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Burping, Cheating, and Prometheus VS Madagascar...It's Comment Commentary 21!

by SourceFed • 335,118 views

Get yo! Tumblr Updates Here: Order your SourceFed Posters here: Elliott, Lee, and Joe review some of your comments from this week's...

Lee the negotiator would win the pillow fight!!!
How do you customise an ipad like that? That's so cool.
I like these guys. Pretty clean cut, and still funny. That is talent now a days, brings something different to the table. Thanks SourceyFed
im might subscribe to them just for the girl :D
Where is the Rock Of Ages review??
i thought from the beggining where is steve ? now i now...
Haha I hate to be this guy but 5:18!
Wow, Steve has lost a lot of weight since this video. Good on him!
Steve is just so gosh darn nice to look at!
I took pics of my final in math then wrote the answers in my calculator
whoa, joe hasn't shaved in a whole 4 hours.
"Send us a picture of us on your wall and we'll put it up on our wall" - Then you'll be watching ME, while I'm watching YOU. Doesn't that create a black hole of SourceFed awesomeness?
My money is always on Lee!! 3
Tarantino doesnt do a lot of original stuff, a good deal of its adapted
Did not like Prometheus at all. If I wanted a movie full of symbolism I would have gone to see the road. It was not scary at all, more of a comedy than a thriller.
you guys already have 125 million views. I'm so fuckn happy... you guys deserve it. subby since day 1 ;)!
you shouldn't have even mentioned getting puppies in the mail.
ul like my babies too, cuz THEYL BE UR BABIES!!!!!!
damn that couch looks comfortable.
Why are you still bragging about that contest, you piss me off! AWWWWWWW YEEEEAAAHHH
we are seeing the return of the NEGOTIATOR!
What about MaFackin Guy Ritchie?! Want to talk about original content... Not to mention the cinematography... Has remnants of Stanley Kubrick... Just sayin'...
lee your hair is always the same. you're a boring, predictable broad.
whats Elliot doing with his eye? at 4:07-4:14 haha
lee's face after they tell her she couldn't bring guns. PRICELESS.
Picture of a fat girl and she's trying to eat the laptop, jesus christ.
I watch just for steve. Steve is fucking comedy gold.
4:59 I lol'd at elliot's laugh
The most dangerous animal on the planet is the mosquito :D FACT!!!
when lee said "FACT!" I wanted to yell out "TRIPLE FACT!!!"
In comment commentary Joe always has sweaty armpits :o that's sexy
Lee made a farting noise you can easily see by looking at her mouth
Lee take off your boots!!! I love it when your barefoot@@
Been a SourceFed fan since day one, you guys started making videos when I broke my leg, and since sitting there day after day watching your videos, I just want to say thanks. Y'all are awesome.
Most dangerous animal in the world: mosquitoes. not hippos. mosquitoes kill more people than any other animal, aside from other people.
which seat shooould he taaaaaaaaake
Lee likes babies. Any volunteers to give Lee babies?
Lee's "Evil" face: Greatest Thing Evar!
Another great comment commentary. Maybe next time Steve.
Elliot looks like my teacher. PLEASE BE MY TEACHER!
what ever happened to the Bereta's videos??
Actually Joe, they're just the most dangerous mammal in Africa, and only in the sense that they kill more people. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals in the history of the world, meanwhile, a bear is one of the most deadly animals in the world when pitted against other animals. People actually did used to make animals fight each other all the time, and the bears always won. They even made a bear fight a lion and the bear crushed its skull in one swing.
Joe your daughter is adorable hahaha
i personaly believe that comment commentary should remain with its roots and just stick with joe, lee, and eliot. personwlly i believe that steve would take awwy from commwnt commentary but thats just me
steve is too much for me to handle...
Hey Lee if you like babies so much i would happily make one with you
Made a Tumblr 5 seconds ago just to follow you guys.
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