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by TryHardNinja | GAMING MUSIC • 88,063 views


900-kills 1 deaths mw3 the first bolt action on the selection.
Btw. Bots don't freaking talk!!!
I belive i played agest TryHard ninja ones it was that map and it was headquartes i killed him 2 times and people were calling hi a hacker and someone said u try hard b*tch
@rocker19971 hitler got millions of assists no kills
@LFC1274 1 death, not deaths. It's singular, because he only died once, not plural, you are implying he died more than one time.
@Babillabee If you Like FagBoy7thSt then why are you here criticizing THN......COME AT ME BRO!!!!
This isn't combat training, its ps3! But good job, nice video.
woooot we use the same perks!!!!!!!!!
your are a FUCKING pro so avsome i dont know how you kill 60 people. i am realy dont know
@XxFoRb3sYxX ermm It's a regular team deathmatch....
Pfft. I can do this anyday... (on combat training)
Well actually 11,000,000 assists and 1 death
I already had 5 kills and 101 deaths...And yeah...Maybe i C4'd myself all the time long but...Still, i got the score :p
couldnt stop laughing at the business meeting impression, only after the video ended did i realize that I recognize his gamer tag from back when I first played modern warfare. Needless to say I got owned.
@rocker19971 actually hitler got 1,000,000 assists and 1 deaths
33 people were killed in themaking of this vid oh and 1 cat
these 3 guys who killed you shouled be proude of themsefes for killing a pro like you man!
@Babillabee I was scrolling trough the comments and i like nooblets like you :P they always want to get the attention of other people, and you did it! congratz. go and look for someone else now to say some random shit
I got 127 kill and 1 death and that was my best score ever
@Babillabee also if you watch under the mini map at times you can see a game chat symbol representing that his teamates are talking. the com. doesnt talk...
i bet there was alot of "sucking" going on if you know what im sayin
@Babillabee Plus There Are ConnectIon Bars On The Right Side Of The Scorboard!
@Jemilianproductions your KD would be a 2.80, while his is a 20. Do the math.
yawn i can do 100 kills 2 deaths
now i know when i see you i gonna die i see your name i gonna die i see your penis and i gonna life and do up and down up and down
idiot he has scavenger and nice tryhard ur beast
@Babillabee oh wow ur a idiot..... u can't prestige in combat training.....
@RyanDolan123 haha that's hilarious sarcasm is dripping from my mouth
@sharkbite23 theres nothing wrong with black ops so shut ur fucking mouth
@SirPwnsAlot11 Hey don't be hatin', hes white. Ain't that punishment enough?
he talks to much why not just play music if u think click like
well your team does suck because you managed to get 63 kills within the limit
299-2 on demo check it out I'm trapperzimdone
36 people don't like this video because they can't get this awesome score LOL
he talks to much why not just play music if u think click like
@Jemilianproductions Hardcore headquaters is 20 mins long while TDM is 10 mins and its only 75 kills
Mac 11. SMH... Lol no jk. Mac 11 is a boss :)
Look at your 3rd perk! Hacker! HACKER! LOL!
@rocker19971 no bro hitler did 6 millions assits and 1 deaths..
whoa whoa whoa....... uploaded: April 20th and just got in my sub box
It feels like buying a new controller and a new window. Proberly a new screen too if i get really angry
super cool man i had a 40 3 once and it was good but embarrassing compared to the number 1 on the other team he was 2 kills away from 50 k/d ratio killing 98 and dying twice lol
Dogs..? Duude Gunship all the way.
I come from the future and i come to tell you that MW3 is gonna be shit.
its just for opinion i dont care if you hate or love xbox
my best regular tdm was 63 and 5 :)
im not a fanboy im not gonna ask what ur online name is
@nicolasowns i love chaotic, u must be color blind or your settings are wrong and you either have a shitty connection or get your ass kicked online
Look at the thing that shows the kills on 6:00 you can see it says someone was kicked so it's not Combat Training, just pointing out the truth.
What a noob! he only got 1 ASSIST!
Pff, he got a lot of those kills with chopper gunner (overpowered)
@superman91111111 Watch out we got a badass over here
no im pretty sure girls do the sucking unless you like the sasuge fest, im not one to judge o.o
i think themarkofj got a 75 to 1 tdm (not sure if it was markofj)
is that what he looks like, the pic of jim?
i've gotten a 60-0 6v6 is this able to be uploaded ?
i come from your mother and was told to say fuck you
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