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COD Black Ops - Quad Claymore & Life Lesson

by Chris Smoove • 423,903 views

I didn't know I got that quad claymore until after the game. Today's life lesson is about commercial product scams that sell junk for $19.99. Don't ever buy those! Should I give out more life...

Wait, so you're thatonetyroneguy?
best chris smoove quote ever @3:33
Bo1 the best YouTube days.....
they need to remake this game on the new consoles i still play this...
i miss these videos
Black ops is still one of my favorite cod
I loved these vids smoove
All you CoD kids are jokes for actually like thinking this is good rap lol. You listen to this like on the daily? Your a joke...
How does he have 2 attachments (suppresor + extended clip) and then sleight of hand
he probably picked up the gun or its a sub
WHAT UP WITH YOUTUBE CHANGES?! First its the comments, then they make the menu worse. Stop Youtube!!!
man i wish smoove went back to the instrumental intros, Mid-game freestyling, and going over the "hahah!" quota in his more recent videos :/
@KingKai3384 he picked up the Ak , he had soh on
OMG Are you that noob that took Chris Smoove's name on youtube ????
How did you have two attachments but reload so fast
Up down, up down, up town, down town
No its not actually. It would have been a capital C and S
"House music is so easy" Goooooooooo fuck yourself.
Hey smoove my name on the ps3 is micjames52 add me and I'll beat u call of duty mw3
Nic video and i love You video love u man
he sounds so like john cena which is awsome
No competition on the ps3. SMH. :(
i want to add that ninja warrior guy -_-
@chris smoove Because he picked it up you idiot.
So your the poser who stole chris smooves name LOL
This guy gets a chopper gunner and doesnt even use it ?? The fuck?
lol it was the same guy who got the thunder!
After the free style i was like... ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shyt! lol
2 of em would be a 40 dollar value lol
What is that house music song hes playing??
please do a dual comm with TheMarkofJ , daamm that would be cool af lol beast!
I wish smoove still played black ops. Thumbs up if u still play black ops while mw3 is out!
My favorite i love this shit the beginning ha funny!
2:00 I actually saw someone playing MW2 on the PC named Smoove
"I know you can count" - Chris Smoove
I was wondering why I heard his party go ooohh and ahhh
i miss black ops...great video btw smoove
thumbs up if u would like to see Chris is face
wat gun do u use in da beginning
sorry at 4:05 notice how he has the commando so he did pick up the ak before that, ohe starts with the commando suppressed so he can have sleight of hand. but before that he picked up a gun that had two attachments but he himself had sleight of hand
Smoove you can rap bro! Make a video of you just rappin!!
The house music part is AWSOME!! UP DOWN UP DOWN UP TOWN DOWN TOWN pepetopetebopepetopetapopetatebatabo
That was the BEST Black ops 1 Gameplay Commentary I have ever seen, I have watched this video NINE TEEN times, make that twenty!
haha he says if your girl is doing noob moves its time to leave her at 3:20 and then at 3:21 a kid on the mic says thank you
Where's CALL OF DUTY!!!!!!!!! Come on
Puts enemy A into last stand, waits for enemy B to revive enemy A, shoots claymore enemy A planted killing both. BOSS
What u know bout that STD smoove
Now that i hear him, I know that aa9skillz wants to be like him
what if there's 2 camper in my game^^
do me a favor because i wanna play u. by me a xbox then send it to alabama. 132 forestbrook dr madison 35757. andvtalk about me in one of ur vids
i wanna see u rap battle eminem
what is a quad claymore. Killing 4 dudes at once with a claymore?
He picked the weapon from the ground... You were expecting something more interesting,right??
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