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Inversion - Fivesome Guide

by Rooster Teeth • 139,391 views

Ray and Gavin show you how to get the Fivesome achievement in the Xbox 360 game "Inversion"

Playing a game for its graphic is like watching a porn for its story.
hell no the best would be Burnie, Gus, Geoff, Joel, and Gavin. those 5 are fuckin hilarious together
Disapointed. I though it said immersion. ):
so apparently shit graphics = shit game? what about Dwarf Fortress, if you don't know it learn to play it
To make myself clear, what business is it of yours.
Maybe roosterteeth videos will get spred the word about it.
Am i the only person that thought the title said immersion at first glance and got happy as hell?
I don't think you can flag an entire channel :/ I really would like to see that option. Because people like him does not help this community in any way...
the graphics arnt even that bad actually they are pretty good
The video ended without showing their laughter, since Jack thought a 12 hour video would be pushing it a little.
thats your opinion, your entitled to it. you can state it anywhere you want, but don't think people will take it lightly, others could hold a foil to your comment...
I've been looking forward to this game for a while. Heard about it before Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was released, the developers of Inversion (Saber Interactive) worked on Halo CEA as well.
Look at the movement, the animations and the guns. Very GoW-ish
first thing i thot of after i read inversion is darius fontaine inversion therapy from gta sa xD
It's casual gamers like you that make the rest of us look bad. nightvisiontaco gets it. Here's an idea, if its graphics you want... go outside and do something. Can't get anymore real than that, can it?
whats with all the fucking epic sax guy in reccommended videos?
It's funny when there's a good top comment and everyone one else tries to copy their words in hopes of getting a few likes... Bunch of queefs
Well at least the game isn't as shitty as your face.
How is this game related to gears of war at all?
nah dude FFXIII had amazing graphics but the game sucked dick
then your childhood must of been horrible and shitty too if your older then 10
Truthfully, yea, I had been up for 22 hours vs my usual 3 so I'm allowed some lee-way
Huh... I thought this game was done pretty well...
Why do all the throwing achievements have dirty catches to them? "Darkness II"'s '2 guys, 1 pole' as an example.
"why are you standing holding the mic like a prick?"= "I hate you with the burning passion of a thousand suns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I'm guessing you're a prick who enjoys a game with great graphics... but with a boring shitty game with a bad story line. if not then you shut your face >.> just stating the obvious, there have been many great games that have had bad graphics
dude i olay ff 8 from 1998 and it a great game so shut the fuck up.
REAL LIFE = Best graphics in the world! Poor and repetitive gameplay. REAL LIFE = Not as fun as Half-life 1, Halo 1 and Portal 1, they have aged graphics but great gameplay!
You're comparing two forms of visual stimulation. Idk to me it doesn't make sense, but everyone perceives things differently.
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon has a shit story and repetitive gameplay, but it's a good game!
Serial is an actual word. He just used it as serious. You could also say I'm super cereal.
Aww my bad sorry about that :) Yeah I know right its so sad.
lol no you watch porn to ya know get yourself off.......
I hope that there is a real Hell, so you and people like you can burn in it for all eternity.
Haha, "Burnie (keeps everyone on track)" someone clearly does not listen to the podcast.
Minecraft is just fucking pixels and the world loves it
yehhh it is rly annoying but i guess the youtube or the channels dont mind cos they get money for it lol
Your profile picture tells me you're a man of taste
this same idiot said this on Trials Evolution
this game doesn't suck exclusively because the graphics aren't as good as other games, it's just a generic third-person shooter that looks a lot like Gears mixed with games that let you use telekinesis
This looks A LOT like Gears of War, just brighter. Even the running style is the same? Is this by EPIC games? Lol.
Burnie, Geoff, Gus, Matt and Michael...Fivesome...
si like to old 2D mario, is that bad because its not good graphics? that makes no sense
you know your badass when you have posted the same comment about the same thing in reply to the same person twice and they are both the top comments
Skyrim had great graphics, great storyline, but it got boring with it's repetitive actions. Crap game? NO!
Congratulations you said the exact same thing as the guy who got the top comment. Have some fucking originality.
Don't you guys see he's trolling for attention? This comment appears in every comment of every video of every game Rooster Teeth releases. They have nothing against this game, really, all they want is the attention. And you are giving them what they want.
When did RT start doing Gamecube videos?
Hey the mounted attack on skyrim for xbox works now
You can't deny that graphics play part in the overall feel mate, try to imagine Crysis 1 in half life 1 graphics. See? Graphics aren't so useless. But I agree to you somewhat, graphics are not what the game is about, but graphics can give you... a more immersive feeling into said game(s). Just look at Crysis 1. Would the impact been as great as it was if not for its graphics? No On the other side 'Lone survivor' it has interesting graphics. Is it high end? No But both are really good games.
Uhm. No? Paying a game for its graphics is like watching hot women fuck old guys.
Let's go have a gaff, he's not that funny though. D:
could u tell me if there is a way i could at least flag trolls channels cos i see them evrywhereeeee and they're so annoying especially on videos from a company as cool as rooster teeth :)
y do u people keep talking to lorfmor hes a troll he only after your atention
we need more gavin in there. definitely. more gavin.
and the main characters and bad guys arnt muscle bound cows
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