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by grav3yardgirl • 74,041 views

just a quick vlog!

gotta love those Cicadas! :) lol SWAMP LIFE!!
I CAN SEE YOU ( � * �) Bunny. LOVE YOU.
The more you talk about Texas weather, the more I'm like "Yep, Iowa-Winter+20degrees=Texas". We have stupid humidity (I guess the river?) and mosquitos out the wazoo.
what the hell is wrong with you ? your comment is beyond pathetic and plain nasty. Bunny is amazing, maybe it's just jealousy that is causing you to be so nasty, look at yourself
Oh girl ! You gots to fix that hair !:/
This didn't show up in my subscriptions, but I'm glad I thought to check your channel. All's well here in Delaware! My prayers go out to everyone affected in Florida and Colorado!
If you get a fever it can be a kidney infection that's why ur side hurts
im like 30 minutes away from houston and it is muggy and you can like cup the air in your hands its so thick
I pulled that same muscle carrying my bag! Hurts for months!!!
Yea Debby was pretty bad. There are some peoples houses that are all flooded and they have to use a boat to get to it!!! Pretty insane!! But we all are ok now and we are glad it's over
oh my god..... you made me laugh so hard. thank you. i needed that. i'm from dallas and i have to tell ya, the mos-qui-tos (sounds like something from Taco Bell) are a-bitin' here too. love that!
i don't know if it's the wind or smething, but the thought of it genuinely being a rattlesnake petrifies meD: omg. can't watch this video either wanna cry!
also, where'd you get you shirt <3
I have anxiety and i have panic attacks; It's so scary for me.. no one understands what goes on inside of my head, i'll have a break down and feel as if i'm not worthy and start questioning myself.. I'll break down and cry at school and struggle to breathe, and the teachers nor pupils understand what's actually going on, seen as though i'm only 13 it's really hard. Bunny you're a real inspiration to me!
a Few Days Ago I Had The Same Uploading Problems , Oh Well ... Of Course YouTube Is a Huge Site
Yeah i know >.< but it just sounds odd when shes just like .. degrees .. you know?
Hey, Bunny! I live in Kansas and everything seems to be doing pretty good over here. I'm a little worried about the wildfires because Colorado is one state over, but I live in northern KS, so it shouldn't be a problem. If anyone that's reading this is there or Florida, I give you all of my hope that you'll be okay! ♥
i LOVE ur frankenstein shirt, where d'you get it?
your videos arent showing up in my subs and i dont know whats happening D:
I really like this video; it brings us more into your personal life...didn't mean for that to sound creepy. :D
And yes I'm am ok and thanks for asking
On your homepage there is a box to tick that says "show uploads only." Next to this it says view. Click on this. There are 2 options, highlights and everything. Youtube have automatically ticked highlights but tick everything and your problem should be solved :D
youtube ad blocker, youtube ad blocker, youtube ad blocker
Hahha, I remember watching that movie when I was little with my Dad.
I think you look pretty like that:']
When you apologize for your looks,you look great. Those blue eyes, wow. The iPhone thing works. Rock on chick!
thursday jun 28 is my birthday, and Bunny posted a video on my birthday. it felt like a birthday present(;
this is sooo annoying :S you go to the home page of youtube; go up to the bar at the top, the same place where you can check or uncheck "show uploads only" and click on the thing that says "view" right next to it; click on "everything". have no idea why youtube would think we only want the "highlights" of our subscriptions.. stupid youtube faaail..
love your eyes, such a beautiful color
Your naturally beautiful Bunny =D
bunny, what ever you film with your videos are always amazing!!!! xxxx
im here in colorado bunny and along with all of our fire we are getting dumped with the smoke from the fire at the wyoming border. its crazy but where i am im safe. i send all my best wishes to the people who are in danger.
That's like here in Southern Ontario too.. like, not only is it hot but it's extremely humid and sticky almost all the time. The heat is crazy...
I see you....I"m in Houston, and yes it's air is not fun
HOLY COW. I just googled what 108° fahrenheit would be in celsius, to give me an idea of what you're talking about and duuude, I'm stunned xD It's 65° fahrenheit here where I live ... and it's actually pretty hot for our standards :D I have never in my life experienced a weather so hot..and I do not wish to ... I'm actually really shocked right now xD
O how I have missed u bunny.. more tea vlogs plz.. ;)
I know exactly what youre going through with the panic attacks and anxiety. I am one of those people who is a severe hypochondriac, im constantly scared that something is wrong with me and because of that i suffer from chronic anxiety and panic attacks. I always feel like nobody understands how truly scary it is to have a panic attack, its really nice to know that there are others out there who feel what im feeling. Keep doing what youre doing youre amazing! :)
At least you get heat where you are! :) Where I am in Canada, it's so cold! We had so much rain. It's finally starting to feel like summer. But the highest it will get this week is 29 degrees C.
I love your Frankenstein shirt <3
i hope you are feeling better by now :)
half of my town is still somewhat underwater! roads are closed and people around here deal horribly with rain! its chaos! hurricane debby took a toll!
I live in Austin and the fires were pretty bad and I understand how it can get soon hot here!
KEEP. IT. TOGETHER. watch?v=JwxM482QJ0k
you are absalutly the sweetest. most amazing person ever. you care so much about everyone and you are so freaking adorable. i find it amazing that you feel comfortable telling us about what is going on in your life and how you care so much for you followers and we are your family and many of us will always be here for you.
Geez Bunny, just when I thought I couldn't love you anymore, you tell me you like Bowfinger? I love that movie! I say "keep it togetha keep it togetha keep it togetha" all the time!
My video wouldnt upload the other day either!! It took me like four days!
and just think in some places here in Ohio yesterday with humidity it was 100
All this does is show the videos that are already in the sub box, all the ones that have randomly been deleted still don't show up :(
I'm gonna start calling mosquitoes.. mosquaytoes. baha
we didnt evacuate but it rained 3 days straight where i am. which is florida
you look SO BEAUTIFUL in this video bunny <3
Love it when you don't wear any make up <3
Try unsubscribing and then subscribe again. It worked for me.
You YouTube blocker spammers need a less obvious strategy. No ones falling for it!
I wish I owned this t-shirt...Bunny I love your taste!
This didn't show up in my subscription thingy!!! D: What is up with YouTubes malfunction!!??!!
In England 2 houses blew up due to gas or something, and a 2 year old boy died and a man is in hospital with 30% burns. And now the police think its like a murder thing! So interesting
I no what u r going through with the panic i have them almost every day i am on several meds and i still end up in the E R where they tell me to breath lol.....ok if that worked i wouldn't b here if UV never had one u feel like ur gonna die....u can't breath ect. Take care of u first bunny we all love u girl ..hugs.
I'm really curious facetical (sp) a word?
Really, where's that? I've lived in North QLD and it was nothing like that!
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