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iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

by SquareTrade • 15,379,707 views In this video, we test the iPhone 4S vs. the Samsung Galaxy S II to see which of these devices survives a waist high and shoulder high drop. P.S. We don't cover...

This video is meant to advertise the Samsung side. Why? EVERYBODY knows that the iPhone 4s is made up MOSTLY of glass. They know that the the iPhone 4s is the weakest device. So they are samsung fanboys and they used the 4s as if they didn't know the iPhone 4s was gonna crack because how its made. Then they get a plastic cheap ass made phone (galaxy) and know it won't crack because theres a layer above the screen that that part gets worn instead of the screen. These people are a scam, APPLE 4 LIFE
S2 won. Just give it up already apple-bitches
Ooooo, that was you, that made the video! So sorry dude. I was really mad that day, do not take it as I said it to you, just my brain was fucked.
FFS PEOPLE! They're just phones, get over yourselves with this never ending "Android VS.Apple"! I have an iPhone 4S (had it for 3 years now) and I have a Samsung Galaxy (had it since Christmas Day 2014) and I can safely say that both have great features and I'm sick of these fanboys getting into fights. So what if personally I prefer the iPhone, that doesn't mean I'm an apple fanboy. I like both devices.
Seems kind of fake, how everyone says "wow."
For all of you who bought an iPhone , admit it , you only bought it because of it's popularity and good looks because you can't say it's because of the battery resistence or the rapidity or anything . I'm not saying you're a bad person , because even I own quit a few apple products that cost wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much compared to the quality ;)
I have iphone 4 but I have 7 cases so mine won't break
I dropped my S2 and it's fucking dead...
Apples biggest mistake... A glass plate on the back of the phone!! 😂😂 as if 1 glass plate wasn't enough already
I miss the old samsung.. New samsung phones are shattered easier than the iphones
Apple is better and it won
How did flicker apple win it was shattered
I've dropped the s2 about 20 times, and the only thing that is broken is the metal like plastic on the sides of the phone. 5 times my s2 fell face down and it has only 2 minor scratches in the screen that you'll be able to see just when the screen is off. Very strong phone! I hope my new galaxy to be as strong as the s2.
ikr mine fell like 200 times its fine the only thing bad is the edges are a bit black
nothing iphone 4s is best >:(
fake noway to win stupid samsung
Samsung all the way.
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You see this is why I skipped on the iPhone 4 because of having glass in the back. I got my first android phone the HTC Inspire instead
I have the Galaxy s3 most popular phone from Samsung but it also happens to be the most breakable one
У Samsung Galaxy S2 на лицевой панели по краям есть небольшие бортики, которые спасают дисплей от падения на ровные, гладкие поверхности. По видео видно, что телефоны роняют на плиты, и они относительно ровные. У iPhone нет такой мелкой, но продуманной детали, вот и поэтому проиграл в данном тесте.
Успокаиваешь себя на мысли, что iphone все равно лучше ?
Amit Saha Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
We've just landed on Google +. We're hoping to use this page to give you the inside scoop on SquareTrade warranties and deals. So stay tuned. In the mean have you seen this video?
This is very accurate. I've had my S2 for almost 2 years, and I've dropped it many times. The screen has never had a single crack, only a few scratches on the corners of the phone.
same here. I've dropped in many times and always giving me a mini heart attack worrying if it will break it's screen. the worst scene I encountered was when I was on the top of a double decked bed and I suddenly fell asleep an dropped it from the top of the bed and the next thing I knew, I saw in on the floor (tiles) FACE DOWN. I was really scared back then if my mom and dad found out that because I just received my phone maybe 2 weeks before I dropped it. Fortunately, just a single scratch and it works right away like nothing happened. Up till now I'm still using it. we're kinda attached for almost 3 years ? :)
Really?! I dropped mine once on the corner and the edge of the screen cracked... Not major damage and it still works fine but mine did crack pretty easily!
Every Samsung / Apple video I see, has a shitload of the fights about which one is better. They're both almost 2 different phones and both has its unique things. Samsung has more durability, Apple has a nice look. What I've heard of my friends: Samsung is more popular in the Europe and Apple in the US.
Iphone 4s is better dan samsung galagy s2 but t samsung is also good
Videos like this make me bash my head against the wall...What a complete waste of Good phones, and Yeah the drop from the waist Is do able becuase that is a likely place to drop from, becuase it could drop from your pocket which is more or less your waist, but why would it drop from your shoulder, unless you put your phone in a shoulder pocket which is extremely doubtful, yeah you could drop it from a shoulder length wall but why would you be dangling a phone that could slip any second out your hands off a wall...Anyway i wouldn't, and Face height...seriously what kind of person would drop it purposely from that height, unless they wanted to destroy it , but that's not my point.  i see thousands of people doing such stupid immature things with phones like smashing them with hammers and dropping them off 50 foot cliffs, purposely trying to prove the constructors of these phones wronge, And damaging them for no reason just to make a really stupid video! Do not judge this message, because i'm just trying to prove a point!
Well, it's not necessarily that phones should be used and not smashed, as for example why not give it to the poor or just keeping it instead of smashing and showing to world, and normally, if you see something stupid you should know how to deal it with, and in the case of this video, it should be avoided because you'd only waste your time watching it and commenting it, but infortunately, this is what you've done, you wasted your time watching rubbish and commenting it, the same can told about me, and the same can  be told about everyone who watched this, but that's our human nature, you are curious, you like to know about whatever you encounter, but your curiousity must be controlled and directed by you toward things that will flourish your brain instead of clicking video after video wasting your precious time as millions of people do this right this second... in the end, it's only the people who publish this stuffs who get the cash, whether you like it or not as long as their videos get popular. :)
+Ego Less And tell me how you hapen to watch this video and commenting it
But Damsung make cheap plastic phones Lmao. Man iPhone really fans realk believe Samsung use cheap plastic lol. Who gives a shit about having a aluminum phone lol.
+Jason CX Apple could make it from Gorilla Glass also, but they're cheap and use some of the cheapest materials to build their phone
I mean for real you drop a glass plate on the ground it shatters you drop a plastic. Plate no...duhhhh really people....I say if your planning on having a apple product be careful they aren't cheap go to samsung if you want a hunk of plastic shit
I have s2 and i dropped it from half a meter, i repeat half a meter when it fell off a chair on my carpet and the fucker got a deep scratch lol... these drop test videos dont mean shit
This video shows really well that plastic is not as bad as some people think it is.. OK aluminum is more beautiful but it's not as durable as plastic..
samsung sike sike attı ıphone 4s i
lmao, obviously the S2 won due to Gorilla Glass! that 1 point for android/samsung and 0 for Apple
welll thats the reason why i never sell my gs2 ever :) i think the best galaxy phone is the gs2 even do its dual core cpu but how samsung Built the phone is really good
+Matheus Caixista yep and the s2 is much more cheap 
+barelydigital30016 the s3 was the most fragile on the S series. But that's not the case with the S3 mini wich is very durable.
Lol this isnt justiced, I dropped my s2 from the sofa to the tiled floor (les than 1ft) and glas cracked (not screen)
Faired very well most annoying thing in the video
Что-бы не случалось с любыми телефонами, iPhone один из лучший телефонов. Но если часто роняете сво телефон, купите барьер или чехол, тогда и будем решать какой телефон лучше, а то это-же понятно, для одних людей лучше samsung, каким-то iPhone, а каким-то другие, по-типу Nokia. Но все-равно когда-то samsung выпустит телефон который будет лучше iPhone, а когда-то iPhone выпустит телефон который будет лучше iPhone, по-этому лидера не определить даже краштестами
Допустил ошибку, но не важно, есть барьеры и чехлы, по-этому краштестами лидера не определить.
They said oh,wow everytime the samsung dropped...
I'm an apple person I don't care about the stupid Samsung
I suggest your poor
The iPhone 4s cracked because the screen is raised up a little!
Putos gringos de mierda
Just saying if your stupid enough anyways and aren't going be careful have a damn case on it.....
my S2 droped from half metter and broked
I'm hugging my 4s right now...
I had samsung it's way to bad I boat 4s it never breaked I felled more than 10 times I swear Samsung goes down iPhone goes up
I've seen many people talking about how crappy the iPhone 4S is, so I would like to participate in this conversation. First of course the iPhone screen will shatter if you drop it face down, because the metal is in the side of the phone and not protecting the front or back of the phone, thou you can always buy a case. In samsung galaxy S II the plastic softens the fall, BUT that does NOT mean that iPhone is a bad phone or anything iPhone has so many great functions that none samsung phone has. Also samsung copied Apples models, the look of the applications and much more. So every one saying "iphone sucks balls" or anything like that I would like to say this to you. In a matter of a fact, Apple and the iPhone industry has always beaten samsung and the galaxys. Period. The sales and funcionality. Only thing that samsung has beaten iPhone in is fail rate iPhones have a fail rate of 7% wich is going down eventually because of the updates. Galaxys have a fail rate of 79%. Think about it. 
Plastic vs glass, dumb test. Had Samsung galaxy s2 for a year bought iphone 4s and I can tell the difference, Iphone much better phone in every respect. If you need to test what phone is better by dropping them than you get yourself a brick 
Didn't surprise me at all. I went from Samsung galaxy s2 to iPhone 4s. The Samsung didn't crack for a year but it cracked when I threw it against the wall. iPhone isn't cracked (yet).
S2 is a tank ppl. I still use one since its first release. Haha. dropped it at least 150 times but no cracks...jus some scratches.
iPhone 4S suck balls. Samsung is way better than Apple.
PANKAJ MANDAL Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
The back is glass fucking idiots
apple needs alot of upgrades on there high tech phones like the 5s and 5c like they should make the battery to 200% and get more thicker glass in the inside more than the outside. 
Many people buy iphone cause it trendy. But Samsung is better because it cheaper than apple and better.with many variations of sytle. Iphone 5c is the same idea as galaxy y. Because it targeted younger generation
Пластик со стеклом сравнивают.
I have Samsung Galaxy S2 and i can't break it haha lol
Apple phones and ipads are crap! Sorry to say. Most people I know who have them ....either have broken screens or they just freeze or certain keys don't work.
The S1 and S2 are literally indestructable I dropped an S2 3 and a half foot onto hard tiles it fell face flat smack down no damage, just a couple dents. if a 4S or an S3 had the same drop they would have smashed
IPhone just sucks, this video is the reason why
you wouldn't drop a work of art now would you?
the best is the iphone 4s
If only the s4 was like that
My S2 has dropped so many times! Screen is still good as NEW! :) no damage to it at all.... Phone still works too...
Iphone 4S is made of glass, s2 is all plastic
can you just read the specs?? before telling as some wrong deep shit??
why would you buy an item if you're afraid of dropping it then?
My friend wants to trade me a s2 for a 4s should I do it?
Wow.. they said oh everytime. You don't even know if it was really serious.
Thats because, IOS is more fragile than Android?? :P 
Didnt u notice with every drope they say oww
That's not technically important detail. One is shattered, other isn't. I'm not member nor of Samsung neither Aplle clan, but obvious is obvious. And, yes, Apple's A7 processor in the iPhone 5S is made by Samsung.
Samsum made go plastic wtf I'm a apple person and I have a iPhone 4S my self
Das ist ein riesiger Fake das stimmt nicht das handy von mein freund ist face down runtergefallen es ist aber kaputt gegangen obwohl das aus der Tasche gefallen ist
Do they really have to make a noise every single fucking time the phone is dropped?
Samsung is better an IPhone
The reason why the S2 didn't break, is because it's made of plastic! The 4S is made of glass, so it's obvious on which phone is going to crack. However I still think Apple products are the superior ones! Hard core Apple fan!
samsung s2 is plastic iphone is glass
+Karma HD yeah you are right samsung galaxy s2 screen is made with glass :)
can you please read the specs on the phone before you say anything here? -_- samsung galaxy s series are all made with glass _ 
This is not true this is a big FAKE
Who in the fuck still has an iPhone 4S?
Every time 3.2.1 drops. OHHH
Now i know. Samsung>Iphone ...thanks ;)
มันบ้ามั้ย หรือพ่อมันรวย กุละงง
That's cause the Iphone is fragile that means and IPhone Is better
Omg iphone sucks se on the fucking screen iphone lovers suckers!!!!!!!!!
i have a Samsung droid charge and i drop that thing out my 3 story window onto my concrete driveway and the phone was fine lol it was pretty scuffed but the scree was perfect  
comparing glass to plastic
You should probably do some homework before commenting..
You're just a fool.
Alan Martin Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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these test aren't fair
As the song goes .... maybe get a blister on your little finger, maybe get a blister on your bum!
I hate iPhones with a full glass backs kind of but I'm still a real happy happy apple fan
I had my fukin s2 and the first day I had it I dropped it and screen cracked
I lol'd evertime they droped the s2 and they all wow, oh wow.
fluke yuadyong. Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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