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shay looks hot in this video
I'm sure that's not something he reads/hears everyday. That probably will please him :)
My brother Aaron and I look a lot alike Aaron is my 20 year old brother
Ur hhhhhoooootttttt!!! Logan also replyπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’©πŸ˜»πŸ’πŸ’‘πŸ‘ͺ
@Saige Epic really cause i heard him say in a vid one time that him and his friend mckay started this channel and put both names logan and mckay and his football number 55 thumbs up if u remember that too and im not just remembering crazy things
did anyone guess the movie??? I believe that guy was Jonah Hill the name of the movie "The Sitter" you where on the part after he got punched in the face by that girl.... that movie was hilarious
I saw a younger picture of casey andbi think he looked a lot like logan
can someone tell me the name of the song in theVS commercial?!
oh whoops :p i havent seen the sitter. Superbad was the first guess just cuz jonah hill was in it (in his plumpy days) lol
Mckay is his middle name. Like how Shay's middle name is carl and he has a channel named shaycarl
HE'S GORGEOUS!!! OMG!!!!!! -le Dies-
Logan, you look AMAZING with brown hair!
whats with all the different last names???
pretty sure he would have no likes on this video if he wasn't so attractive considering all he said was about how tired he was. oh well, i watched the whole thing. because he's suuuppppperrrrr cute.
Peace in the middle east nice thing
you and shay look EXACTLY the same. Oh gosh, Logan, you are a hottie!
hey i haven't met you, and this is crazy. But here's my number, so call me maybe.
you are so hot can i date u if i was your girlfrend id nver let u go
LOL I hate that you're so young yet look the same age as me. I feel like a perv!
It would have been cooler if you had done the same thing with your other brother as you had done with Shay(your brother) during today's video!
Thats my brother ..shay carl...WE GET IT!! ha aw he's a proud little brother
are they gay?? gotz no prob just wondering
You're super hot. I like your hair brown.
Maybe it's the brown hair dye, but I think Logan looks more like Matthew Lillard than Justin Beiber. That would be fun to see some parody as Logan playing Matthew, because that guy is a riot! Maybe a parody of the Scream scene with him and Skeet Ulrich stabbing each other since that scene is so funny and since some of the past videos deal with blood/gore/fighting scenes. I bet that would be HILARIOUS!
haha the sitter playing in the background
hey u said tht it was 1:30 at the beginning of the video but then when u showed yur phone it said 12:29? from a friend of supermonster337 so ya im just confused . . . im just sayin . . .
your parents made some attractive kids.
GOSH DARN IT LOGAN! You made me yawn =/
did casey say "we should have sex while were at mine?" LOL
they even have the same line though there forhead in the same spot!
you're worse than tobuscus when it comes to saying goodbye lol
oh my god, you're gorgeous. your eyes, unf.
wow ur hot. and funny. lol perfect
My eyes went O_O when Shay sat next to Logan. My god, you two are almost identical.
They are just a very good looking family!
the movie is just friends with ryan reynolds.
What video is that? Because Carl and Lavere are Shay and Casey's middle names, so I was pretty sure that Mckay was Logan's.
Shay is a FREAKING Hotty too don't over look him just because his older ..... !!
i dont know why but i think shays cuter
ummm why did you have to dye your hair?? lol
"Spend a week with your girl I'll be calling you my boyfriend!" :)
you look so much better as a brunette
You're watching The Sitter(?) :)
Honestly, a couple of days ago I saw the thumbnail for this video and I thought it was Logan with some random dude - and I didn't watch it. Now, I watch it and realise it's SHAY! He looks so different that I didn't even realise who it was!!! insane
Uhm I think the movie was knocked up but I'm not sure
GRANDMATARD needs to get going on her channel!!!!
logan looks like carly, shay looks like casey. in my opinion
2:38.....i melted.....b?c of logan
Shay is Mormon--dumbell--He does not do drugs or drink. Trash someone else fool.
3:55 AHHHHHHHHHHH,β™₯ i just fell in love with your eyes:)
I LOVE your eyes!! ❀❀❀❀❀❀
Good Lord....You both are super adorable.
You Butlers are blessed with the best genes! Gorgeous family. Well done Grandma and Grandpa Butler! haha xx
hotbox video " that sounded weird *smile* " wonder if shay smoked before lol
mckay is his firend's nickname or something. its not his last name or middle name.
Watch this video with subtitles!
Shay is such a big gob but I love him!
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