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by TobyTurner • 820,529 views

Watch Kaycee's Leno show! - Hanging out at the ColLAboration Beer Fest! POSTERS! Main channel - Fanpage -...

I think everybody else was drunk, hence the title. He was just ... silly. Not quite drunk, but silly.
It's the normal Toby I think. XD
I once won a game of beer pong without making a single shot. Yay for teams!
WHAT?! NO!!! we win oh. YESS!!! I am the lord of washers
I am 11 so I'm under age as well.
Yeah I'm under age because I'm 8
its gabebuscus when he was just Gabe!
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If only you were 12 ~_~
Wow he seemed really drunk!!! Even if he wasn't, still though!! It's kind of sexy ;)
C'mon guys, most of us have been drunk before
+efh rg No I meant the legal age in America is 21 right?
yea but most people dont listen anyways lol
I think he is always drunk...
Can't tell the dif from when he's drunk and when sober
Lol "non-alcoholic"... He seemed drunk to me xD
i dont drink also ho did all those people get home when they where all drunk i mean sure they probably called there friends but still that alot of people.
wow... i guess Steven isn't real qq
Why didn't gabeuscus have his shirt on
OMGOSH Toby you are the most amazing thing i have ever seen before. I am so happy my 9 year old son has you as a role model ...tear
He's a role model to ur 9 year old son?
Ikr hes my idol hes freakin awsome..... <3 u just cant help but live him lol
Toby:im drinking non alcoholic beer. 1 minute later: im really drunk so i slurted. facepalm
ha ha!!! :D I'm not old enough to drink so... THAT WAS FUNNY!!!!!!
at least Gabe was able to keep his shirt on
I actually sneezed during this video
But dat Boop at da end dogh
Woooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!! Did not expect this kind of behavior from toby, but pretty natural i must say because like he's an adult (yes i said it) adult and can drink and get hammered all he wants but he better not let that take over his life (which i know it won't) and especially his fame too because he knows he can slowly be forgotten just like that but overwrall (notice i'm a really bad speller) great vid but still i still get the fact that he is playing tricks into thinking that he is drunk, love you toby i think that your cool and awesome to hang out and be with and i always picture you and i getting married (guilty lol, see what i just did there l-D i'm laughing) any way i think that you will really be remembered as a rolemodel and hopely you make more of your weird vids like this toby btw love your name and your reputation ~ sinceirly, jayla mckiver (wanted my name to be stevie but whatever) ;-) luv you sideburn king rock on brother :-) BTW: SAY HI TO GRYPHON FOR ME PLEASE AND THANK YOU BYE PLUR
why do you have a problem with this?? hes at a beer fest your supposed to enjoy the taste of beer and maybe get a little bit drunk, thats the fun of it all. i personally binge drink and party which is much worse than what toby is doing 
Arnt you in Annoying Orange??
yes he is. he is nerval or however you spell it :D
Was he actually drunk? (I know, stupid question)
Dood where is this i need to go here like seriously
Tobuscus ur AWESOME and I subbed and lol urban drunk that's funny xD
He drinked non alchoholic and we all drink beverage
Beer tastes like carpet. THE. MORE YOU KNOW.
Go home Toby you're drunk!!!!:)
Toby, you are wonderful.
5:30 -"The truck is drinking a beer."
what's wrong with having a couple of beers at beer fest? Toby's all growed up he can do what he wants. LOL
The average age is 107 that came out so naturally like wtf
You drink or was that non alkaholik
what does gabuscus say " We WIN!"
This is sad.. Not the drinking part but tobuscus has ran out of ideas for vids... Now all the videos he does is just little 1 minute vids... R.I.P tobuscus vids :(
What the......why Toby.
And also, also, I drank a little beer out of this truck. Which kind of tasted like carpet. Wow, a new type of beer...
Lol, "i'm drinking non alcoholic beer... and by that i mean its extremely alcoho..." Gets cut off. Oh Toby
Ok, ok! He was acting like it though...
I have super add too
your funny when your drunk
do you live in jacksonville florida
This was put up on my bday when I first saw this I was laughing my butt off
Come to my home Toby, you're drunk!
I didn't know you drank lol lol lol
NOOOOO don't kill Toby 😛😜
Lol now that was funny
Gabe seems generally angry.
It's alcoholic, he just has to say it isn't.
Wow, is that gabe? o.O 
OMG!!!! Tobuscus Lives In Flordia. So Do I!!!
he's kidding he lives in LA and was born and raised in missouri
Why would a truck drink beer?
"OMG HE'S DRUNK!" "DRINKING CAUSES CAR ACCIDENTS!" Yeah, people who are of age, and underage enjoy alcohol from time to time, don't act like some holier than thou little asshole because you think you're so much smarter than everyone for not drinking because you've been alive for 12 years.
blah ba blah blah I got past the big letters and got board
Wow !! You were soooooo hype lol
I love his face when he was talking to the drunk ladies at the beginning, and he turned to the camera when they said something weird:) ....I think I love him to much....
Dammit... Now I either want to get high or drunk now.. Shit..
... ill have, what the truck is having. =^]
This is the best thing ever.
I hate beer vodka and tequila are a lot better
i play washers all the time... we play it in the dark and at cookouts....
Go home toby, your drunk
MY dad says that American Beer tastes like water compared to Canadian Beer....
pssshhh german beers the best!
tobuscus... i would so love to meet you in person.... i would literally die with happiness 
4:42 That is the reaction time of Internet explorer :) Just saying :)
I would love you go to a party with you.
Corn hole !!!!!!!!! I luv that game
TOBY YOU ARE A ACTOR FOR CARTOON NETWORK                                                                                                                                
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