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Jennifer Love Hewitt Is A Massage "Happy Ending" Expert - CONAN on TBS

by Team Coco • 2,121,623 views

Jennifer Love Hewitt discusses the fine art of asking for a "happy ending."

I always ask for a happy ending. I even ask it when I'm getting my hair cut. Some women don't have any problem with sucking a customer's cock. Try it!
Tony Lewis is talking to you and you're ignoring... Nurse
She's fucking beautiful!
+IXM360 I don't remember looking at her face while tapping it from behind..Sooo
Typical white female celebrity using sex to be funny. 
+DeathWish Bitch, all your lame ass is doing is saying I am "corny" over and over, you cocksucker. I know you want to suck my dick, cuz you're still responding, fag boy. 
+General Callous Bitch, all your lame ass is doing is saying I am "corny" over and over, you cocksucker. I know you want to suck my dick, cuz you're still responding, fag boy.
Millionaires laughing over shit people have to do to get some money to pay rent and shit. Ahhh the JOYS of being new-age American high class.
I know a young lady who had to do a gig like this for awhile. Some women love it. But for this girl, it wasn't an amazing magical decision and she says she's haunted by all the millions of dicks and uncomfortable situations.
^ she's haunted by all the millions of dicks this comment is awesome
That is literally the most beautiful human I have ever seen in my entire life. Oh and Jennifer's pretty cute too.
Did she say anything this whole time?
I want to bone her.
+SiLvErWaRe0000 Any way the wind blooooows....
And nothing else matters
shes so fucking hot that she could take a giant shit on my head and  i wouldnt care  infact id probably enjoy it
Is Jennifer Love Hewitt still single?
Just to add, she has some impressive big mama titties now. Got Milk? Jen says YES.
Jennifer Love-Hugetits
I think of that movie line nearly every time I hear her name.
I really hoped her tits will be exposed, because that shirt really looks loose enough.
omg, those boobs are amazing
who ever outlawed handjobs should be drug out into the streets and shot
I just came here for the tits - no shame in that!
That last line killed me..."D'you give happy endings, sir we're a footlocker." lol And ya she's smoking hot still....wowza.
Why she's trying to whooo the audience way to hard lol she must hate cuz she's not in the hot 100s anymore
i love fit milfs like her. the whole point of my existence is milfs,they're just so hot and they fuck like no teenage bitch knows how to fuck. and they're not ''ew i wont suck ur dick'' they suck it hard,milfs suck dick like their life depends on sucking that dick.    i love milfs
lmao same here brother, same here 
How much for happy ending? I'll cum all over your face, hatatatatatata
I wonder if she's just pretending like "happy endings" are just a thing on the show.  If a message therapist can get an extra $50 to $100 out of you when they've already touched your entire body....some of them see it as "easy money".  Of course they don't ALL do it but consider that an attractive male being messaged by an attractive female can lead to this conclusion without money even being an issue.  
I know an Asian parlor in L.A that specializes in Happy Endings :D  I highly recommend it !  
This video really messed me up (pun intended). I was doing a 30 day no sexual fluid release thing and then comes Hewitt with this happy ending talk and well you know the rest :( ....I was 22 days in!
omg hewitt will forever be one of the sexiest people ever #dreamgirl
Sir we're a foot locker
Rich women get Happy Endings every time they go to the Spa and just don't talk about.
Damn she's ridiculously hot, and her boobs are fucking big and beautiful, and she's so skinny, and love her laugh.
"do you do happy endings?" "Sir, we're a footlocker, get out of here!!"  Lmao had me dying.
Am I the only one who couldn't focus the whole video for some reason?
I'm sure Charlie Sheen is an expert at the protocol.
I didn't realize how lively and goofy JLW was, seems like she really appreciates comedy. I can now see how Jaime Kennedy went out with her some time ago.
bitch finer than a motherfucker
It seems like the aim of the show is just to put Jennifer in sexual situations without breaking her no-nude contract. 
No wonder the show got cancelled lol
It's real in Korea and Japan for sure haha..."Happy Endings"  I mean....
Well about the "visual queues" sometime when I have professional massage, my penis gets erected even though I dont want happy ending and I just wanna keep it professional. Sometimes its embarrassing and sometimes its annoying when the masseuse is ugly and see you like that and keep saying u want happy ending u want happy ending?
id do the living hell out of her, shed walk wrong for months, and shed appreciate it
Damn, she's the perfect female human.
she's such a sexpot her body is awesome :D
the bitch is glistening 
thumbs up if you agree that this show is only ongoing because of Jennifer Love Hewitt
.......I wanna know, where is she on, " Stick A Dick In Her Day, " just sayin.........
She has been like the hooottest feminine celebrity of the US for years now!
they probably cut a whole in the middle of that chair, and a cast member a was prob sticking their dick in the whole from behind the chair. cuz it sounded like jenn was getting fucked the way she was laughing
By God Jennifer Love HugeTits it is!
Her eyes smile when she laughs. That's the clincher for me!
Damn I would accept a job as her personal fart sniffer
wow.. never thought i'd fap to a conan o brien video..
She can bring in a bowl of Grapenuts in the bed anytime! 
Why does she has no eyebrows?
I would love to have Jennifer Love Hewitt sitting on my dick and Kate Beckinsale sitting on my face.
why is the fat guy in every clip?
love how happy she always seems to be, so much fun.
One of the sexiest women on earth. Good Lord!
To everybody who keeps on criticizing others for calling her beautiful because of her makeup:  She is still a very beautiful woman, makeup or not!  I do kind of agree that she does go a little overboard with the makeup, but she (or whoever does it for her) does a fantastic job with it and it makes her look really nice. If you don't believe me, look up pictures of her without makeup.  She is still a gorgeous lady.
Why does Conan let that Andy Richter ** ride his coattails. I ****ing loathe and despise Andy Richter!
Dammit!  You're supposed to ask?  No wonder I got nothing!
Sex with Jennifer would be incredible.
We all know why we're here. When looking at the comments i realize there was no need for me to make a "i wanna fuck your face" comment.
Do they actually not know how widespread this is?
i wold love to fuck this girl.
wow that tanning was good
God, She's So Hot!!
I would love a happy ending from j love. daaaaammnn
I bet she iiiiiz ;)
Conans videotitles is so fucking perverted.
God I want her to sit on my face...i would slurp on that pussy😜
She has "Love" in her name. Meanwhile there's some people out there whose names literally mean "Pain" and "Anguish."
I didn't hear a word she said
I prefer Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is okay, I still think JLH is better.
Jennifer Love Huge Tits.
She's beautiful but so fake, It's written all over her.
Isn't it called a tantric massage ??
those boobs mmmmmhhhhhhhhh
Damn she's hot Mmmmm
What can you do with a riding crop? What did Maplethorpe do with a bullwhip?
jennifer love hewitt is on the permanent no pull out list
Randy Mathews Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
lol "DO you give happy endings!.......Sir, Sir we are a Footlocker!"
What a slutty dress.  No surprise that so many dudes have pounded her hole.
Shes full of shit shes given many happy endings in her time and probably had many trains run through her by a plethora of black dudes.. at the same time... just a guess
She used to look good.. She looks washed up now. Hollywood does do a number on you and shes not the only one...Take for example Megan Fox she looks disgusting
lolwat she looks fucking hot
A rodent with silicone. Really sexy.
She really just needs to pose nude already!
Those boobs have a sexy voice.
These talk show hosts are so lucky - they get an eyeful of the best cleavage on a nightly basis. 
What was the conversation about? wasn't paying attention
a girl i like to fuck hard and blow my load to her from head to toe 
She's gorgeous but it didn't say anything about her being an expert at those happy endings.
Ah Jennifer Love Hugetits, what a babe loved her in that movie heartbreakers every time you saw her the outfits got smaller and smaller >8)
This woman just oozes sex appeal. 
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