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Cry Of Fear: Let's Play - Part 1 - AMAZING NEW HORROR GAME! Walkthrough Playthrough

by PewDiePie • 4,964,770 views

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Like if you're watching this in 2015!
+Speedy Saturday im doing it, so i guess its possible.
Ah, back when PewDiePie had personality. Probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but I honestly don't care :/ I mean, he's still a good YouTuber, but not as good as he used to be.
I like the old pewds. today hes all putting retarded thumbnails, saying retarded things, looks retarded
This is a website that is used worldwide. It is American but it is used all around the world.
comment if you where one of pewds 1st subscribers i was pewds 74th
+Superduper Jack u too stop lying that u r the 30th subsriber u just joined on 2014 and pewdiepie got like 1million subs on 2013 or 2012 i cant remeber so stop lying that u r the 30th subsriber u just sayin that cuz u want people to think u r the huge fan fan of pewdiepie no u r not so stop fkin lying u f@ggot
For some reason it wont let me jump through the FUCKING WINDOW
 or mirror but i couldnt find the other side
Mines doesn't break :/
If there are those who are saying they miss the "old pewdiepie" they're not real fans in my opinion. Real fans are supposed to grow with the YouTuber not bash them. If you don't like them you can always unsubscribe. 
Apologies if i sounded like a dick, I'd also like to point out that i never DID say he should change jack shit, i mean why should i, there's about a thousand channels around here, another thing I'd like to point out is that no matter if he pulls out a dildo, his current core audience is still YOUNGER why? They're more immature that's why, i don't know if you have ever seen what they call a SQUEAKER but if you have, then you see my point. Also i still watch him occasionally and i never really said anything about hating it. And lastly, " don't try and tell him how he should be in his videos. It's not gonna fix anything " is... both wrong and right: It's wrong because: It's a very narrow view and is exactly what i meant by fanboy incapable of seeing a flaw, with this mindset you bring about unpolished products due to the lack of constructive criticism (Not trolls, not haters, just constructive criticism). However, it's also somewhat right because: Said product is free, and he really doesn't owe us anything at this point, we owe HIM something because of the videos part, although we only will owe him that, if we liked the videos in the first place. In conclusion, I'll just keep watching.
I never said YOU did so calm down tiger.
while everyone is arguing about how pewds has changed, i'm here like 'FUCCCKK!" those pop outs are hella scary.
I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end. I think I shit my pants.
This is the pewdiepie I fell in love with..): the subscribers and everything changed him..I'm being serious from a long time viewers perspective he's changed..and personally I believe it wasn't for the best..I miss amnesia I miss the pewds who wasn't wacky and out of control..and only vulgar when he needed to all I can do Is sit here and watch the old pewds );
**sits quietly in a quiet, dark corner of the internet and nods in agreement**
So This is when pewds first made "Save station .. gotta love my save station " on Alien isolation XD .. check it out on 1:40 ! any Bros are still alive here ??
He also did it in Corpse Party :D
He did it in the Calling too. :3
Seriously everyone get over yourself. Pewds hasnt changed I been watching his old and new videos and he doesnt seem different to me. If anything his new editing style is funnier to me. He might seem different probably cause hes more comfortable being himself in front of the camera. If he still makes you laugh then he hasnt changed.
What do the two dots over letters in sweden names mean? I am just curious
+what's this for again you asked what are these dots again?
Like if you're watching this at night!!
Anyone else notice how the Video is delayed compared to the audio in the video.
I remember watching this when pewds just uploaded it. And now it's 4 am in germany, and i'm gonna watch it again =D
I really liked when pewds made a series of a horror game it was very entertaining, Now I just don't like his videos any more, There just boring..
I don't get why all of you new fans always say you want the old pewds because he hasn't changed a bit except for the fact that he is more open to his fans and that he doesn't only play horror games. Its not the money but he just didn't feel like playing horror games all the time he wanted to play other games that he would enjoy. The reason he plays shitty games now is because there isn't really any other games for him to play that are good. Maybe all of you fans can stop complaining that he isn't doing what you want and realize that he is trying to please everyone. If you haven't noticed he is now trying to please 34 million people instead of 300,000 people and not all 34 million of those people want to watch horror games. I like to watch horror games but sometimes I want to watch other games. But as times has gone on games have become shitty and have no effort put into them. Plus he has grown up so if you really expecting him to play the same games, act the same way, and do what you want then your not a true bro. 
hi add me charissekimono on steam
like if your watching this in 1800
Watching this in 2015..... Still funny. Comment/like if you agree.
Fuck... i love ur videos...they are the best in the world i got say...i like it when u play horror games👍👈🎃👻👻👻
i just found this channel, WTF 34 million sub? how and what the actual fuck?
this is like my 4th time watching this series...lmao its so good >.<
I'm so sorry but I used to like this so much better. This is the third time I'm rewatching the series since 2012... Poods, I miss when you weren't as cringeworthy as you are now... I can't really watch your new videos anymore. 
why you talk so stupid like you have some candy or something in your mouth...
Hes talking like that because he can and he has an accent. Let him talk how he wants to talk
+emma goreham and let me find it stupid!
I would say this was (or is my) favourite playthrough
Pewds is bae, hitler is ugly af
THIS is pewdiepie! What we have now in 2015 is some demon that has taken control over pewdie's body and making shit videos that sucks! I want the old pewdiepie back !
This is a fun game with friends.  Made a video of it too!
the first note said roses are red but the words were so close together you couldn't understand it
Only true bros look back at PewDiePie's old videos. Back when he was good. And I was proud to be a bro. Sad it'll never be back the way it used to be ever again. #Dark
I don't usually like Pew, but he had me in tears of laughter here
I honestly think pewdiepie is still as good as before, dont know why everyone is bitching ?
Lice gameplay! It scared the fuck of me
I think its so funny that like 3 years later Pewds is the same random hilarious swedish man we all love 
I missed old Pewds so much I still watch these vids in 2015 :') :'(
Got scared at the first jumpscare xD
Stop saying he's changed bc that's what people do. He's just having fun so chill out and don't get your panties/dick in a twist 
2:44 " i will miss rubens " well, you don't know who are waiting for you.
BiTcHeS better watch out for the sass master. 👗👠💄👝
I feel like the timing between the gameplay and his reaction is a bit off..
on 2:28 you can see the generator from the slender man game.
At the first big jumpscare I was chewing my nails and I broke my nail ugh XD
DONT WATCH WHILE IN THE DARK!!!!Very scary!!!!😖😖😖😖
His mom is the total opposite of irresponsible dad!!!!!! Lol
6:29 what the heck was that that scared the shit out of me
6:34 I was so taken back my eyes are watering. wtf.
In history things fucking change so get the fuck over it
10:34 did you just give your password away?
i love to watch it again and again after some long period of time :) go go poooowdiie !:}
I miss that good old feeling when I watched pewds videos. It was like a was watching a serie on the television but much better than that. I was always so pumped for Pewds next videos. Gotta miss those good old times...
6:30 Señoritas everywhere omg best. moment.
6:32 that scared the living crap outta me!
Pewdiepie=cute gives Fab five
I miss the old pewds... ;-;
why does the piano intro to the game sound like welcome to the black parade by mcr to me
this guy is a total asshole retard
the nostalgia after watching this... 
back when pewdiepie was my life! I'd watch him all the time, I have watched this play through so many times, back when I believe, pewdiepie was probably the best, funniest youtuber, and I miss how he used to be, mr chair, Stephano, barrels... all that, I miss that, been subbed since his amnesia videos, but he has changed so much now, but I'm still subbed, waiting for him to make another series as good as these old ones
I still like pewdiepie, but there he doesn't make videos like this anymore! still probably when of the best series of any gamer, ever
It said roses are red
2:28 Slender: The Arrival easter egg. I recognize that generator from the level "Into the Abyss"
+GabryyLG Shit, really? My god, I paid no attention. I am so sorry about that.
+Paradox Box Lol XD Its ok. You shall be rewarded with a tap tap. tap tap
Fun game, could be scarier 😒
Your real name is Felix not pewdiepie
Is Swedish your first language, or English? Im asking mainly because you don't always seem to be sure if you are reading and translating things correctly. Like, is it because the English version isnt the same, do words have different meanings, or what? Im honestly curious, and hope this isn't taken offensively somehow. 
+Destanie Hamilton Swedish is his first language :D
He was born in Sweden, what do you think
senoritas everywhere looollll
Take the camera! Outlast refrence
This game came out before outlast.
I already saw this 3 c 2 years ago
I'm not even scared of noting
Lmao stop bitching people are gonna change a little bit in 3 years god dam
6:32 best part of the video
I don't really think this is acted....If you actually look you can tell it's sort of lagging, so when he comments about things it's when he actually sees it, I just think the video's a bit slow. :)
yup, audio is desynced
And his cam is a bit ahead
Pew u should play five nights of Freddy its so cool it might scared the crap out of u
He played the first and second one
alright so this is for all those haters out there who don't like how pewdiepie has changed but im a newcomer on youtube and i think he is totally amazing and if you don't think that then go screw yourself ok? Because that's not nice to say that bullchiz on the internet so pewdiepie has so many other people who love his videos and him like his girlfriend marzia and she is awesome so yea that;s my opinion.
The fact your new explains everything. Dude watch more of his old stuff, you'll find it better and more natural than now.
Ok I'll try that thanks for the tip
Pewdiepie if u kill danTDM on huger game u r the best
He doesn't play minecraft.
scary i have scream in my and mother scolded me hehe i love this ~!!!!!!
how do you get out of the padlock thing where you type the code 
nevermind my screen just didnt show the button to get out i can fix that
pewidpie play batman arkam aslyum
your scream scared me more that the game 
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