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David Leadbetter- Baseball Swing Drill

by texasflood54 • 282,002 views

Baseball swing drill from David Leadbetter instructional video. Good for beginners.

Shot 77-71 with this drill this weekend..
@emncaity In fact, one thing you'll notice right away when you're doing a swing that's close to parallel to the ground is how, at address, the arms and club form a very wide obtuse angle, with the hands below the plane, but as the swing progresses backward (and then again on the throughswing) the hands rise to the plane as the arms rotate. It takes many words to describe, but only a second or two to observe it all at once, esp. with the clarity of this drill.
wow, thats epic man. great you found your swing tho.
There was a Husker Baseball player named Curtis Leadbetter.
Can't believe how this simple drill helped ... Played off 18 for years and now have the baseball swing in my mind every time I hit a ball it has knocked 5 shots off my game in the last 3 months .... Brilliant
i bought davids short game dvd which was great!! now im thinking of buying his 'swing' dvd too
This is really good advice. I have struggled with my swing mechanics for a long time. What got me working was the simple baseball drill shown here. I got the same advice from a instructor at my local golf course and it worked! People make Golf more difficult and frustrating than it really needs to be. Keep it simple and you'll enjoy more and will play better.
love this drill,but i started reading the magazines and all the tips and they really messed with my head.the great thing about this drill and why it works is it gives u a natural release of the club..bottom line is i look at the magazine for equipment,but i stick to this simplicity for my game.its a great tip i should never of forgot..
cool!! simple and easy yet effective
Best tip ever. +32 yards using this tip with my driver
Great drill it has worked wonders for my game it just makes you swing the golf club.
Very creative and interesting video. Bet he'd have made a really good baseball player, too
If only I had been shown this tip 50 years I could have saved myself a half century of futility. This single tip completely solved my swing problems. No other swing tip even fact, most tips just lead to more problems and breakdowns. This tip led me to make a super simple, intuitive, athletic move. It throw out all the useless complications and paralysis by analysis. And it solves the swing almost instantly.
I love how people badmouth Leadbetter these days. At one time the guy had four of the top seven players in the world coming to him. I guess he knew _something_. As for the drill, it's something I used to use myself when teaching. So many things become clearer about how the arms rotate and the hands (or wrists, if you're Lead) set, what the clubface does, how the arm-and-club swing and the torso-legs support work with each other and get in synch, etc.
so simple...without all of the technical jargon.....simply great golf tip!
This probably the best video for golf i've seen yet on youtube, and i've seen 'em all. I played baseball my whole life and have had a problem w/ over-rotating my hips in the golf swing. standing up and swinging w/ your arm striaght really gives you the proper feeling of swinging down on the golf ball.
do a leg kick like a baseball player would do for timing and it really helps make sure your weight is heading towards the target and also allows you to activate the downswing with your lower body which gets the club slotted it in the correct path
leadbetter is a genius did u buy the leadbetter dvd?
this is the best advice i give people when they ask me how im able to hit a golf ball correctly. its the same swing just on a different plane
this actually helped my slice with my driver because it got me rolling my wrists over at impact
Super video and simple instructions, keep up the good work, David.
In my opinion the best golf drill ever. Forget everything else, this is the only way how you can really learn a perfect one plane powerfull golf swing.
Added 50yards to drive this drill, cuts out the bullshit and gets you hitting the ball so well. This is the best golf tip that actually works.
Great tip! If you want to have a good golf swing without all the technical stuff, this is the drill for u!
Perhaps the single best golf tip I've ever heard. This put my swing on plane and made it more powerful and repeatable and instinctive. It simplified everything. Just relax while doing it. Keep an even tempo and don't lock up. This tip, btw, will also help your rhythm/tempo. ANYone can do this, learn from this.
I started watching his videos. I hope it helps:)
Probably the best single tip ever for feeling the golf swing.
The difference being (as Nancy Lopez and Moe Norman will attest) Leadbetter isnt assuming straight arms at golf address, compared to baseball. Do this, and you will have far less problems with golf.
I almost gave up golf last year, this swing dril has got me playing the best i've ever played
the baseball swing is more natural because the lead foot strides forward as the upper body coils.The golf swing throws people off because both feet stay in the same position throughout the swing.
@sloppyoscar I would very much doubt that. Everyone seems to say that the baseball and golf swing are similar when this is really not the case. Balance is different, hand position and action is different, and your body tilt is also different depending on your style of baseball swing.There is a reason why baseball hitters seem to slice quite a bit!
@MikeOD1888 Glad it helped man. Others may scoff at this drill, but it really does help you feel the correct swing plane
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