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Bayonetta Walkthrough Part 8 - The Cardinal Virtue of Temperance [HD]

by MrRetroKid91 • 28,301 views

MrRetrokid91 Twitter:!/MrRetrokid91

That Gryphon thing isn't having the greatest of days now is it?
The sight of Bayonetta lazing about on a stone gryphon that doesn't animate in the middle of a tornado is so kraken funny de geso~
why you put one piece picture on bayonetta
are the angels speak japanese or it's another language
This game is just like Devil may cry 4
Space Harrier Theme at start of Angel Attack! This game jam-packs itself with SEGA references, doesn't it?
0:55 omg where she says "I feel like a fucking celebrity in this town!" and the train cart fell on her was hilarious! xD
Why is there a thumbnail of One Piece?
Well, I'm going to be seeing temperentias face in my nightmares tonight, how about everyone else?
LOL!!!! The Penis Shot!!!!
I forgot to finish watching this playthrough.
Why is there a picture of One Piece on the video? Mistake? Thumbnail or w/e u call it?
Yeah, I was wondering about that...It's been a year since you commented, and that weird One Piece picture is STILL here.
Heehee I bet she was annoyed with her first fail of trying to be a bad ass and blow him up so she just fired a shot - lmao don't overdo it "Mummy" xD
Gosh that ending with the boss haha!
This is the first time I've felt bad 4 a statue...x(
I love this game retro did they ever make a 2?
I like this level for farming for halos. redoing this level a couple of times, I've been able to buy a lot of things at the gates of hell shop.
@SubConfusion1 Yeah it was a mistake lol. It should be fixed in a couple of min.
Nope, the One Piece thing is still here, and it is on all the previous parts as well.
Not to cause any wars, but i had more fun playing this game than devil may cry games.
ok why the hell i luffy there?
Well, i didnt know she had super strength as well, she's just godly I:
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