quit.
no tendria que chillar tanto y trabajar mas
good luck zoe :p what you dream for ? .. tennis player ?
This video si a licking of ass and doesn't make sense!
su papa grabando a su hija mmm ya entendi suerte
they are like under 15 years old, how can they get paid?
And I hate people like you. It's so irrespectful to talk like that about a father who upload a video of his daughter. Youtube users are people, not only tv companies.
I'd love to have video of me and Rafito if I was the ball show the grandkids that I was there with the Greatest Player of All Time [don't throw tomatoes...I know everyone does not agree...I am a Rafa sue me...]
Very cute Zoe ... I wanted to be like her so close to Rafa... Go Zoeee! Vamos Rrrrrrrrrrrrafa! :)
insensitive YouTube users! thats just a father who is encouraging his daughter! anyway good job zoe!! hope to c u on tv playing tennis as pro !!
vamos rafa!!! aunque no venga a cuento :p
Zoe de andrea! next female champion.. ok i'll wait!
nahh, I think she wants to stay ballgirl for the rest of her life!
I hate these videos where parents upload these shit. Whos is Zoe d'Andrea? If you want your son as a tennis player don't upload these videos to lick the ass at nadal and trying to insert your son in wta. Ridiculous...
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