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TINY BUILDINGS (Krogzilla #4)

by Shut Up! Cartoons • 509,166 views

Subscribe to Shut Up! Cartoons: GET A KROGZILLA SHIRT! GET THE KROGZILLA THEME SONG! Krogzilla wrestles with the temptation of his...

Make it into godzila
Krog should meet the loch ness monster
Summary of every workplace
I only like this one and dos and donts.
Harry Houdini from Drake and Josh. Recognize a voice anywhere here?
"Born on the edge of world,pruduct of science,a fire breathing giant, Godzilla:This should had been me god dammit.
Its on Cartoon Network. Tobuscus is on the show :D
Hey I bet when smosh first started they wouldn't have dreamed that they would become so popular and now they make cartoons
wow, how original. definately not stolen from something else. You can't fool me, captain ripoff.
ARE YOU A COP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Women: We say we don't gossip then we gossip. :D The more you know...
I thought the picture was the neck of a guitar
"I don't gossip. Not like Rhonda. Have you heard what she said?"
Pubertina's gone?! I know it was kind of gross, but its way better than that ninja show...
before the lady starts talking he eats one, then he puts one to his mouth but stops to talk and doesnt eat anymore
the shows that deserve a 2nd season on this channel are - Krogzilla - Zombies vs Ninjas - Do's and don'ts Pubertina and snowjacked,,, yeah.
This and zombies vs ninjas are my favorite series.
the theme song reminds me of fairly odd parents
KROGZILLA:im a weak man hes not even a man hes a sea monster XD
Yeah on Cartoon Network. Phff, throw that out, get Krogzilla in.
Thats freakin cool. How did u get john o hearley to do this. Hes the best.
This video made me wanna eat sushi!
Bussiness guy is John O'Hurley. OMG! :3
hey mistakes happen (my keyboard sucks too) but you dont have to be an asshole about it jackass -_-
i see youve been watching cant even spell stupid
2:13 "No no, I was the jerk who went and...grew a tail" XD
The world may never know, but at least I can stand watching annoying orange than Level up.
Mmm it just got real up in here
I love krogzilla and pubertina and everything else keep up the good work shut up cartoons!
Hay download bamboo wallet and use my code Hm1096873 to get .25 cents it would help me out
o god it is so shitty, it has only pseudo animation and god it sucks it is not even art it is an abobination to art.
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