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by SHAYTARDS • 217,870 views

INTERVENTION: Yesterday's Vlog!: ShayCarl SHIRTS at Rodeo Arcade: 1 year - 2 years -...

Lol at least know the words, Shay
Why in the hell does the chick in the end slates sound like a sex hotline operator
does anyone notice the bikini girl at 5:34
A lot of people do that at warped tour! It gets so dang hot!!!!
Just subscribed to your channel tonight. I have seen some if your older vlogs with Charles and to see you today at Warp Tour I couldn't get over how great and healthy you look. Whatever your doing keep doing it cuz you look great! And your kids are adorable too! Great family that loves to laugh together. That's what it's all about! Looking forward to many more of your vlogs!
XD im still very very very extremely happy that I met Charles and Danny at warped tour 2014 so im just looking back at some old vids i love when my worlds collide rock music and youtube (rs)
+Diego Romo It's by We The Kings... I hope you used sarcasm
Coley was getting in the groove
The fact that you went to warped and are a WTK fan makes you even cooler than you already were, and I didn't think that was possible :)
It makes me so happy to see one of my favorite youtubers sing one of my favorite songs and omfg they played the same stage as Falling In Reverse that year i can see there speakers!!
my daughter is now 19 years old.I sang that sunshine song to her when she was his age  =) 
2 years ago today (June/22/14)
Lol love the fact that while shay is at a rock concert collete is filming at a shoot
Wow 2 years fly byes so fast 
I thought sontard had the moves, but princesstard really showed him up in this vlog :P 
Shay is such a good best friend. I love it.
I enjoy all your videos you do an awesome job! 2 thumbs up :)
lol everyone at that concert was white.
lolol when shay doesnt know the words
did anyone notice that since it was to hard for rocktard to repeat what shay said at 10:23 he said "i love you"
what color iphone should i get what color does mommytard have?
Shay at warped tour? He is officially the coolest brosideon king of the brocean!
Shay please write a book! About your life of a YouTuber!
Babe Alert at that concert, yo!
while watching charles play, for a second i forgot i was watching shaytards lol
Wow princestard is actually a really good dancer ;D <3
Danny's face and look like "well I love u 2 ShayCarl
Damnnnnn 4:33 check out the back ground....
11:20 awww so cute. my favorite song as a child
i went to warped tour in houston !!! i find this awsome that all the vloggers i watch went as well !
they saw a blimp a year from this day hahah
Shay I make my own videos in inspiration of you
Shay use to be or is a stoner, He just used the phrase. He hooked up us fat yo.
its shay and colette and obviously there not the kids real names.
When Katilette and Shay were singing to Rocktard, it seemed like I was watching a disney movie...Such wonderful voices.
PT & RT were the highlights this time around, thanks for brightening my day, y'all!
wht is tht song on 2:41 ? PLEASEEE
what was up with the abrupt ending? scared me!
Love you guys. You all get me thorough my tough times :) love you
CANT WAIT TIL WARPED, immma screaaaaaaaam for charles <3
4:35 PERV DETECTED!!! kids these days...
Ohhhhh charles and shay always cheer me up!!!
When the girls grow up BabyTard will sing and PrincessTard will be a back up dancer with Sontard!
Love you guys! These vlogs are a perfect way to end the day.
princesstard is turning into a little mommytard its insane how much they are alike!
you guys have magical voices i love you guys (no homo) :P
0:27 - 0:33 OH ROCKTARD HAHAHA <3
holy poop. that was you up there! your look like a different person! btw warped tour was amazing.
Its so cool how we can follow CTFxC around backstage in all of his videos! Sort of see what it's like to be on tour without getting the highly produced crap from the production companies of the 'behind the scenes' they put out. CTFxC is much better!!!
I haven't watch the shaytards in months! so hopefully one of you could help me catch up.... did they move to that apartment? ?
i cant watch anything ctfxc related knowing i met charles! i start bawling my eyes out ;)
i kept singing along to the music throughout the vlog :D haha i love the shaytards AND the CTFxC <3 <3 <3
Shay looks so young without the beard
Two of my favorite things in one video, can't get any better than this <3
One minute in the video and I'm already cracking up :P
Rocktards face lmao, and Shay with Charles ♥
i cant find any calendar codes i know im late but i still want to find them:p
Grandmatard is the best :) Her laugh is so adorable
i saw the title and the tumbnail abd aldkmosrt dided pmgg o camt beven type ! we the kings<333333
awesome they saw a blimp here too!
Whats the oldest boys name? Like Princesstard, Babytard and Rocktard, whats the oldest?
10:15 i swear rocktard said a dutch french............IM A DUCTCH FRENCH:{D
Is it just me or does anybody ells think that the sound is better here with the flipcam than on the CTFxC with the Canon? :) CTFxC ftw!
what songs did we the kings play, other than say you like me?
Shaytards moved from a house o an apartment? This seems bad.
Dancing with the stars? Pffft!! NO! DANCING WITH THE TARDS!!!
2:00 I get it. It's because she's a ginger.
this was uploaded on my birthday and also the very first shaytard video i ever watched
Can someone tell me what city that warped tour show was that Shay went to? :)
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