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SWV "Cosign" Official Video

by KOCHRECORDS • 636,276 views

The new video for SWV's hit song "Co-Sign" from the album I Miss Us Get Cosigned on iTunes

the beat defff has a 90s feel to it still! Looove that! def 90s chics to the core. keep ur music like this. great song.  and i will also like to point out that they are 3 absolutely STUNNING BLACK WOMEN. that's all. :)
Bangi Sto Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Weekend Happiness Playlist Includes: Aaliyah, Total, Foxy Brown TAMIA, Mint Condition, Donell Jones, Maxwell, Mariah Carey,Jesse Powell, 3T, Mya, Blackstreet, Mase, TLC, Babyface, Toni Braxton, After 7, Jodeci, R. Kelly, Missy Elliott and not forget SWV #THROWBACKRNB #OLDSKULJAMS SWV "Cosign" Official Video
Don't forget about tevin Campbell.
Wow they sound just like this live,,,good job
almost sounds like they made this 20 years ago..
Back in high school when disc players first hit  the scene I went and bought three cds SWV, Boys 2 Men, and Black Street. My fav girl SWV ! I'm watching the show now and will be picking up the new music.
Now This is the 90s style upbeat electric Piano, jammin in the kitchen, new school clothes,summer vacation, Just got a good job Vibez Music has been missin for almost a Damn Decade, and who is it by??? none other than the sistas with voices SWV!!!..... Lovin this Vibe.
I love groups Like dis SWV,TLC,En vouge,Exscape,Total,702,sade,love all them we need more girl groups like this Im not sure we will get it
I love Coko's runs in this song. 
I've never seen Lelee sing lead in a video that I can recall! Love these ladies
+Chrissy Alvida If u listen to the "I Missed Us" cd in its entirely..LeeLee does a lot of leads ...but she doesn't sound strong in all of them. Some tracks she sounds strong..other she sound like garbage. This song...denst match her vocals nor her sound. 
Love these girls love the song it makes me think back in90s lol its a mix of both I think
I absolutely LOVE this song!!! My girls...
idk but i always begin to like music when its not brand new when this came out i didnt like it as much as now
i dont know if yall know but uh...Coko? aint nobody in the industry right now that has a voice like hers. seriously. #unmatched  
MY SONG!!!!!! I will always love SWV. Sing ladies!!!!
Sound just like they never left!!! 90's SWV!!! Doing it big in 2014
Swv is #1 of girl groups that I love, just like tlc
So Love SWV!!!!! 😍😍😍Ready for a new album...... 👀👀👀
What I'm go through right now when my MMLT is not here with me.
I found this the other day whilst looking on spotify. Bloody awesome! I've missed SWV
Anyone else here notice a resemblance between Lelee and Tamala Jones???? These two fine ladies could be sisters!!!
I'm loving the fact that they keeping it old school, it has such a 90's feel to this tune
Coko have one of the most influential vocals in music history. It's a shame that she doesn't get credit in how her vocal styling influenced pop and R&B female artists.
I absolutely agree with you...also, I can tell their clean, melodic, fast delivery of the lyrics definitely influenced Destiny's Child and more specifically Beyonce
I can't really relate to the lyrics being that I'm 15, but I love this song!
Their music makes me feel good inside almost like Gospel music. 
I love SWV so freaking much. My favorite songs are Cosign Love Unconditionally and Show Off. YASSSSSS
I've never heard this song before - WHY??
Taj look like she don't know the words
I love swv and I hope they stay together because other female groups always break up and you guys look beautiful and I like the video cosine keep up the good work from destiny love lopez peace out
Coko still think she 25 & cute lol She still slays with them vocals They look good !
Coko's voice is still flawless after all these years. Very rare.
I love swv and I hope they stay together because other female groups always break up and you guys look beautiful and I like the video cosine keep up the good work from destiny love lopez peace out
Wow, these ladies haven't changed at all, i love it! They not sending any nonsense sence messages, still singing about love, and they look the same!
yep. they're still soulful, classy, and amazingly talented as ever. i've bought and played this SWV cd over and over again. i miss real music like this. these ladies are still holding it down.
+cornbreadthedog Ya'll took the words right out of my mouth. I LOVE THIS SONG! The style... THIS is real R&B music.
This song was so underrated
i love this song so much.
their music still has the original flavor  swv still kills it
Coko's voice is platinum!!!! There is nobody in the industry can match her. She has range for days and can switch notes @ the speed of light #Underrated #Soprano
love SWV I have missed them
what happen 2 them
This song did not get enough air play, it could have been BIG!!!
Coko singing her face OFF, per her usual! 
My girls,still got it going them.
Has anyone ever heard Taj's voice?
Yeah on their newest CD all of them sing even Lelee. 
They actually released singles with Taj.... She sung on USE YOUR HEART and sung LEAD on ITS ALL ABOUT YOU... check'em out
OH Ladies... I've missed you so much... !!!!!!!
Yesssss Coko and that voice >>>>>>
They're still amazing even though I don't listen 2 R&B music as much I was pleased to hear the vocals on these ladies are pretty much the same they are very talented, and I hope this time around they get the recognition that they are deserving of,and continue to move forward in their careers because there aren't many female groups today that's putting it Down like how these ladies did in the 90's keep up the good work and don't disappear,because I have faith that you guys can take us through another decade of good harmonizing and real music.
that voice man!!!!! Wow. Jus like teena Marie didn't get much credit.
Glad to see SWV is back, they have such a beautiful voice.
I am truly impressed. First let me use a phrase common from the nineties, SWV y'all are still da BOMB! These ladies not only still look amazing, but they sound like they never aged. I was a major fan back in the day, now since we've all matured a little, I'm even a bigger fan. Keep on doin' what y'all do, cause it's definitely working.
Why didn't this do as well as I wanted it to. :(
I love these girls! <3
That voice Coco has isn't shown enough
this is the only song i like on there last cd 
Hot track. This is feel good music. Makes you want to believe in true romantic love.
This song should be relaunched or whatever lol. This song is so underrated. One more thing. SWV should have used their reality show to gain momentum. Would have been a perfect time to promote an SWV single. Hopefully there will be a season 2.
Taj sang on use your heart 
I LOVE SWV and missed them! ... I think they sound better now which came with the passage of life and experiences...And as far as the shallow weight comments on here, they were young girls in their late teens/early twenties when they first came out in '92 and were cute and talented but inexperienced and new ...Its been over 20 years and they are now sexy, mature, classy, beautiful, deliciously thick and talented moms and wives in their forties who are aging like fine wine and are LEGENDS! ...Most of these young, talentless newcomers will be long gone in 20 years... Welcome back SWV!  it makes me happy to see you together again after all this time! God Bless You!
hi co sign call sign right on the dotted line they did that shitNw
The eat in the song did it all still in love with it
Sounds good...someone said Missy was still in diapers when SWV first came out, and my response is NOOO! They are in the same age group. Missy has a R&B, hip hop and production career! 
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Le lee can sing too!!!
Dammmmm they got huge
Love it! Welcome Back SWV!!!
Loving the song and Video!!! I still Listen to SWV in 2014
lee lee forgets to lip-synch her parts in the video... lol
Pretty good... They still got it!
do yall know what ....would have been phi ....if eddie gorge had of been in this video ...KINDA LIKE ROBIN THICKS WIFE BE IN HIS......that would have been allsome...but the girls did a great job anyways...
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