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Nissan Juke-R vs GT-R track test - Auto Express

by Auto Express • 3,627,611 views

We pit the new Nissan Juke-R against the GT-R Subscribe to our YouTube channel Subscribe to the mag

Well, it's the first Juke I've looked at without laughing.
even harder actually its like saying Geo Metro GT
That thing seriously needs a facelift
They should of called it the Nissan Joke-R
Should have or should've. Don't mention it.
Forza has leaked into real life
why would you take a gtr's drivetrain and put it in a piece of dogshit like that? 
For giggles apparently.
Looks like they put the body kit for the GTR on a Micra.
Hard to do anything to improve a shit looking car like the jducke, scrap it a & bring back the Primera.
Seeing these people talking shit just makes me sad cuz u know there's the grand Cherokee with a 6.4l hemi which was originally from the charger and challenger. And they put the SRT emblem on it
whats next?  veyron engine in a smart :)
It sounds more like a smart on a veyron engine.
Looks like a cancerous zit
the Jew car looks cool...
Nissan Juke look like shit
It's just a GTR in a Juke body. Stupid car
Man that guy is boring
Juke R looks like the only gay in the village
Search for frog, on google, to see where juke got its design from
still ugly as sin.
This goes to show that the type of car doesn't matter if your main goal is performance. I've said this before, the driver is usually is the main component that wins or looses races not the car when comparing comparable vehicles.
You forgot to mention the $590,000 (!) price tag for a Juke-R, which is going to go into limited production, but with the more powerful engine. With the boost in power, it should be on par with a GTR, I'm supposing. And actually what struck me most was seeing a regular production Juke again after seeing the Juke-R here and in other videos. Raised up like that, it looks much larger, like the sort-of cross-over SUV it's supposed to be. Nissan should make a run of lowered Jukes, because in my ever humble opinion, the odd front styling of the Juke actually kinda "works" for me as a performance hatchback. Take some Jukes, lower them, throw a decently powerful turbo 4-cylinder in it (in an ideal situation with all- or at least rear-wheel drive) and Nissan instantly has a VW GTI/Citroen/Ford Focus/Peugeot beater on it's hands. That is if they can find a way to bring that weight down. 4000 lbs. in Juke-R form...eeesh.
Nissan Juke, more like Nissan Puke
Lol.....joo-k.....fuck that POS
There is a Nissan qashqai-R As well now even faster then the Gtr and the Juke-R XD
Fawk that car looks nice but damnit not in US. Wish Nissan would bring back more affordable customizable sports cars like the Silvias & 240sx. The Gtr is nice but way out of my price range and the 370z looks kinda eh...not feeling the headlights. At the same time hoping that Nismo Sentra comes out next year and is affordable.
I think Nissan should revisit this idea, but on a bespoke small SUV platform, with the emphasis on off-road ability, while still retaining great roadability with height control and computers. I reckon they'd smash the Cajun S into little pieces. And the Cajun is selling like hotcakes, and is widely considered to be the best small SUV by a large margin.
Nicolas ALTARRIBA Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
Nissan Juke-R vs GT-R track test - Auto Express :
y u need to tell us about gears thats useless how u can consentrate while racing  at last ur commentry made this video rubbishhhhhhhhh
Juke is the ugliest road car to exist in the UK.
Nissan GTR - is a legend No comments
I mean, SUV's are not really good looking, .. but what the hell is wrong with the people designing this ? Do they hate cars or what exactly is the problem ?
nissan GT-R Best car in the world <3
Smh on the juke... I love the juke...
keith jarvis Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
two Godzilla cars....juke and gtr...enjoy
too much for such a small car thumbs down
omg nissan is crazy now lol
If they can lower the juke a little bit more this car would look nice and also the new to change the front bumper design xD
Sergey Tsybin Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
the front of the juke makes me want to puke.
nissan bring back the 240sx pleeeeease!!! oh.. and make THAT a GTR.. hollaback!
he was power sliding around the corners in the GTR
Any Nissan Navara-R?????
แหล่มเลย. ในเมืองไทยยังไม่เห็น
This is what crazy gearheads dream of.
If there is a GTR shouldn't there be a GT I may seem stupid but why not
Hardly a believable comparison. He drives the GTR getting it sideways on a few corners, all would result in time loss, he then drives the Juke quite cleanly. It's bs, and ugly as shit.
The Juke R is less powerful, less aerodynamic, and heavier. But you say its a 'fair' chance.. Umm, what?
Just becouse it look like it has less drag does not mean it done a prius has less drag than a 06 corvette c6
Thats the only juke ull see me in go gtr
The Nismo should of went up against 911 turbo S
bence bu adam iyi degil juke-r ile daha iyi sonuc elde edilirdi.
Ian Chan Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
lol could've turned the TC off XD
+OneThirdLife ok ok Albanian kill your family and then shoot you on that fucking ugly face
no f*cking here (no curse word here) ok, or i ban your youtube!
Nice Juke! Too bad i couldn't find that juke in Indonesia
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juke looks like buttock
Jukes are pretty fucking cool, in my opinion.
Nissan Juke-R vs GT-R on the track.  To find out more about the New Nissan Juke follow the  link.    --> #nissan   #nissanjuke   #nissangtr   #nissan2014  
the juke R my new favorite by i really love the gtr better
白鳳守山 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Extreme Modified Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Nissan Juke-R built by RML vs the Extreme super car Nissan GT-R
would had been.better if they had put.that engine in.a skyline R34 !!!
лошара какой то не может ездить
my god this car is UGLY!!! it looks like a fat Asian kid trying to smile with a mouth full of food from the front
Why do you have to make a comment like that for?
+Tien Luu To attempt to cause flame wars.
2 Fugly 2 Furious
Thank AutoExpress for proving to the world that this car is no GTR and Nissan did not do it because they knew it would not be better than a GTR.
I really hate the front fascia of this Nissan puke! Those damned headlights, and ridiculous turn signals ?!
こっちの“R”もなかなかキテるぜ! ボディサイズ:全長4135mm×全幅1910mm×全高1575mm 最低地上高:115mm 最高速度:257km/h 最大出力:485bhp  最大トルク:588Nm 0-100km/h加速:3.7秒
First Team Auto Mall Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Nissan Juke-R vs GT-R track test - Auto Express
First Team Nissan VA Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Nissan Juke-R vs GT-R track test - Auto Express
How do you think the Juke-R will fare against a GT-R? You may be surprised!
Marc Jansen Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Well, my Juke isn't quite this fun to drive! ;-)
happy to help :) I was in total awe of it burning supercars on the beach.. like a year ago? this one: New 2012 Nissan JUKE-R vs Supercars Dubai Street Challenge
Holeeee shit!!  That was awesome!!!!
this is more like it, the nismo juke is too conservative
машына маленькая какашка....
r u juking worst car ever seen :)))
jews should be allowed to drive whatever they like! this is also my point
amazing piece of engineering in my ass. your British and the car tuning by dome ass British that's why this car is amazing!!!!!! no buddy will pay 650.000$ for this car
i actually think this version of the Juke looks tight...and i hate the Juke...
Pretty sure all 23 that they made were sold already
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