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Jena Lee - US boy [Official Clip]

by TraverserLaVie • 1,528,785 views

Page FB :

En ce moment j'écoute beaucoup d'Eminem et je suis revenu sur cette chanson et a un moment elle dit "Le talent d'Eminem" et avant j'avais pas entendu cette parole :)
J'aime cette chanson !!
Tell me why all French teachers played us this porn shit
Je la trouve superbe elle danse trop bien love love love ♥♥♥♥♥♥;-) Je te kiffe trop
yeah I understood some of that.
Hana Gandel Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Probably my favorite song right now! She describes her style as Emo R&B. Probably why I like it!
Elle a vingt-sept ans? Wow!
Lovely Hus Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Hahaha... So funny! I like how they have the american flag in the back of prom. :) My friend told me that she's like the French Rebecca black.
Si tu veux un Baby je veux bien tend faire un
XOXO, fan de Jena Lee !!!!!! Personne poura me battre ...
Trop bien je peux l'écouter 10 0000 fois je l'adorait tjr autant!!!!!
Dommage que ya pas le film 3
ouais toute les french girl veut un american boy
Léa roussel Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
le rêve des meuf conne  
Julie ou Juju Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Gael Renaud Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
sa aurai du être le contraire: le french boy sont le reve des us girls
โคตรชอบอ่าๆๆๆ เราเอาเพลงนี้ไปเต้นด้วย
Look. I showed it to my friend. First thing she says: "THAT IS NOT AMERICA." I guess we have different definitions of "almost identical." My original comment was based on the shot at 0:05. That is obviously not the US. I don't give a fuck where the interior was shot, the outside is obviously not the US.
Elle parlait pas de Justin B. mais bien de Justin Timberlake, elle le précise sur son blogue!
What? How does it look like Canada? You know that not every part of the United States looks like California or New York, right? It looks a lot like anywhere in the Midwest or Northwest
feels good to be a qt 3.14 US boy
As for the buildings at the beginning, they are in Canada, true, but the set filmed at for the interior shots (while also in Canada) is not the same building. It's very simple editing. You can't say "the building at the beginning doesn't look like schools in the USA so it must be Canada" when it isn't even what the average school in Canada looks like... It's flawed logic
my french teacher showed us this video i loved it!
>American >Thinks he's not morbidly obese lel
the dislike for Americans among the french is over-hyped. plus you went to paris where there are the most snobs. if you go to south france it is a much different vibe. people are much more chill there.
My French teacher played this literally 107 times non stop! Someone plz help
I have no idea how I ended up watching this video, and I'm ashamed that I actually watched the whole thing... But I did notice that she looks just like my science teacher who really hates me with a passion... Haha, it's a little creepy.
I have no reason to take a biased opinion of your friend, influenced by that of your own, as evidence to support your argument. Read the comment I made on plants or do a little easy googling to see that plant life in southern Canada is very similar to that in the northern USA. Try "North American biomes" or "North American forest types" in google images
/watch?v=wKgwwU-z6Cs&t=2m36s Look at that, those trees are too short and pruned. It's a good thing they didn't shoot this video there because you never would have believed it's in America. What's that? It's in America? And in your home state? On a school campus no less? Impossible!
Parce quil sont nul les french boys?
Showed this in French Class today....everyone singing it the rest of the day. XD
No, I think you looked at the picture and, being ignorant of what you speak of, said "that can't be America because the trees outside of my window don't look exactly like that", and then subconsciously thought to yourself "that place looks like America, but it can't be because of my flawed logic, so it must be somewhere close!" and picked Canada. *golf clap* You got it right!
I thought you were done "entertaining my ignorance" anyway? FYI the town I grew up in was literally within swimming distance of Canada
i'm a US boy as well and us guys dream of having french girlfriends too...coincidence? i think not!! translation: je suis un garcon US et les filles francais sont les reves de nous aussi ;) coïncidence? je ne pense pas!!
Va te faire voir salaud avec tes idées tierces.
So I am taking French.... And to all of you French people ... Can you understand the English?
i must say, im in love with her...
Lastly, I don't think you even watched the making of video you posted if you think the interior shots from this video were actually in the buildings at the beginning
C trop dar mais nate elle est mechante
t'es vraiment pas drôle . You are not funny .Du bist nicht lustig .لم تكن مضحك.Usted no es divertido . T'en veux encore plus ?
Actually, scratch that. Since this is a French song it might mean something in French. >.<
She has obviously never been to America
I wished my French teacher showed us this kind of music instead of the other ones that I didn't like, except for one. Elle Me Dit by Mika was the best one she showed us when I was in her class.
My French Teacher Played This Ever One Of Her Songs Ever Day This Is My Fav
Très bon travail je l'aime et je suis d'accord avec pas toutes les filles américaines sont chiennes et im allemand
I love how all the comments are about French teachers showing them this xD Thats how i found out about her!
Uhm this is nothing like America & I doubt French girls want American boys lol the world (especially Europe) views us as ignorant lazy idiots who love football & drink beer all the time.. Believe me I've heard the stereotypes while on a foreign exchange student trip in Paris
En fait nnnnnnnuuuuuuuulllllllllllll non je rigole vous êtes bêtes ♡♥♡ j'aaaaddoooorrrrreee ee, la eeellla oui jj''aaedore
I just gave you a way to find pics, one that any moron could have figured out right now. If you understood the concept of landscape architecture you'd know that plants used to decorate lawns aren't representative of those naturally found in local forests in size or presence. Further, as somebody whose spent plenty of time in cities like Chicago, Lansing, Ann Arbor, South Bend, and Detroit, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that there are plenty of areas not covered in forest.
Va te faire voir alors pk votre France est si merdique, ici c les Américains qui règne et ses faux tes cochoneries yen a ki son gros t'as raison, mais la plupart tout comme au Canada sont svelte! So suis mon conseil va creuver en enfer!
My French Teacher showed us this song! This one, and a Tony Parker song.
Actually anyone who lives in the midwest and has been on a college campus would tell you that those buildings in the beginning look just like anything found there. Yes, the US and Canada are relatively identical. Try going anywhere outside of North America and try to say different. American schools can look like that. My school looked like that. Just because the school doesn't look just like yours doesn't mean that they can't anywhere else.
Me encanta su cara cuando el muchacho la vio tomar un foto.
j a dore mes c pour savoir pk elle fait plus de musik
Elle veut un US boy? Euh elle est au courant que deux personnes sur trois sont obèses ou en surpoids là bas? En France on est parmi les plus beaux peuples du monde, et on est le pays avec le moins d'obésité d'Europe. Alors Jena Lee au lieu de raconter des conneries, barre toi aux USA et nous fait pas chier, tu manqueras à personne vu ton talent et ta gueule.
USA USA USA love all french people-3 im a US boy ;)
Our French teacher showed this to us, and I liked it. I just felt bad for him, cause he's had to listen to it all day, for multiple days... ^w^
This singer are famouse in US ? (I'm French)
حتى الامريكان عنصريين ههه
I wonder if anyone thinks that's what the US actually looks like.
À Gumi06mapoids si t'aime alors pk tu regarde si c'est pour la critiquer ??? 😡😡😡
anybody else here because of liz?
The music video is so easy to make fun of...
Bien sure =P Et encore pendant des années et des années.
hammer ist soooooooooooooooooo geil
I've definitely been on a college campus lol. Also, I've been all over the world, so you're having this conversation with the wrong person. I left North America for the first time when I was five years old. Your whole argument with me strikes me as pointless. I guessed five seconds into this video that it was filmed in Canada. I looked it up. It was.
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