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Halo: Reach - Achievement HORSE #12 (Jack vs. Burnie!)

by Rooster Teeth • 1,172,075 views

Jack takes on Burnie in a rousing game of HORSE and puts this Halo legend to the test! Who will win? Who will get fired! Find out! All maps are available at

"That Rage Quit guy."
how do you download it onto your xbox....oh flash drive.
This video shows why burnie makes the perfect church
"I just want to say is bullshit" yep sounds like church
Shout out to Michael, aka The Rage Quit Guy, aka LTMkilla, aka My Little Pony Michael, yeah yeah yeah XD
Did anybody notice when they got stuck on one of the rails, that the other flew off the side of the road?
Give Burnie some slack. Michael was somewhat new at this time. Haha.
"That Rage Quit Guy". Oh, Burnie.
that look so esy for me..
that look so esy for me so am gana get this 
Spelling doesn't appear to be easy for you.
Lol Burnie sounds JUST like Church!!!
Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it's cuz he plays Church
I really can't FUCKING TELL!!! I wonder the FUCK WHY!!!!... luv ya ;]
Lol all rounds were BULLSHIT. :)
he sounds just like joel and "i just want to say round 1 is bullshit, i just want to say round 2 is bullshit, i just want to say round 3 is bullshit" and achevement hunter is bullshit  
Burnie is church and Lopez I believe. I think he does other small roles as well
hey hes curch from red vs
Wait, In Red V Blu... Who do Jack Geoff gavin and Bernie play as
Geoff is Griff, Gavin has a special appearance in Season 6 or 7 as Jones, I think Jack does an unnamed enemy soldier in Season 8 or 9, and Bernie has this small role as a guy named Church.
"that rage quit guy"? Oh let's not care that his name is michael
i imagine it was when michael had just been asked to do that series, to test out how it would go, and he was kind of a contractor for rooster teeth, not an employee. also jack recruited michael so i dont imagine burnie would have know much about him for his first few videos.
Le gasp! I'm not the only one on the internet with a bad microphone!
Burnie Burns is the main founder of Rooster Teeth and the Red VS Blue series, he is alot more than just the voice of church and he does NOT do Sarge. Look up the facts before you start assuming.
That second map was legendary
Just before he mentioned red vs blue, I was thinking, " Holy Crap that's Church!"
True, but ive had this account sense i was a kid, and honestly i'm to busy to make a new one, besides, i was a stupid kid, so to clear this all up, i apologize to everyone.
Burnie is hilarious! Replace Geoff!!
Then he wouldnt be a special guest
Geoff is Griff. Burnie is Church and some more characters.
Jack's pretty good with aiming too, though. Probably even better than Geoff. Geoff just has a lot of luck and is good at spinning.
I find it funny that Burnie sucks so bad in HORSE, yet manages to win the office HORSE tournament.
speaking about rage quit make one whit michal
OMG... Back when Michael was just "That Rage Quit Guy" .-.
Excuse me, idiot, I've been watching RT for years. How about you brush up on your Google skills and you'll see that I'm right. Jack isn't even in RvB neither is Michael. Lopez is also voiced by Burnie and Matt is also The Meta aka Maine.
I have watch all so far and again and please more burnie
It never fails; if something doesn't go your way, it's Bullshit.
Burnie may have had a lot of experience in Halo, but he really didn't do anything in it. Geoff and whoever plays Sarge would have the most experience, of the Reds and Blues, as Grif and Sarge are the drivers of the Puma and Sarge shoots a lot of people/stuff. Whoever played Maine probably had the most action. Maybe whoever plays Tex.
Geoff is grif and burnie is church gust is simmons can't remember the rest
UksP Clan, the reason I told him to fix his grammar was because it made no sense regardless of whether there were capital letters or not, I could care less about that as long as it made sense when spoken. Also you told me to fix my grammar with "you're". You do realize that "you're" is a contraction of "you are"
burnies voice low key reminds me of krypgey from the big bang theory
I just want to say, achievementhunter . com is BULLSHIT.
if you give Burnie a sniper............. he wont hit ANYTHING!!!!
That. Was the most epic episode of achievment horse ever..... Of all time.
what burnie should have said....... Congratulations jack and your fired
when burnie said that was his red vs blue expeareance, i thought that round three would be a sniper rifle map
I had that no life happen in legendary XD
Yeah, Burnie is definately Church from RvB! I could tell by the way he said Impossible
"Sarge is a main character in the machinima series Red vs. Blue" ... "He is voiced by Matt Hullum, co-creator of the series". Sorry honey, but the words speak for themselves.
I like he says "I know how that Rage Quit guy feels." Which is a future employee (current employee Michael).
This will always be my favorite achievement horse/pig ever.
All i can hear is Church complaining about EVERYTHING
To Bernie every thing is bullshit map 1 bullshit map 2 bull shit map 3 bull shit end achievement hunter is bull shit lmao
you obviously don't know much about RvB. Have fun being bad at knowing things.
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