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Louisiana Bound - Jamie Lynn Spears - 3rd & Lindsley

by StephOU07 • 12,770 views

Jamie Lynn Spears performing at 3rd & Lindsley in Downtown Nashville 6/14/2012.

Her singing is pretty Good BUT she needs a Sound person REAL BAD! Whoever is doing her sound is making her sound terrible! I'd like to hear her with a Professional, doing her sound! :-)
LOL the mic part was awesome.
Yay u made a song for us Louisiana people lol
She is a beauty but I don't know if a singing career is going to work out.
It already is...she's performed at Country Music Festival...she's scheduled to perform at the grand ole' opry. Her EP album reached number 2 on the itunes country charts as well as number 15 on the regular itunes chart
True, it would put her right in Britney's shadow. Shes trying to distant herself from Brit's coat tail, which she is not riding at all.
I thought the song was called take me back to LA??
I don't know which ones my favorite,they are all so good!
haha that was cute at 0:53 she was trying to get the mic off the stand but couldn't!
I met her back in January 2012. She can out to Incredible Dave's the night I just so happened to go there with some friends. She is such a sweetheart <3
I think it was maybe her last song. She had a bad cough and I think her voice was pretty worn out at that point, which is why she was having so much trouble. I think she'd have sounded pretty good if she was healthy. :)
she doesn't seem into it at all.... but i love her
If you pause at 4:17 and 4:25 she looks IDENTICAL to Britney..kinda eerie and yes I know they're related I'm just sayin it's kinda cute haha btw I can totally see this as her first single,I know a lot of people want "I look up to you" as her first single but that would be so cliche and in this business first impressions is BIG and that might give people a bad impression on her lol
shes good! but she kinda needs to be more into it. you know?
from 1:15 forgot the letter seems to me, then asked for ransom but not agreed
No it doesn't! It's the State abbreviation for LouisianA... Los Angeles is CA.
She should start making more music and releasing albums - Her voice is really good!:D
What did she say after the girl came up and said something to her? Couldnt understand her
i love you jamielynn, don't get me wrong but this must have been your first song of your set?
I definitely love this song!!! #LouisianaBound ♥
wow I love his voice and I also encata it all
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