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Jaffa Factory 8 - Dirty Tricks

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 3,928,776 views

The construction of Simon's amazing Jaffa factory continues! We learn how to make some magical dust, whilst Simon attempts to protect the factory from unwanted guests! Next:...

5:30 Ship it to a restaurant, eh... Waiter of said restaurant: "Greetings fine sir! What would you like for dinner? We have: Jaffa Cakes, Dirty Jaffa Cakes, Stony Jaffa Cakes, Rotten-Flesh-Filled Jaffa Cakes, Stringy Jaffa Cakes... 12 years later ... And Porkchop Jaffa Cakes! So, what would you like?" Person: Wakes up from hibernation "Hmm? Wha? Oh, can you please repeat that?"
can someone teach me how to share comments of facebook/twitter this is comedy gold
Wow. This is exactly like Breaking Bad but instead of meth it's jaffa cakes and dirt and instead of killing people, they just place a load of dirt on their competition.
I remember watching the full series when it fist came out
2 years later.. Hard to believe this turned into the massive factory it was when the series ended.
130,000 thousand blocks of dirt if they turned the diamonds they had all into dirt
No, not 13 million, 136,000 blocks of dirt
+Pokemon Trainer Crazy Huh. I didn't see your reply before I posted my comment. That's weird.
I feel like Lewis says some things and it doesn't really register that he's saying it? Like the digging out a shaft thing
Oh believe me it happens to me all the time, especially when doing let's plays. What's worse is when you're in the middle of a sentence and your mind resets and brain farts
It was like Lewis was just ASKING for a destruction catalyst at 7:36 lol
I wish I could enjoy Jaffa cakes. They taste delicious but they burn my throat :/
man I missed watching these good old times   like this comment if you think am talking the right thing here  
Did anyone else come up with the joke 'To stop Sjinvaders'...?
Im trying to pick up an aksent to annoy my l.a techer
couldn't they just have a quarry then have all the stuff turned into jaffas in the condenser?
What version of tekkit is that?
I meant classic, lite or normal. It's classic
Smokes ku mis right
What would I do without youtube? Honestly
Exactly 2 years ago this was posted... Damn...
The title just makes everyone watch
It isn't when it's magic energy - Duncan whatever
I calculated the dirt needs for SIXTEEN diamonds. 1 diamond = 8000 EMC 16 diamonds = 128 , 000 EMC 1 dirt = 1 EMC So, in reality, ONE HUNDRED & TWENTY THOUSAND blocks of dirt is equivalent to SIXTEEN diamonds.
Good job, what calculator did you use? Also, you wanna cookie?
A diamond is actually 8,192 EMC....
The uranium gives you 20 diamonds instintly
Lol at 10 59 simon said thats what she said
This was filmed on my birthday!!
how come my sphax texture pack dosent change the looks on all thew machines and the tools?
you know looking back the new little face Icons of Lewis Simon and Duncan looked a lot nicer and more cheery. I mean just look at the cartoony look it matches sphax perfectly
im watching this video, two years after it was posted exactly. oh the nostalgia.
142,000 blocks of dirt damn.
You know there is a thing called ELEVATORS
Thinking back they should have covered the compound in obsidian
Rip in peace head phone wearers 10:49
+Sam Huber it's a yogscast joke guys. Simon says it.
1:58 nailed it didn't you pal?
Energy IS conserved
that moment when yogscast become the members of a badly make porno 12:21 
8000 x16 = 128000 128000 = 2000 stacks of 64
Um.......I think Duncan should be the boss
12:22 - Honeydew's overuse of power!
just duplicate the jaffacakes
Yes but then it would be a short and boring series
Can u make diamonds from the condenser sorry if I spelled it wrong
Has simon taken a potion? He has particle effects!
This was one of their best series  
With entire 64 stacks, it would take roughly 55 people to carry all of the dirt from that many diamonds.
Thermodynamics, thats what your looking for, Energy is lost in the proccess of conversion to another form, usualy in the form of heat. The law of increasing Entropy if you want to look it up.
Yes sir. yes sir. NO PLEASE DONT HIT ME. xD Ill beat you with a stick, that was awesome.
i surry dady do nut beet me
Energy shall not hurt a human being. facepalm
You can make emc in a condenser and use it to make other things
i haf jaffa cake mod and it is.......weird
did they intend to pun the DIRT-y tricks? (like if you noticed)
7:31 spading is the process where an animals sexual organs are taken out...
lewis' ambitiousness is hilarious knowing what comes is the future...
11:15 Simon:WHOO the floor is done! Me:12more floors to go :-/
This episode came out the day before my birthday
OMG cool! Did you know this came a month or two after my birthday? I posted this comment 5 months before my birthday! Ha how cool!
This goes good with dirty tricks over the shoulder bolder holder
Ahahaha you sneaky bastards XD
you should also mass produce condencer's :D like one for each perpson or 64 for each peron :D or more!!!!!! :D
+Treepee why do people have to be so mean? MAYBE HE DOESNT KNOW
yeah true never CALL ME THAT
Make diamonds with the energy chest
It's called an energy condensor
When he said he put one diamond in to make those stone bricks my jaw literally just dropped I know diamond are expensive but they can't be that expensive O.O
anyone else having trouble with the audio fading out sometimes?
6:58 "The physicist in me just died" SIMON EATS SCIENTISTS
Heh. Apples and pork. Just like Marsquest
This gave me an idea...I have recently been asked to create a company that creates pretty much everything. The discipline route I guess will be to beat people with a stick. Thanks for the idea Simon! :D
When Lewis said a billion Jaffa cakes I thought Simon was going to freak
what tekkie ore you on?
128000 blocks of dirt
its 128,000 diamonds maybe
Sips co looks like god took a shit on it
knows item number for TNT cant remember what glowstones called
Yes, a billion jaffas are easy to make, 100 episodes later. “Houston, We have jaffas"
And they work so much just so later on it gets werecked
Wow one done twelve to go
innit va voo vat vewis vand 
Can you make more YogLabs
3:32 on for a bit do it in slo mo 0.5 its funny he has the munchies
14:10 I'm sorry, but you do not have permission to perform this command. Please contact the server administrators if you believe that this is in error. LEWIS!!!
12:25     It's like a really weird porno
They should make armour out of iron
118 is next year SPOILERS
9:15 ish you can't have rolling boulders as boulders are round and if they were square they couldn't roll.
you should of just turned the dirt into coco beans, it would of been more effective than giving the other guy it.
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