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Jurassic Park: Trespasser

by BlazeHedgehog • 2,148,482 views

Trespasser is a fascinating game. Set to be the most revolutionary FPS of 1997, the end result was less than desirable. The game was going to pioneer many features that have become standard in FPS...

Watching this game already makes me nauseous.  Not because of the graphics though.  All first person shooting games used to do this to me.  And still does to this day.  I'd have to get used to looking at them in order to play these games.
I get it when watching FPS sometimes, but never while playing. Unless, as mentioned, the field of view is way off.
Sentient Boobs Simulator 1997
is this game freeware? it was released in 1998, so it should be public domain.
but  is it still under copyright?
Ballerina toed T-rex lmfao this game brings back memories.
6:53 rofl, there appears the dinosaur, and starts moonwalking to bite you. Ridiculous game, physics, boobs, flubby hand control, etc so ridiculous that it is hilarious
My only real problem with this game (besides its obvious half-finished nature) is that the bad pop-in and low-res graphics give me a tremendous headache.
mate, you are forgetting that we were in 1997, 18 years ago...
What the hell is that thing holding the gun?! A piece of spaghetti?!
Is this ET on the Atari 2600? It sure looks like ET
dinosaurs walking sideways wtf xD
If only i knew this game when i was 5 back in 1997, i would shit brix!!!
Let's not forget how impressive the physics in this game were, or at least seemed to be back then. There were MANY many years that went by before anything like this was even attempted again.
I think this was the game that coined the term "hitbox", mostly because of the setup of the physics. You see, the game treats every physical object as if it's surrounded by a box. For more complex objects, there might be multiple boxes. This did, however, lead to most of the collision issues when a box would squeeze through a gap in two other boxes and get stuck. Because of this box-based system, we now (I think) have Trespasser to thank for the word "hitbox". Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...
+TheGrayMysterious I'm pretty sure you're right, the same way collision detection is done today, but more primitive. I MAY be wrong, but I think it wasn't until UT2004 that I seen realtime physics as advanced as these.  I was playing Delta Force 2 and Tank Commander (DOS) and Classic DooM when I played this. It's been over a decade so like I said I may be wrong.
This. Fucking. Game. Right. Here. People. Even today, this is THE definition of PC Master Race. Sidestepping dinosaurs and all.
whatever you say man 
So thats what it looks like to have boobs first person
looks like crap but i can't blame the developers because they did what they could. it's the programmers fault really.
Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing handgun!!
Girl can one-hand shotguns and AKs...
+James Epicson Besides the fact that the recoil and quite possibly the mass of the object should make it physically impossible to handle correctly or effectively without using both hands?
I would always mess with the dinosaurs. :P
This game better than Half Life!
This game led to Half-Life. Basically Half-Life 2 was the tech from this game plus an actual game that was worth playing.
the only good thing about this game was the Raptor Cover... this is by far one of the worst games i ever saw
I used to LOVE this game. Played the demo to death, but then when I could finally afford to buy it, couldn't find a copy anywhere. Looking back it was kinda like a JP FPS meets a control system from QWOP. 
4:18 " you know what? FUCK THIS "
I'ts worse than Turok the dinossaur hunter
It's just hilarious to me that this was actually released.
This was one of the single funniest games I think Ive ever played.... the arm controls were so bad you could basically end up shooting yourself with a shotgun by walking into a tree. Or one of the best features if you don't like something like a carcass why not take the uzi and shoot it up a tree and a mountain... haha. I remember knifing a brachiosaurus and being stampeded and them jumping around and floating away into the sky.... Need to track this game down again and load it up... was so bad that it was good.
Am I the only one who likes the arm? Sure, when the physics bug out, the damn thing is annoying, but the creators were this close to nailing a workable control scheme on the head. This game doesn't need a remake, it just needs a fresh development period. Give an expert programmer some time to finish what was started. Turn an open-world island survival game itno a linear action shooter and back again. I've seen and heard what DWI had planned for this game, and if someone could work another development period to finish these ideas, we could have a survival game that puts Minecraft to shame...
if they remade this game in order for it to be able to be the best that was supposed to be when it was first made but never worked i would try the remade version
This game was shit.  No doubt about it.
It is not shit you dont respect the time it was made and the work they put in to the game in that time so if they made it like in 2012 the game would look much better.
good video thanks for sharing :-)
The funniest part is that whenever you're holding something in your creepy tentacle hand, if you turn the camera too fast it'll just fall out of your grasp.
I love this game, one of the best games I ever play :D
You're absolutely right! But that's the fun part for me. It gives a lot of tension and stress that you're not able to run and shoot something without dropping the damn gun :D I do curse the developers when I'm playing but after some time it strike me that I enjoy the experience so much. So bad It's good :) I played hundreds of games till now but I remember only a few of them and this game is one of them ;) For example no Horror game freak me out like first Alien vs Predator (Playing as a Marine) game :) Damn, that was scary even it's just a FPS
+Ruşen Akman I remember when I was a teenager and I played this game for the first time in my cousin's house. -DON'T DROP THE DAMN GUN YOU BITCH! But my favourite Jurassic Park game until now is the Jurassic Park game, based on the novel, for SNES. It didn't have a save feature so you had to beat the game in one seat, the lack of a save feature pissed of a lot of gamers but the game was awesome. When you go into building it turns to first person perspective, really cool and it had a lot of weapons and you could roam freely through the map to complete the objectives.
the way she holds the guns reminds me of drunk stan from south park episode when cartman shits burgers and stan is sent to the matrix. 
that hand! i remember that the healt can be tseck at tits!
God is this woman Mr. Fucking Tickle or something?
Wow I have never seen this game before untill I just saw the recent IGN article on this game. Too bad I was too young to have a gaming rig back then and play it and enjoy it for what it was back then because I would play the crap out of that game if it was made for today's hardware and graphic capabilities. 
i had fun those days to play it.... was very hungry for hardware thoo :/
lol I remember playign this as a kid and thought it was one of the hardest games to play because of the control but yet it was so damn awesome. 
Think about it it could work,they could have it so that you can choose to hold a pistol with one hand so you can hold a second weapon with the left arm,or when you hold a rifle you can put your gun in her pants and have all the bending action with two hands for guns and rifles. Hard to make but sure would pay off.
i think it's the character's wrist moving, making the GUN move side to side, which makes it look like it's flopping around.
It's so ironic that Trespasser became too ambitious of a project, just like the dinosaur park of Hammond and InGen became. But still, I think it's a great game. It's got great atmosphere, a music true to the original theme (exotic flutes, thrilling music pieces), and the memoirs of Hammond are almost like written by Richter. And the survival feeling, and somewhat open but still linear areas (not tight tubes like games are today) are very positive things. I have to say I miss this game..
Fact: this game was the first game to use ragdoll pysics.
Wait, that song was MADE for this game? I never knew that. That's actually pretty cool. Personally I love this game.
Anyone else feel like this game should be redone? There's not nearly enough games with goddamn DINOSAURS in them. Trespasser boldly tried to do it and fell flat on its face, but there was plenty of potential (diverse environments, good narration and a good amount of exposition) and I remember having fun with it. Nowadays it's clear that the graphics and the awkward arm-flailing suck a fat one, but a modern engine and some proficient programmers could make a pretty kick-ass game outta this one.
I kept the draw distance fairly low and it was still rather choppy. However the new laptop i'm getting will have a quad core ivy bridge processor and a max resolution of 720p. It shouldnt have any issue running almost any game on it
surgeon simulator 2013 the fps
Actually, the song was made for Trespasser first, and when the game bombed the composer licensed the music to other projects. That particular song has been in all kinds of TV shows and movies.
what an epic game, way ahead of its time
Jurassic Park definitely deserves a budget game that is NOT point and click. So, this was a good idea, just terribly executed at the time. I'm sure the fourth movie coming out will inspired a new generation of games to go with.
haha miss that so-sensitive hand
a i remember the days when me and my friend were playing it at night, kinda scary cause its hard to see dinos coming sometimes
why the gun is moving like a dick side by side?
they are. check out trescom. its a website that has a pretty cool community of modders who are working to recreate the game on the unreal engine. :) also check out crysis the lost world returns mod and jurassic life a half life mod. the website is called trescom.
that's right! try to download/but the cd with the jurassic park soundtrack ; )
Imagine Lara Croft in anything Jurassic Park
R u still interested in donisaur games? Then please search on youtube for : Crynosaurs you won't regret it. It's only a tech demo, but they are doing well so far... it just needs to get more popular and I support them. thx cheers
@sigward123 that's what she said! Lol ;3
What's with the elongated, Mr. Fantastic style arm?? lol... o.O
There's a guy who's remaking this awesome game in cryengine. Give it a look! htt p://t m/
idk but it musta been some good as kush cause this game was way ahead of its time. Also this game was released unfinished. you were originally supposed to be able to use both arms. And they were going to make it open world. but something went wrong so they made the game linear instead. And the game was widely unrendered. BUT. i STILL play this game. its the shit. :)
It actually was rather revolutionary if you think about it. As many features it uses are now used all the time today while other great features are still yet unused
She must have know bones in her arm.
A remake of trespasser using the far cry 3 engine would be epic
It would be awesome if they remade this for consoles.
why the dinosaurs look so AMAZING and the hand look like a BUBBLE GUM? just one hand? she use the Shotgun with one hand? in the doom use 2 hands how can be possible thats little things do what the game lose reality...
lol who shoots aks with one hand?
Not to mention computers at the time simply weren't powerful enough. But I agree, very underrated. An awesome game.
Ok? The physics were 1998, to bad everything else about the game was complete garbage. And no your argument is not valid in anyway. You're saying this aiming system is the best aiming system in a video game.....dude..thats not an argument, thats just plain stupidity. So by your logic, this game is realistic? Last time i checked, when i shoot a gun i don't hold it out all stupid with my arm flinging back in forth like its fucking jello. Seriously kid, you make me *Facepalm.
look at them sexy basturds twerk awww yea XD
Maybe the protagonist has more experience on using dildos than guns
They should really remake this game! You know I bet it would look really nice- better than that piece of crap Jurassic park game they have now
This game is terrible but it was so ambitious and I have very fond memories of it.
6:06 HO SHIT! a crab-o-saurus rex
Trespasser's scale and originality cannot be overstated.
Mauled to death by a dinosaur...response? "Ow." What a trooper.
Trespasser's engine is actually one of the most powerful ever created. It does all that it does in only 64Mb of RAM. Modern games, say Minecraft, can use more than 1024 Mb. The engine is one of the most optimized in the world.
Granted that at this time, video games were still an enormous marvel that was a huge game of trial and error. If you were working above 64 bits then this was typical and that is why many games stayed 64 bits or less to maintain a good looking game even if a bit cartoon-esque. As consumers, we don't see many of the prototypes and only see the final product which takes hundreds of people and years of failures to produce one game. The modern day games are slight adaptations of a few successes.
I'm not the one who using childish slang, and talking horrible, and treating the other like a pile of defecation. You are the one. ;) My argument is valid. Just try to understand how the engine works, and you can aim better. I've done it. I played this game over and over lots of time. It is fun, physically-based, and always giving some new experiences.
jumping noise sounds like Lara croft from Tomb Raider II
My mates little brother who is 6 was playing this.
I once bought this game, but returned it because my computer couldn't handle it. Damn, I'm regretting that now!
This was one of the first games with actual physics, and a bit unstable.
The best thing for smoother gameplay is to get a faster CPU. Trespasser built a long time ago, it was made for the hardware of the time. Getting it on a new PC with more/faster RAM or a better GPU won't increase performance. Try running it at only a decent resolution, say 1280x720, and still keep the draw distance relatively low.
Stupid youtube. I just wanted to wrap it. No problem. So: The amrs are jelly. Okay. So? Think about it. When you shoot, doesn't it kicks back? And that's it. I won't arguing with a blind fan-kid with an I7, which I would love to fry on a pancake frier. Tho', thanks for the laugh.
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