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Lady Gaga's bodyguard hits a fan

by Nicolas Constantinou • 4,978,803 views

Lady Gaga is departing her hotel in Bucharest,Romania.Suddenly a fan approaches her.Then her bodyguard takes action and hits the fan. Made by:Nicolas Constantinou Date of birth:28/07/00...

Lady Gaga deserves to get raped.
The fan could've had a weapon on him. The bodyguard acted accordingly.
+Darth Krayt No. America has a lot of problems.
+cjdacka Amen to that.  America is chock full of problems.  Its funny that people like to point out the obvious as if their own countries aren't flooded with problems as well.  How is the culture changing where you are lately with all the immigration going on?  America has been struggling, and dealing with a million times the immigration and diversity issue than Europe for the last 100 years.  Makes since we have more challenges in that department.
yeah that old guy with a pen and a paper in his hands could SERIOUSLY injure her, pleaseeee   -__-
and he is yelling please! please!
Fans mean nothing to most celebs. Fans are just walking talking ATM machines
 They Bodyguards did the right thing , that man fan ( or nut job) came in way to fast and way to hard. It is their job to protect her , and I got not so good wild vibes from him
Most security guards have very low IQ. High on aggression and violence. Bit like pit bulls.
Did he use a pressure point? That was awesome! Lady Gaga's luggage lady, got a body, she is fine and thick! ;) I would take her luggage lady over Lady Gaga LOL
The fan could wait outside like everyone else instead of running like a fcking aggressive cow into her. Of course they're gonna guard her body. that's job.
good luck mr Fan,am  not her fan, i listen music like Dj Aligator,Dj Scooter,etc
Ofcourse he did. How do you think he got up and walked away afterwards? Only a dead person can do that
They were just doing their jobs but they could have done it just by pushing him out of the way, violence wasn't nesecary
Hahaha lady gaga has better security than the british prime minister!! compare this with David Cameron's security ! Scotland Yard could use the two different clips as a training manual for their officers. What to do and what not to.
that bold man peter, he thinks everyone is enemy lol he did same thing in turkey to and it ws just a 9 year old girl and we waited like 6 hours and i couldnt see her peter just took gaga to car and they just gone :'/
That was Unnecessary..
he could have just blocked her and asked him what he wanted instead of hitting him and putting him on the ground
+Home4two DoubleTrouble There literally wasn't time you know... he was less than a half meter from her when the bodyguard, took action... if he had  had a knife instead of a pen...
He might have been a journalist
he was carrying a paper not a recorder or a microphone. he probably wanted an autograph
The bodygaurd saw some random guy's arm coming for his client with a pointy object in his hand...
And thats why she replaced him and stop talking shit about her because she have nothing to do with it
a fan? seriously? that's some old man in his 40s looking for some scoop from gaga about something. he looks like a papparazzi to me. fans would never do that. only pathetic and desperate papparazzi would. and the bodyguards were right to attack him, he could've had a gun.
She has bodyguards for a reason. That fan could have waited outside patiently with everyone else instead of RUNNING AT HER LIKE AN IDIOT WHILE SHE HAS BODYGUARDS. THAT IS THEIR JOB.
Don't fucking run on a celebrity by the back... omg.
The guy had a pen in one hand and a paper in the other. It was clear as day he was going to ask for an autograph. Tackling him was OTT.
Why violence ? Fuck celebrities and fuck bodyguard and fuck society . Fuck off !
We live in a violent world. Get over it.
This is ultraviolence
the people in agreemance with the body gaurds are neither right nor wrong as for the people in defense of the man with the paper are neither right nor wrong. Why? well for the most part the argument in favor of the bodyguard is mostly true. They are paid to protect Lady Gaga from harm ...and that is text book on how you do it. enough time for a body guard to stop and think about his reaction is enough time for the target to get hurt from the slow thinking. so you cannot pass judgment on these bodyguards on this instance. However this video does not prove that even if they had know the man was clearly not a threat that they wouldn't do the same thing. for all in all they could be 2 assholes that look for people to give them reasons to slam em against a wall and put a knee on the back of there noggin.  I cannot condemn what they did here. however we don't know enough about there character to praise them for there behavior neither.
First of all u don't call them fans. Cause Gaga's bodyguard has been with her over the recent years and had learnt that how much she loves her fans and greets each of them. That guy might not had a weapon but he may had did something stupid in the public
wow. ya know there is a perfect word for this particular circumstance? what is it? ah yes. excessive. pulling someone away and incapacitating them is naturally apart of the job description. but you can do that without decking the clearly harmless autograph seeker by simply pulling him away. punching the guy is a explicit act of aggression that wasnt really necessary. everyone including gaga was too shocked to do shit about it either. geez. poor dude. 
Russia has made ​​a face at the beat
los guardias no se percataron a tiempo por eso seguramente se les paso la mano con el sujeto
He showed no signs of being a nut job but that he only wanted a autograph from his fav artist. He was a little monster that got his head rammed into a wall. Gaga wants your money period.
There are obviously plenty of you that don't know about personal protection/security.
i dont like her music so i dont care
So just wondering, is that assault by the body guard? Do they have any power/authority to do that to someone? For example, security guards are allowed to do that. What about personal body guards? 
Her security did a good fucking job, also he's not a fan he's a autograph seeker who gets autographs and sells them for excessive amounts of money.
How dumb do you have to be to run at a celebrity? Regardless of how the bodyguards acted, he never should have ran at her like that, he could be labeled as dangerous. Good job on the bodyguards part.
People need to understand that bodyguards are not props, they are trained private security and they will hurt you.
Bodyguards gonna bodyguard.
What if the guy had a weapon on him,
............Can look like a' pen uhuh;):)
There are pens that actually shoot.
Look at Gaga's reaction, lol
he's a paparazzi not a fan real fans wouldn't do that
The bodyguards don't see a fan with pen and paper, they see a threat. They reacted literally as he ran to her. They didn't have chance to see the pen and paper, so they reacted in the right way. When someone is really famous, they become targets for silly people, which is why there is a need for a bodyguard. I'm sure if they had time to see that it was just a fan over reacting, they would have handled it very differently.
That guy did not look like a fan at all.
no fue culpa de gaga de hecho si miran bien el vídeo cuando el tipo se acerca, lady gaga ni siquiera lo había notado porque estaba volteando la cara al otro lado y cuando voltea a ver lo que sucedía los guardias impidieron ver que en realidad esa persona solo quería un autógrafo, por eso se asusto creyó que el hombre la iba a atacar... 
His ass is too damn old and too damn big to running up on Lady Gaga like that.
It's his own fault for wanting an autograph from Lady Gaga. why??
that was the funniest thing ive ever seen lmfao
''poor terrified gaga'' be freakin' serious ! poor us, we're terrified by her fashion sence, at least she's got a bloody voice.
How was that 'just wanting an autograph?' He speared his way through the bodyguard to get to her! I say good on the bodyguard, that is what they get paid for, constantly bring aware. He could have had a knife...
You guys and girls who are blaming that wasn't necessary, you are morons! 
That piece of shit should of got his head stomped in for that.
SO? That's what bodyguards get paid to do... it their job... if you rush at a celebrity, the bodyguards are gonna take you down... nothing out of the normal here...
When anybody becomes a super star in this world they need bodyguards to protect them from the over crazy  excited fans... its just part of the biz  =0)
Christ no need to hit the guy pinning him against the door was all he had to do..
At least i know my queen is safe <3
OMG!! how cheap they are!!!!! fuck them
Poor guy !!!That bodyguard is a jerk.The fan was just trying to say hello!!
On account of RCW 9A.36.011. The body guard can be held accountable for assault in the first degree; which by any state standards are usually a class A felony. Judging by this particular video, the body guard intentionally slammed his head against the wall, knowing he'd do it. This wasn't self defense in this case it was retaliatory, being that the threat of danger has ended after the aggressor 'attempted' to assault the victim. However it was the suspect who never assaulted the victim, yet the body guard has used force, losing the justification once the threat has ended.
haha what a fat fucking loser
Nice move bodyguard,DUDE bodyguards were trained to GUARD,that guy could've been dangerous...
Wow, he was a fan who just wanted a signature. didn't deserve to get slammed into a wall for that. 
+timofei123  um this happened in 2012 and the fan never got a law suit so no she will not be looking at a lawsuit .
+omgonit well aguess she got lucky then
Não vale um autografo.. lesão corporal por um autografo rsrs
ok THAT was overreacting i mean the fan just wants her autograph!
That's cold ... She should have said something ....
That bodygaurd is a witch with a b
The mistake the bodyguards made is that they assumed that people react all over the world as in the US. While celebrities are constantly harassed in that country, this is not the case in Europe. Maybe, except UK. In Bucharest, contrary to what some people believe, there is a very low crime rate and the people are very peaceful and welcoming. Later on that day, Gaga took a walk in the biggest park there with her dog and a friend taking pictures, ate some popcorn, sat by the lake. She had two bodyguards with her, watching over from distance, but no one disturbed her, even though there were lots of people around. Lady Gaga - At Herastrau Park at Bucharest (Romania) [Official]
jaykob yaxley Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
that is not a fan... Just someone who wants to get her signature then sell it on ebay .
He was just trying to get a autograph from her
the bodyguards yes the were a little rough but its their job to protect GAGA, this person rushed her and he could have had a weapon in his hand. The fans were suppose to wait outside for her to come out to them and sign autographs.
fan or not, you can't attack the woman. what's wrong with people
Why hit a' fan? Just carry them out;)  
Oh please, don't be ridiculous if he wanted to hurt Lady Gaga he wouldn't use a fucking pen, I'm sure he'd get a gun to blow her brains out. And trust me not even the guards would notice when it happened! So with that said she's a cunt for not standing up for her fans, even when she realized he wasn't an attacker.
I wish one day you could have the same reply of that whore you defending right now.
She was shocked I would be scarred if an old man ran up to me !!! And I bet nobody would like that either its about the safety of the person
Exactly what he should have done. He's her bodyguard, what if that guy was some nutcase with a knife? Plenty of the in the good ol' USA
Shit security she was left on her own for nearly 2 seconds 1 of the them the first one should have stopped the man running 2nd one should have shielded her and kept walking, Amature's look the part but no idea.
it's not like she hit him .... wanna see a pop star hitting a Fan tho check out Rihanna LOL
she did look scared, he shouldn't of come across so aggressive ...
kinda upsets me gaga talks about how much she loves her "little monsters" yet when one of her fans gets thrown on to the ground she sinmply walks on
That's so sad he's old lady gaga heartless
:)))) how shit coming this stupid and so angry make it everybody:))???
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