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Sector 9 Puerto Rico Trip 2012 Part 1

by Sector9Media • 117,075 views

Here is Part 1 of the Sector 9 crew skating in Puerto Rico. Sit back and enjoy the ride as they freeride a hill somewhere on the island. Then they discover a secret pool near the beach....Part 2...

Se parese ala Cancion de Donkey kong o nose si es jaja
whats the song is that in the second halve?
Not every trick, but most of them so I can look for them on youtube and learn them. Don't be sarcastic. If you're not gonna help me and just make witty comments, don't even reply -___-
Thank you for saying that make me proud of my little island. :) Viva Puerto Rico!!
"Secret Pool" has the single most recognizable landmark in Puerto Rico in the background.
what kind of boards are they using in the first part
Wheres the first dh spot im from pr
That guy is skating with no shoes..
@ThelittleFR0show unlike originals this is ALL skating, original just talks in theirs and hardly show skating
I was about to go to bed >.<
what are the longboarding tricks they do in the video?
Where was this shot? I'm from the island too, it looks like a very interesting place!
Is Louis boy ridin' on some RAD wheels?! If so, they look sweet.
@BLADesCOre Original was there in their Puerto Rico trip
Puerto Rico? Hmm. I guess Original's plane got there faster!
what wheels are louis pilioni using
@EPLongboarding true, but i think their stuff is a little better. still love s-9
"Daisy" Downhill Division. heavya** board with a kick tail, about 5lb's. This guy moves it like its cardboard.
Landyachtz boards kick ass. Idk what ur talking about. I've had a Landyachtz before, but also 2 Sector 9's.
awesome video! Puerto Rico eso eeehh'
props to whoever is going 60 miles per hour period
@HrdBoarding do you even know something about Longboarding? That's not a Wolfshark, and less there would be a Wolfshark on a Sector9 video! Is probably a custom-made board for Louis!
i am so proud to live on this island
@DampedTsp2 Hm, :/ I actually don't know who did dude. But it is in la perla. xD
Who have seen they guy on 1:43 with the camera?
as much as i respect sector 9 for there high quality boards you cant just go every wear that original goes because thats boring as hell
is pilloni rocking the Daisy? i need it...
This really wants me to go back there
hey guy's i really like filming and skateboarding if you like it too please sub :) i'll sub back
wow pr looks amazing!!!! looks like paradise
y pal carajo el ridiculo que dio dislike
original did 4:40 on a longboard
i am getting more into sliding and i have gotten speed down well, i need a good multipurpose sector nine board for sliding and downhill. thanks
the downhill was in Sabana Grande if anyone was wondering in the forest Susua or some shit like that but it is there and it is awesome
this vid is better than original's .. and the riders 2
@619ycan619 at 60 mph ur shirt is going to shred to peices is u fall
@ThelittleFR0show yeah, but much better cause hey atleased keep adding videos on time.
you guys are doing everything original is doing
What board would be better for downhill, cruising and carving all together? The mundaka or the puerto Rico?
look into the daisy.. or their other downhill division boards
@Chivalrics do you know who built that ? cause I live in Puerto Rico
you want someone to name every slide and freestyle trick in the video? okay...
Did he kicflip a wolfshark at 1:29??
@mynameismrbraddock new s9 dh division board, Daisy
if y go to that bowl, im not going to skate, im going to surf!
longboarders en la ruta 2 es lo mejor
@HrdBoarding yes definetly... Theres a wolfshark o a sector 9 video
@Sector9Media where is that in puerto rico cuase i live there and i want to ride on that awessome hill!!!
@ThelittleFR0show hahaah nooooo originals videos are all talk and no skate......this is just skating
ese carnal sin zapatos no inventes jejejeje
1:23 did anyone else notice the troll face?
anyone know what board louis rides????
who the fuck cares if origina was there before??so was other people before original its a different kind of video people are so fckin stupid
you should visit, there are some awesome skate spots here. I would know, I live here :D
what are the white wheels they are using at 1:23
@619ycan619 do you know how fast 60 mph is thats 100 km/h and there definitely not doing that.
it is amazing trust me i live there ps they are skating in the pool of one of the most dangerus places in pr
~etaaaaa!!! reoresenta boricua! nombre de la cancion de rock porfafor
Hey Louis! What are those white wheels you are rocking?
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