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If Superheroes Were Real!

by Smosh • 24,460,442 views

WATCH THE EXTRAS: IF IT WERE REAL SAGA: What if the superheroes we knew and loved were bound by the constraints of real life?...

Like if you are watching this in 1987! XD
What "If Anime Shows Are Real"? Hope to see more of these real things coming...
If this comment gets 22 likes in the next 4 days, i will dance. If it dose not or gets more likes than that. I will.....  be a saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad panda.
ima saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad panda.....  
Shriek you have no tits
shriek? That's a term associated with screaming, you know. I haven't raped you yet.
make a sequel!! all those in favor!
Thanks for making me forget why I subscribed to this channel. This is painfully unfunny
Nobody will miss you. :3
Im surprised they didn't do Mr.Fantastic I mean he can stretch any part of his body know what I'm saying? ;)
These were the days
XD i'm a big fan of AC/DC
Ok if you subscribe to me i will subscribe back to you too
What if the 2 hot girls rock with Antony then ian get wonder girl.
Adultery& idol, this is a disgrace you are all involved sinning causing your self more regret as time go's by but it's even worse for the people that made this. How sad it is that they go disrespecting their own body & wanting attention from humans what a pitiful act this is, it gets you nothing be sides a heaping amount of sin upon sin you will ALL surely be cast into HELL if you don't change quick! REPENT, BE BAPTIZED IN THE FATHER, SON, AND HOLY GHOST WHILE BEING OBEDIENT TO GODS WORD. AMEN
Chill...  This is entertainment.
3:05 lol Anthony peed his pants
I tried to click the bts but it wouldn't let me go to that page 😔
Make a if superheroes were real part 2 and 3 and 4 and 5.
OMG, just 265153 subs and u guys hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0/10 Does not contain Dog Wielder
truth is wonderwoman has no problem with people looking at her tits
I love superhero's so much spiderman and wonder woman are awesome and my brother loves the flash
Am I the only one who noticed the annotations around their faces at the beginning?
Like if you watch this now before or soon in the future
This video is so stupid man... the only sort of funny one was the Wolverine part.... c'mon guys, how many of you did it take to come up with this crap? I could've come up with ideas 100 times better than this
the wolverine one wasnt funny, it just shows us how these guys dont know anything bout these superheroes.
+Rajiv Singh yeah, but I still thought it was sort of funny... in a very silly and stupid way....
what if fanfics were real? * not lemons o-o *
Yeah, uh, Nightcrawler's the only inaccurate one
When he saidd your a big fan of AC-doc and he looked at the shirt xD
wonder woman is oversexualized
Except for the Flash, they were all spot-on. Because from what we saw, all the superheroes still had their superpowers. So why suddenly the Flash not?
Tell smosh to make if humongous entertainment games were real!
The invisible man's a horror figure, not a superhero.
When smosh was acctually good
3:06 anthony pisses hes pants
Lol Anthony pre him self
Like if ur wathching in 1990!
Hahaha when Anthony said i don't have any money he pissed himself
But wolverine can make his claws go back in XD
That black leather jacket makes you more handsome <3
DRIVING  100    CRAZY111
I read just Superhoes 😂😂👍
Do if monsters were real
spiderman…..Smosh inspired us to rip them off,We just uploaded "Board Games In Real Life". Check it out on our channel. Before you hate, give us a chance, were just a young channel trying to get discovered 
Sure would you like to check out my channel I only have 42 subs and I really want to grow
And I like how the flash is slow and he wanted a drink lol btw that was dumb
I will kill all your ass
Lol stop looking at my tits
I thought kryptonite was red, not green...😣i was wrong all these years!
There are multiple colors of krypton its
This was my first smosh video I saw about 2 years ago.
where is the scott pilgrim video?
Best vid eves smosh skate3 Parts1-3
3:05 Am i the only one who noticed that Anthony pissed his pants?
I like how every one was Looking at her boobs.
Lol, the x-men part make me laugh so hard
This is the first video i saw from smosh
Dude you should had those lebiens man because dude there HOT dudes Anthony and Iran ask both of them out on a date and you might be laid man
Noobs wonder women and xmen are from diferent universe
I'm not being a nerd or anything but I'm pretty sure catwoman is a super villain from batman
catwoman is a super villan
Don't worry wolverine, it'll grow back... I think
the wounder woman thing is what i tell my BF ALL THE TIME
That Scott Pilgrim poster
3.05 he pissed his pants LOL!!!!!
did anyone else realize that Anthony peed his pants at 3:05?
Hey! that's Jackie Goehner!
ur burning my tits off >:l
If you subscribe to me. I will subscribe to you.
I wish I was still 12 so I could truly appreciate this attempt at humor.
Cat women isn't a super hero
She's sometimes a hero
I just noticed, but in 3:04, Anthony pissed his pants xD
Welcome to nerdy talk: Cyclops don't have hot lacer eyes they just push things away, kinda, so if he looked at her boobs it just would been too holes there XD
Along with Wolverine wolverine wouldnt have to worry about cutting his penis because he is able to retract his claws into the iron in his skeleton and his healing factor would be able to heal it back anyways to technically doesnt have to worry at all then we go to the flash: Flash is able to move at mock 10 speeds so he could have been able to get the lemonade then saved the girl with in a second then we go to the spiderman: it took Peter a few months to get use to his climbing and swing, THEN we go to princess Diana, She would be able switch to metropolis if they were bothering her too much since the we have seen in the comics that Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are able to communicate with Gotham and Metropolis that would mean that since Peter too is able to communicate with them jsut doesnt choose to that would mean that since Diana is in Boston she would be able to go to any of the boarding citys since boston is not a mature city. Who else should i go on with? how about all the ones they didnt notice alike Aquaman?
ha ha, ian's is bald. i can tell he's wearing a bald cap
Are the girls gay or what the f$%#?
Does it matter? It was a joke
Why dose it even matter its just a video its not like those girls were really doing that in realz while the camera guys were recording that would just be weird O-O
+GamingFor ShitHeads Anti-hero's the word actually. 
Yea thats what i said LOL! XD
WHY NO GODAMN SHREK!!!!!! Shrek is love...Shrek is life...
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