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Make a Laser Pointer Burn!

by kipkay • 2,519,007 views

Here's how to turn an ordinary green laser pointer into a burning laser! It really works! People are asking where I got the laser:

Seeing the old YouTube channel made me miss it. I almost forgot how crappy the new ones are!
Sounds so much like kermit the frog
Its not easy being green
time to go burn all my homework
Not to be mean this is a complement but you sound like kermit the frog. XD
only works on things that are black......
I'm afraid that I could destroy my laser by doing that.
This tutorial sucks dick!
what is the laser called and what store or website is it in
+Kip Kedersha Is it possible to do that trick with a laser body bisected from a pen?
any laser mate. I dont recommend doing this tho. Laser diodes will just keep sucking in power. They get hot. No heatsink and they will pop. You can build an absolute beast laser lets say 1000mw for under $100.00 usd I have some vids of my 2000mw laser in a heatsink i made. It has links to where to buy what you need. I have brought around 15 of these pens and 
Can you make a ninja nunchucks and ninja sword at ones please
Imagine if you can reflect those excess twinkles into one single point. haha
kipkay if you see this how do you make the 2 in 1 5mw red laser and flashlight burn. I have one, opened it up and found nothing but two buttons, the led light and the red diode. please respond to this.
I have the same one and it sucks
Ha can you send me a laser at adress 2275 sac street
Isnt this guys voice similar to How to catch a predator's? 
hi I have a laser green pointer but it's not burner please help me to fix it a burner laser ....
Hay kipper Kay can you make a video of how to make a lazer pointer in to a shocker nor do a pen
How do you mod a red laser pointer for like a key chain
Doze it have to be green
hey,kipkay can you do someting in upgrading the laser of stage laser into burning laser
does it have to be green, or a laser pen, or from wicked lasers
any laser mate. I dont recommend doing this tho. Laser diodes will just keep sucking in power. They get hot. No heatsink and they will pop. You can build an absolute beast laser lets say 1000mw for under $100.00 usd I have some vids of my 2000mw laser in a heatsink i made. It has links to where to buy what you need. I have brought around 15 of these pens and they are garbage. They say they are 1mw-10mw etc but with my laser power meter i get anywhere from 80mw to 130mw The diodes in green are crap also You want it to burn? Rip the lens off and remove the inside components of your laser. It wont be a green laser anymore. It will put out a red light tho. That will be burn stuff a lot better than this.
my laser doesn't have the potenciometer can i stil make it burn ?
Does it work with red ones
Good nice sir ji... but sir I used the red laser diode of dvd burner. And make its controler circuit. It lights only not burns...
I Have a 5mw red laser.
Wish he went bacl to these types of videos
Does it work with all laser pointers?
My laser pointer is from thailand
Hi Mr. kipkay I don't want much. All I wanted was for you to mention me in your video. Thanks bye Mr. kipkay
Hey love your videos how much would you charge for a laser pen the can burn the top layer of would I etch into wood but I don't care for the hand held wood burners and don't wanna buy the expensive bulky wood laser burners and I want to be green plz let me know if possible
whats the serial number so i can get one to hack 
Can you make a solar powered laser gun
dont order from wicked lazers they lie on the shipigm details
can build any laser they stock for hundreds cheaper. Go to dtr's laser shop links in my vids.
can this work for a red laser pointer?
im subscribed but  i have not got anything in  the mail 
My laser pointer has a metal button that extrudes from the surface of the laser and I can't get the button to come off.Any suggestions?
This guy sounds a little bit like Kermit the Frog.
Now I want to go up to people with balloons in public and pop them
Does this work with red ones too
Can you do the same thing but with a cheap eBay laser. The older lasers had the same thing with the screws but now the screws are not put in them. So they are harder to mod. I'm down to my last violet laser and I don't want to break this one
if you take the front open it it will be a lens there you can use a needle and turn it and same thing happens
my green laser is some where around 200 mW. :P
Can you make one with the red lasers from walmart
can't believe people still use wickedlasers. you can get a 3.2w custom made for less than $250, and a 2w for less than $150. for what wickedlasers charge for a 2w, you could probably get a 6w-8w elsewhere.
Are you spin with screwdriver
Kipkay sorry but can you please stop do information lazers
that's i think impossible
how to upgrade a red laser
what about the RC laser pointer for teaching i want to make it burn stuff
Your voice is perfect for radio or tv. 
Does it work with a laser pointer that is not wicked lasers?
Can you upgrade a red laser as well?
does this work with red lasers?
Just try it with a red laser.
Do you screw it clockwise or anti-clockwise
Can you make more? And show other laser pointers not wicked lasers
HELLO ! we're cti news station  we wanna ask can we use your vedio ,in our news ? tks 
Human race has invented technology that can both help us or hinder us.....I had seen a heavy duty laser on YouTube many years ago....Worked with mirrors and the sun, there are different types.
that's no traditional laser, that was a heat beam 
+TheLakabanzaichrg Maybe, a teenager made it and demonstrated it, years ago, although there are always people who will snap up the good technology for peanuts and then go and make millions off of it.
I can't get the button off
I broke my laser doing this wow
My father said only $100 present so I bought Nano
does it work with red lasers too?
there is a yellow laser o.O
Can you hack a red laser pen?
I have a $100 barska green glx laser I took it apart but no screw to twist! Help please someone.
merci simple  est efficace   pour comprendre
What that thing called that u used to hold the match
A helping hand. It's commonly used for soldering sessions.
How do you turn the laser on while screwing it ?
if you listened he says with your fingernail
can i do this with 0,7mw red mini laser ? 
mine has the screw but it does not work
i have a  50mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen
Will this damage the laser?
Does it have to be green?
Can i do that with a Red laser?
I asked my mom to get me a laser pointer and she said yes not even asking why
is it possible to modify a red laser the same way
Is there any other way to make it stronger because my button wont pop off
I wouldn't do this because it reduces the lifespan of the laser enormously. I would just buy a 100mW laser on ebay for $9.
Can you show us how to make a key chain laser pointer burn? Thanks
Would this work with one you can buy at the store?
I have a 100 mw wicked lasers red pointer and it doesnt evdn come close to doing this stuff unless it has a focus lense on it. That must be some special laser
i want that so i order that to finnish my laser burner
how about a remote  controlled car
My laser has a metal button how?
Which way did you turn the screw? Right or left? maybe it's a dumb question...
Keep the laser on while turning.
If i had that that would be awesome number 1 fan
what kinds of lasers work for this?
Does it have to be green?
+Sad Carrot I have a carrot flavored laser  -modded of course-
+Pi Fox You shall not use lasers,Fox !
What about a red laser pointer
Maybe im wrong, but isn't this illegal? XD
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