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Black Veil Brides Interview #2 Andy Biersack & Matt Good UNCUT 2011

by BryanStars • 722,178 views

Checkout out the full uncut version of my interview with Black Veil Brides lead singer Andy Biersack and D.R.U.G.S. guitarist Matt Good Subscribe for more Black Veil Brides interviews!...

Andy played with his hair 68 times during this interview
Did anyone else replay 31:17-31:22 like a million times just because the way Andy says 'Hi' and then laughs is adorable?!?!?!
Someone needs to draw Andy dressed as Sailor Moon, this needs to happen
if you didn't understand sarcasm- you'd be very confused in all of these videos 
31:20 Andy's laugh duuuuuude. He's so dark and intimidating but so sweet and approachable at the same time
Agreed. He just seems like such a great person, I'd drop everything to meet him haha
When andy said he was Sailor moon I sang in my head Fighting evil by moonlight, fucking bitches by day light Never back down from a real fight, he is the one named Andy Sixx........
The thing I love about Andy is that he treats Bryan like a friend and he isn't all like, "oh, im famous so that means im better than you and I won't answer your questions" like literally, watch the NeverShoutNever interview with Bryan Stars #2, Chris was being a total douche to Bryan...I respect musicians that aren't blinded by their fame...
Yeah chris really hurt Bryan's feelings and in the 6th bvb interview Andy totally rose to Bryan's defense to chris. idk if ppl realize how close andy and Bryan actually are. They love each other it's kind of adorable :)
im pretty sure everyone knows about that who watches bryan stars interviews. even damon fizzy made an video about it before he really knew bryan.
"Our secret obsession..." Commercial! Damn you, Kay Jewelers! First you interrupt my interview-watching, then you post up that penguin commercial. Damn you!
Maybe they're obsessed with Kay jeweler .....yea sorry I'm was feeling random lol
"Accidental Rapist"....... IM DEAD!!!! XDDDDDDD
i think i am. i grabbed my friends boob fighting for a book XD
+Savanna Fleming hell do you know how many times I've grabbed MY best friends's butts and boobs ON PURPOSE? And I'm straight!
Go google KKK grand wizard. You will find the picture of the batman costume. It's amazing.
We need to take over the world
Andy's hair looks so fluffy in this :3
Andys hair is so soft i wanna hug it
+Paula Hoff hahah yaasss I wanna hug it too xD
Am I the only one who thinks Matt is hotter than Andy?
Yeah your the only one XD
did anyone else hear Andy say he was a member of the lollipop guild...? xD reason #9684 why he is my favorite band person
eating paper is reason #9683. it's really hard to find a place for all of those.
This was a long time ago 0_o Andy's always hot and always was though haha. They're both so funny I love how they're best friends it's so cute:3
Andy biersack - twerking before it was cool!
bryanstars interviews really are the best :)
26:43 I own a ferret... I might change his name from Spoon to Andy now.....
Spoon? What an oddly adorable/adorably odd name! :)
Andy is so fucking hilarious XD
I couldn't stop replaying the part where that guy walks up to Matt and hits him with Bryan's microphone! XD
I don't like the word portfolio like why do you use the that long word just say folder
it said "Our secret obsession is..." then went to a commercial
I literally did that and it saved my life... thanks bro :D
+Hannah Hudson ad block makes youtubers get paid less and makes there job harder :(
Did anyone else look up the batman picture of Matt and just laugh for 5 minutes
Okay because Andy's eating that paper I'm getting really hungry now..!! I must have black paper!!!
fave part of the whole interview XD
31:14 and they way Andy says "hi" omfg
Black Veil Brides Interview #2 Andy Biersack & Ma…:
Sadly, this is the first time I have seen this one, and omg
"I'm not doing pornz." Best quote by Andy. Ever.
I love Matt "he completes me"
Sqwegulls... So cute ☺️
Oh God, isnt Andy only like, 19 in this vid
Yeah I'm pretty sure he is. ^•^
This was in 2011. Andy was born in 1990. He was either 20 or 21, most likely 20 because he was born in December.
Take over canada <3 ((((:
...I remember when this first came out...(:
Korean grocery store? Give me the address right now!
Wow love Andy from black veil brides and I love his band I'm like a huge fan
OMG Andy we match with hating words😍 I hate the word gourd and bottle etc.. And I always have a million pet peeves:)
wow control yourself girl hahaha yes alot of people have things in common, calm your titts bro hahaha
I hate the word flesh, moist, cream, crisp, fruit and groovy. Those words make me feel so sick and I don't even no why XD
Bryan how did you get to be an interviewer?? I would love to do interviews....
Why does he eat paper...why....
omfg. andy twerked! wtf?!?!?!
Oh please. Did He really just ask what else he would want out of Andy? Can anyone else answer that in one or two words? (A: Sex. Lots and lots of sex.)
It funny cause this is the only thing I watch... #ihavenolifeandiloveit
Am I the only one that noticed the George Carlin joke... Stewardess? Anyone? 
I wish there was Dennis Westtower porn....
OMG, so this is Andy's voice!!! It's soooo great to hear and sexy!!!! I hope they would have a concert here in Philippines!!! #philippinebvbfan   #partofbvbarmy  
im officially making a band a naming it bff long live bvb aa and cte and od sws
at the end of the video when andy says "our secret obsession is...." then it cut to a commercial and i just kinda sat here like did that just happen   
On the van behind them it says taco
Hey baby the call me the dick slapper
I wanna a jakelpenguin
andy and his paper problem. lol
I love Andy's laugh! Its so amazing
damn andy what have Bryans poor questions done to you in one interview you set them on fire and in the other you eat them..
A giant dog dressed as a grape XD
didn't bryan have the cross on him before Andy hugged him cuz I swear to god I saw it at the start
Why does it say "taco" behind them?
I think Andy may be more like Hellboy....
Andy hair looks so soft.
Andy beirsack's mom
Via my girlfriend I'm known as emo god through my school it's amazing
Andy pulling at his pants. 03:39
Andy: "hey ever see daredevil?" Some guy: "yea it fuckin sucked"
Before I saw this video I've always hated the word portfolio and when he said it I totally fan girled because we have the same pet peeve
aww andy is so cute and adorable and sexy
I lost it when Andy was talking about portfolios
Andy pure amazingness he can be funny serious protective everybody believes in all at the same time
I couldn't stop laughing
23:39 literally all my fangirling went out because basically Bryan and Andy know sailor moon xD hehe~
Is his real name sixx and band name biersack?
oops sorry i commented when i was half asleep lol  
My name is the same as Andy's assistant! Yay!! :)
b:can you demosrate? a:i dont have any seaguls...
"I'm not doing porns." -Andy Biersack
Bryan how did you get to be an interviewer?? I would love to do interviews....
40:00 do i have that many friends? 
god did his voice is so deep
Little Johnny Rickfield 
i was called molly dolly (i hated it still happens sometimes)
Also you don't want people to notice yet you have a arrow pointing at it
Am I the only one who sees the word Taco on the back of that black truck??
The hookah story tho XD
22:47 Andy just casually eats the paper xDD
I just put up a cover of Lost It All by black veil Brides and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out ^.^
I can't stop staring at his belly button O.O <3 😂
"Our secret obsession is-" And then a commercial break...
am I the only one who thinks Matt is cute
Andy invented twerking. A Premature twerk movement started during this interview. Then true twerking commenced 2 years later.
I read this weird fan-fiction where Matt r***d Jinxx so know I can never look at Matt the same. Thanks a lot random fan-fiction writer, I was looking for Adopted by the Biersacks, not that
Andy wouldn't like my school. I go to virtual school and we have to turn in "portfolios" haha! 😝
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