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Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil lyrics

by mustang19ms • 13,451,630 views

Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil with lyrics NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED the video was made just for fun. Everything in this video belongs to the rightful owner I own nothing.

love this song SO much! there is a Sebastian video, from Black Butler... have any of you seen the anime or read the manga? its really really good!
Hmm i didnt watch black butler but no 1 anime is One Piece and i think he cant be first place :P maybe secound if it is really good!
BLACK BUTLER IS LIFE FOR ALL AMAZING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ................. sorry, I got out of hand there... for a moment...
Yeah, had enough is great
oh wait.. what about Breath? 
Like if you raped the replay button
I think this thread should be used in the future as an example of why no one should have any faith whatsoever in humanity.
Well I wonder what is wrong with the world today. Acording to some people I know. I can't like bands like this, Disturbed, Three days grace. Bands like Slipknot, Cradle of Flith, Arch Enemy. And Bands like Asking Alexandria, Motionless in white and Black veil brides. Because if I do I am a poser. I am done with people
+Nathan Matsko Yup I have earpolution headphone and get asked why i polute my ears. I say. "Because I would rather loose my hearing then listen to your shit."
No you're a poser if you act like something your not like a smart "city" guy acting country.
This should be the ending song of Death Note... Sorry for random comment, I kinda like Death Note and This band... :)
Omg now i know where i know it from +Vaas Montenegro
Erza Blue Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Or, dance with a demon, perhaps? Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil lyrics:
but luci would be jealous 
OH MY EFFIN GYAD I THOUGHT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT A SANDWITCH! -_- MY STUPID HEARING I thought he said 'take a bite' when he actually says 'say goodbye'. Ahh what is my life :/
She flies around and throws sand in your face if you see her, believe me. It hurts. It's the kind that has little rocks in it. ;_;
The only thing more awesome than this song is Chuck Norris. And nothing's more awesome than Chuck Norris.
+Lovino Italy F*CK YEAH! HETALIA!!! I like Italy the most though. :P
It's always fun whenever I see someone else's YouTube name is based on a Pokémon
There are a lot of people that love critizing and judging in matters they themself have no idea as well actual experience, with there should of, could of, or how they would of. Blah blah blah. Those type of people are always just talk and first run away the moment things are bad. And could not and can not walk let alone mange to begin to dance with the devil before there killed. And always bullshitter and never delivers. True Leaders always get what needed done with out having to harm and never caving in from there morals beliefs and code. As well can not only dance with the devil, and live, But can't do this consistly, with out any one ever noticing as well never corrupted. Some times un lawful things are and must be done to Create the greatest of things.
Funny thing is, its all hypocritical over analyzing, you have no choice but to agree.
Dance with the Devil/E.A הרוח ליטפה את פניה הקפואות שברירית ושקופה נשברה מהדקות החום שבחוץ גרם לה לתהות והלב הנמס , החסיר פעימות. האנשים שסביבה רואים איך היא נעלמת אך מכל עברה, נשארה מסיכה מחייכת. גן פרחים נבולים ,נופל יחד איתה. וטעויות נכונות גם הן באשמתה. הירח לחש שהיא עוד מעט הולכת, האנשים האזינו ותפרו חיוך מלא שיניים. והיא מבטה נושאת  לשבילי הכוכבים צעדיה כשלו ואורות מטושטשים. מתחת לשמיכה דקה שוכבת היא רועדת נמס עוד חלק מגופה , להתראות היא לא אומרת. ובלילה אחד עם שמים שבורים, נשמתה הנעלמת , רוקדת עם השדים. goodnight
והשיר שכתבת משגע ממש!!
תודה תודה תודה!
+EATITTV omg your have lived a part of my life!!
Thanks I couldn't Remember The Name Of the Song....
Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil   Love it!  =^.^=
Love that song and I have the CD of that song!!! :D
❤️ this song! Breaking benjamin!
David Reveal Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Say goodbye  AS we dance with the devil tonight  Don't you dare look at him in the eye As we dance with the devil tonight. 
its an amazing song :D
Out of all of Breaking Benjamin's songs, this one is my all time favorite. I can't name one time I listened to this song and didn't click the shit out of the replay button.
What did you use to make this
I don't know why but this makes me think of FNAF so much
+Creepopolous no, the Devil's Game. We need to stomp out FNAF for a while. It's becoming overused and overrated.
I'll just... Play it while killing myself. I mean.. It's perfect. 
+Nathan Flasher I have my personal reasons. 
+Selene984 Suicide is the stupidest thing you can do, please don't do it.
These lyrics are sick . +Shinigami Girl  Yo,  have you heard this song before? 
I rapped the replay button. But I'm not a rapper.
i really can imagine a squid having sex with a japanese man in schoolgirls cloth to this.
Kat Sutcliff Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Omg Amazing and awesome song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dancing with the devil we must 
Would you mind telling me what program you made the animated text in?
This played in my head when I introduced Quan Kaah in one of my videos in 2014.
sylvana myers Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Breaking benjamin is awesome cx
I was hoping for it to be "Blow Me Away"
Breaking Benjamin should go on tour
+L.S. B I'm going to college here. Go figure,the fact that we either are in NC or know someone who is in NC
2007-2012 was the time of the best music
+Mathayus I also don't like the band members because they are pretty arrogant 
I love this song. I put this song on when ever I an angry or upset or anything. I just love it.
Immortal Technique - Dance With the Devil >>> this shit. If you want a real song with actual talent listen to it.
Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil lyrics:
i got everything but the last part..
soundtrack: this song, while im dying
They sound still fresh despite it being years since they released a new album.
Beautiful song I love it it's actually my alarm clock ring tone lol
Breaking Benjamin - Dance With The Devil
they are awesome, like i cannot even begin to describe how good they are 
How to get likes on your comment Step 1: Copy and paste song lyrics  Step 2: Wait
the lyrics don't match with when you actually have to sing. come on this is a lyric video, so I give this a thumbs dumb. hopefully in the future lyrics videos make sense.
i thinking about rick and governors, from the walking dead, last confrontation. 
Dance with the devil Tonight! :D
Hey Did yo uknow that David Draiman's (Disturbed) brother Ben just released a new album with his band ""Another Perfect Storm"" ? Very cool band, you need to YT them!
awsome anime and manga black butler is on my top 10 favorite animes
Breaking Benjamin is my favorite band! (Thumbs up if breaking Benjamin is your favorite band)
Fucking love it ahhhh😂😂😂😁😈😈!!!!
Phoenix Phantomhive Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
I think I like this song
LOve LOve this song.. The lyrics are very deep but yet soothing..
The society try to make us helples.... with all these junk food, brain wash from TV, all these deamons behind the celebrities, all drugs that can;t cure nothing except the feelings...our soul is more and more weakened, beaten.... We must say goodbye to all this things.... Dance with the devil and WIN !!!!!
Hell get you if your careless.   Don't make the same mistakes....
Azazeal Sammane Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Close your eyes,  so many days gone by.  Easy to find what's wrong,  harder to find what's right. Say goodbye,  as we dance with the devil tonight.  Don't you dare look at him in the eye,  as we dance with the devil tonight.
They are so artistic.Lyrics,are really good.
I can't get this song out f my head. It's so good!
wait what font is this i want to download it 
Who is Benjamin and why are they breaking him?
This reminds me of my life and suicide and how I attempt to attempt it. Like in the beginning "left for dead." It sounds like your hanging yourselves and "I won't stay long in this world so wrong." Means you aren't going to be here that much longer and are close to committing suicide. Also "staring at your cold dead eyes stealing this life of mine." Means the bully who is tempting you into suicide you think has almost a dead soul full of hatred and that leaves to dancing with the devil, which the bully is. Your trying to have innocence and surrender but they keep chasing after you, like when it says "don't you dare look at him in the eye" means one wrong move your out. The hold on part means your trying to cling onto your last piece of sanity until you become insane and kill yourself. Basically it's a song about fighting against bullying and temptation into suicide ^__^ your welcome if you wanted to know what this song means! I only know this because of an Instagram user named Eaglepelt who tempted 5 people into killing themselves ;-; god please treat those 5 kids who died well. She almost lead my best friend into suicide and tempted their girlfriend into suicide. Eaglepelt said all Gays and Lesbians had to kill themselves and convinced most of her followers that. What sick world do we live in? This brings me back to this song which I have to tell the people who are getting bullied to listen to. This leads me to Prayer in C and World So Cold which are somewhat related to this song, talking about the sick place we live in and when we reach heaven, we're in peace with God. I'm so sorry if any of your close friends commited suicide. I know how it feels. My best friend Carissa stabbed her self in August. Thank The Lord for protecting us 🙏
I don't think so Tim.
Andrew gunn this is me to u
WHYYYYYY can I not find this song on iTunes?
Might be locked to their album, Phobia.
Your pictures are very similar.. Both are eyes, both have black lines.. hehe sorry for the random comment, and yes i know the animes :) Naruto and FullMetal Alchemist 
Jane Feudo Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
this song is sick! LOL. i'm thinking of dancing with the devil though haha!
esta canción esta bien chingona
I fucking hate you
gisselle vasquez Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
this is my favorite song
dalibor cvejic Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil lyrics:
Pretty sure this song is about addiction...? dancing with the devil dancing=doing devil=drugs
For me it's about losing boundaries. Devil represents the unknown, and everyone is so afraid of it, but sometimes, the unknown is all we need to live.
Should have been the end song of death note
This song is my heart and soul. I really feel evil when I play it. It makes me think about why I always be nice to the lyers and cheats in my life
"I won't stay long in this world so wrong" Love this song!
Alexandria Luna Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
+Diante Edmonds Yeah that was to everyone who likes this song.
This reminds me of both SSBB and LOZ
Lisen! My comment wasnt a krasp for attension, but i wanted to know if peapol relly would belive me haha no effens to those hou relly belived me and i wanted to know if peapol really were asshols and that proves me right so im sorry if i upset someone cya
Anyone know what font that is?
Serach it in google... Google helps with every question :3 :P
yeah, thanks for catching that!
Hime Honne Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Ani Floyd Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
amo la musica <3<3<3 Breaking Benjamin - Dance With The  devil -
U ever been to a breaking Benjamin's concert?
Is in the forest, dancing to this song and singing too
❤️❤️Sebastian Morgenstern❤️❤️
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