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Top 10 Halo Easter Eggs (of all time)

by Rooster Teeth • 2,681,286 views

Geoff and Gavin play through all of the Halo games, to capture their favorite 10 Easter Eggs from the franchise. Enjoy!

"Halo is the best game in the world, I don't care what anyone says" YEAH FUCK YOU COD
Lol griff and simmons!!!!!! Woot
Hey, do you ever wonder why were here 
Well... Life has many mysteries.
Wow... First off... A thousand elietes? Really. It was more around 10. Secondly, the fact that you don't think that's fun, when its the only chance in the entire halo series that your able to take on 10 meele sword elietes, with also having a sword, being able to have an epicly challenging sword fight with a bro by your side, proves you have the mentality of a little soar loser kid, and don't think much outside the box.
Calm the fuck down kid shit 
The master chief one isn't really an Easter egg since it's supposed to be their since halo reach takes place literally right after the events of reach
+Andrew Lowe *Gasp* Someone who has read the books!
My brother and I were trying to save ammo at that part and we just found the brute peeing
The peeing brute i found it a long time ago but indid not know that it was taking a piss it looked like it was doing something else
maybe playing with himself??
It's Linda the Spartan doesn't have a gold visor
More of a off silver color, can confirm.
everyone who was talking about how halo or call of duty is better it is a matter of opinion.
Hey the password easter egg had different words for me o.O they said "Hey! open up!" "Whats the password?" "come on! you know its me!" "what if you are being held hostage by brutes?!" "Well why would I say the password if there were brutes here?" "... ok now im definitely not lettting you in." "What?! hello?" knock knock "hello!"
Seriously how many people are gonna keep answering this guy?
Oh i forgot to mention, you might of had it on a different difficulty... love caboose on legendary!!
Really you got the skull but didnt bother getting the rex sword
I just love that Password Easter egg XD was that Simons and Grif?
It actually changes based on difficulty level. I remember finding it by accident before even knowing what RvB was
Halo is better than Cod bottom line. Its not an opinian, its a fact. Go on, when you read this comment you probably felt this, wierd, anger inside of you. Something called, rage. So go ahead. Spam me with your "Rage". It fuels my power core. Its like stealing souls. Only it tastes delicious to have someone else's "Rage". So yes, Halo is better than Cod. #DEALWITHIT. Or I shall steal your Rage...
scarab gun from halo 2 and masterchief from reach!! best easter egg
Aw Rex's sword wasn't in there :c
lol, buggers in the vent, deffinatly a aliens refrence, think about it, big space bug in a a vent with marines bellow, just like in aliens
there is a lot of evidence supporting that at the end its chief because in Halo 1 or anniversary on the frigate it says "Pillar of autumn" and the last mission is named pillar of autumn... and the ship, and cortana the A.I that halsey gives to you.
+KillaK0w Huh that's cool! Don't know why people say thing without justification. Even if they don't read the books, they can at least read up Halo lore online...
Actually, at the beginning of Halo 1 The Master Chief was in a cryo-tube. At the end of Reach it was Linda because if you played the remastered Halo 1 it showed Linda's status
"Hard, scary, intense, and awesome" So Sex?
What r the shoulders for meta cause i have his qrmour
Guys you missed one of the best halo Easter eggs of all TIME!!!!! The one in reach where you get to fly a pelican and you can go out of the map and all that cool stuff you can go as far out of the map as you want and fly a pelican or even a phantom. It's in the same level as the brute DJ one and there's another button on the ceiling outside of a building right beside club aurora. SERIOUSLY I CANT BELIVE YOU MISSED THAT. Look it up you have to try it
+Brian Lemmon And in 4 but thats not an easter egg
they mentioned that one in the end
Sunevil Gaming Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Top 10 Halo Easter Eggs (of all time) Hey guys I wanted to show you one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time. Enjoy
i thought the password one was just part of the game i just walked by
I think the masterchief easter egg at the end is actually Linda because John placed her in the pods on the left (looking into the room from the window) But on the right (Looking from his pod)
What about Arma and dayz. Tehy need credit too. All that halo vs cod crap
Why didn't you put in the Spartan ops red vs blue radio easter egg
This comment section is a shithole.
master chief or who at the end
The tribute room has 2 halo 4 emblems
Halo 2 Anniversary trailer played before I watched this. Screw Microsoft, I'm not buying one of your crap eating machines for a game! Even if I do want it...BUT NO, ALAS I WILL FIGHT AGAINST THIS FIEND!
How do you get to the scene with monkey man? I beat the level on legendary but i didnt get a scene.
+Jonahman45 then play the game again and then wait till the end of the credits. oh and also You Don't need to do it on legendary.
The password Easter egg had the voice of griff and Simmons from red vs blue
I know 2 other Easter eggs
where is the button to turn on the dj elite/brute thing located?
the "hold me" can also be done on halo 1 anniversay
why i just happened to see 2 easter eggs and walk by thinking that is normal in the game
Actually for the master chief Easter egg in reach, you can get it without playing through the game on legendary because I got the game and played through on easy and got the Easter egg
Story wise it didn't make sense for chief or linda to be on the Autumn at that time.
+Zachary Caviness just know the books aren't with the actual halo story. They were just made because they sell.
+GameGarooz No, the books were confirmed at Cannon. Which Bungie pissed all over making Halo: Reach, which was not in line with what happened in the book (which is fucking great bew). Then they  tried to rectify it with the Data drops and Halsey journel, which say the events off the game happen before the book takes place, but many halo fans consider the game to be non-canon anyway,
I love the Red V.S Blue ref xD 
Master chief is day bomb
The Easter egg "password" sounds Grif and Simmons.
Does anyone think that the password one sounds like red vs blue?
LMAO it's Geoff and Gus talking
I knew it! No wonder I like that easter egg so much!
I can't believe that they had the skulls in halo 2. I hate to sound like a dumbass but halo has been a good child hood game and still is, I love it!
I dont know if it is me or not, but the ending scene at the end of the video with the spartan inside the cryo thing, he kinda looks agent Locke!  (I think thats how you spell it.  I dont know, but thats what I think...
i know that there could only be ten but theres an ending when you beat the reach campaign on legendary that the pillar of autumn gets destroyed! its insane!
You just have to hit the right buttons.
At the halo 3 password I also here gus cool
Like if you were lost and found the Marines arguing about the password.
Dj Brute reminds me Jet Force Gemini N64 :)
7:09, Geoff said Elites twice. Sangheili = Elites. :|
+AppleJooc Park no. Elite is the Human name for Sangheili. Why wouldn't they be called Sagheili's if they come from the planet Sanghelios? Plus, Grunts are Unggoy. Again, Grunt is the name the Humans know them as.
+loopysausage Yeah, because screaming out, lookout! A suqadron of Shag- Sanheli- Shange... (Gets killed before rectifying pronunciation of Sangheili)
is it just me or are the skulls from halo reach a nod to the halo 2 skull easter eggs?
In Halo 3:ODST you don't have to do it in legendary or do the campaign all over again
The red vs. blue Easter eggs in the third game I get a different version of the password and it's weird
Your symbols at the beginning could also mean cock and cocky
Is there gonna be the Scarab Gun and such Easter Eggs in the Master Cheif Collection?
Yes. The scarab gun is in the MCC
That frustrating moment when you forget to get out of the banshee before the load zone so it de spawns and you have to repeat whole process again, I never got the scarub gun until 10 years later on the master chief collection
How come Joel isn't in the trophy room?!
He is. He's apart of red vs blue
but his name isn't specifically called out
That password easteregg was different for me Gus and Geoff's voices weren't there and it was a diffrent script.
It's different on different difficulties. All of them are in the voice of red vs blue characters though. Simmons, Grif, Church, Caboose, Doc, and tucker.
I once got a doc and church one it was Fucking haloris
And now we can include the "Destiny Awaits" poster in ODST now that we know what it's referencing.
Yeah, it's your Destiny to witness Buck eating shit off the Halo 3 monkey.
The floating guy in the towel in halo 3 by far greatest one
The cardboard cutout is Jason Jones also it was in Halo 2
lmao I remember finding the DJ Brute by mistake,   I was laughing my ass off watching them dance lol
4:52 the voices kinda sounded like Simmons and grif from red vs blue
It IS Simmons and Grif. That's the point of the inclusion.
That's because it IS grif and simmons
Anyone else want more of these vids?
Yea, i mean for Halo Easter egg videos. There's so many eggs man!!
+William Johnstone They made a few, and they make Easter Egg  guides. Maybe some Easter Egg episodes of Countdown will be made.
You are the best player ever!😍
Halo is the best game franchise ever
So that's why in halo 4 you get out of that container in campaign mode
To get The master chief easter egg in reach, do you have to beat the campain on legendery
+SnivicVS Ya just turn the (Don't know which stick) to the right
+Tucher97 Just push both the to right. It's what I do.
not the best list, but i did enjoy Scarab gun and the password.
Also, its not Master chief, the helmet is todally different
Obviously you've never played halo 1
Halo CE is imposibol !!!!!!! I USE CHEATS D;
You talk so fast dude, i think its an american gamer thing, they either talk like a sloth in a doped out voice or million words a minute.
Im not a real christian but repent and believe the gospel everyone! Hell is real and most people who think there christians are not real christians! Watch the video the gospel in 6 minutes
This is it baby hold me xD
Its pretty fucking cool that red vs blue and geoff were in the real game not the show
I watched this, and all I could hear was grif. 
i just love scarab gun
2:55 I was the guy that found the guy
What about halo 3 underwear guy?
Originally the sniper of the 34 surviving spartans. She was hand selected to be part of Chief's team when attacking the Covenant held Gamma-station over Reach. The mission was to destroy a memory crystal which held the location of Earth, unaffected by the Cole Protocol. The mission was successful, and Linda exited a recovered Pelican to open hangar doors to allow the team out, since the dock A.I. broke. She got ambushed after opening the doors, and died while escaping the station. She was thrown into Cryo-sleep so that the medical officers could try to revive her. She is the second character if you are playing Halo: CE in Co-operative mode. Another interesting fact, the station is where Chief met Johnson and his squad (Jenkins, Bisenti etc...)
Peeing brute is the easy one I found it on my first time playing
thars skulls in #3 halo
will that scarab gun be in the master chief collection?!?! i hope so that would be awesome!!
+Vladimir Putin Well, familiar ground for enemies, I guess.
The elite grab that ass
what if that wasn't master chief what i think its jun i mean you never really saw him die in game so what happened bam hes on the ship
+AppleJooc Park Jun is still alive, In the comic series "Halo Escalation" he is in one. 
Wait that last one... Master chief or who!? Linda? What am i missing?!
It's master cheif because in halo 4 he's in the same capsule
+isaiah perry halo wars takes place before halo reach just saying :/ 
+Ronan McHugh I know, just saying that his particular suit was modified by nanobots while in Cryosleep. Hence the Mk 6.5.
That is master Chief because the ship is the pillar Of Autumn 
Linda was placed in cryo practically dead on the pillar of autumn after the space battle along with chief (chief was fine of course he took little to no damage in the battle for the nav data) she went with him on the ship and stayed in cryo for the whole of halo 1 and somehow survived she was revived in halo: First Strike by doctor Halsey so um yeah brief summary of why your wrong and right
Did anyone else regonized that the password-easter egg had voices from Red vs Blue?
That's Geoff and Gus -_-
And I think easy is doc and I forgot someone's name
Holy Shit 3 years old,I remember watching this when it had 301+ views.
+Rąz Agũl 301+ means 301 and up. This is the 'and up'
technically yes but the 301+ is just youtube processing it meaning their was more than 301 already
The first one wasnt funny. If you read the books and story, grunts eat from "nipples" because they cant have solid food
im happy they put in the rvb one
Halo is the best game ever
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