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Bajgrampy #1 - "ARCANE MADNESS" - 65 Killing Blows - Arcane Mage PvP

by BajheeraWoW • 39,508 views

Bajgrampy's first venture into PvP as an Arcane Mage!:D Music by: Intro Music by: Intro by:...

Bajgrampy: I'm the best mage in the world, lol Bajheera: You can remembeer Bajgrampy that you are lvl 14.... Hahaha, you are fucking sick Bajheera :D
Haters gonna hate, bitch.... rofl :P
I made a mage in early LK without knowing they were OP not my fault anymore. more Bajgrampy vids! you really are talented my friend. Keep up the Good work.
I lol'd so much,I'd wish if this was PvP for mages at 85. :D
Why did this not come on my feed??!! Just found it
what's that battle text addon ?
Funniest video I've seen in a while...nice wor baj :)
You Baj are one of the are a great man ,i see love for WoW in theese videos..i really enjoy all of youre videos and i mean all. Thank you man ,and God bless you !
i remember the video when bajgrampy was made and he whispered zybak something like "1111" from spamming the spell lol and zybak replied " ?" xD <3
@NossiGaming Yeah it turned out more Gnomish in this one, it takes a few videos for the voices and personalities of these characters to solidify :)
So wish I could like more than once... shit is too good!
@Tripleasasino i play on my lvl 70arcane mage hunters and rogues aint shit just blink out of there stuns and shit and destroy them!!! :P
Dude your voice...AMAZING.Respect from Romania
Baj, this is fantastic stuff hahahaha screw those OP mages lol
S great as bajuthor were crushed
keep lvling him it only gets more fun!!! :D
funny with healer, now try without it, hunters and rogues will destroy u in 1hit xD
Wow man.... I've already liked you in Bajheera videos, both arena and bg, but this is the real shit! :D You really got this little guy's voice right, I love it! Keep up the good work, your nice personality shows through these videos, cheers!
This video is rediculous... not because the mage seems so overpowered, but because he's level 14 and this guy is complaining about balance... yeah because the game is balanced around the teens!!
@jordanthemingo yeah because the game is perfectly balanced at level 14....
Arcane baraaaage bouuum... Get shit oooonnnn! Hahahahaha
Laughed out loud. Girlfriend is giving me the death look... well worth it. Great video. GET SHIT ON!!! BEEWWWMMM
This is nothing compared to OP Huntards, and for the record don't make a Huntard cuz then you will lose me even with the most epic warrior videos ever.
@BajheeraWoW Hey is this voice because of that grandma who play wow?
31k damage at level 14.... fuck mages
Can someone tell me what spec his warrior runs? /
"Being a mage makes you an asshole" -Bajheera 8:31
that voice sounded NOTHING like your first "bajgrampy" video, that was horrible
Haha great job man, you should fight vs dynatrix (wowhobbs warlock) and do commentary haha that will be awesome both voices are hilarious
Lol funniest vid you've made for a lil while :P
tho mages seems op i did go 99 - 0 as hunter , and i got screenshot on it aswell
4:28 Cuz you suck at WoW bitch. LOL!!!!!
What namesplates are you using?
This may have been the coolest video, couldn't finish thanks the terrible voice action.
that 8 mins felt like 5 seconds.... lol i got into it
@tommyrogu3, blink buuu scared -> shadow step and kiss the floor, with my rogue twink its criting 7-8ks in 1 backstab, and your life aprox 13ks so... i kill u in ambush+backstab no more XD(I dont need the cloak to kill u, arcanes are very easy) And this video is at low lv so, my rogue 19 it´s criting 500hp in 1 ambush xD.......
Would really like to see a Fury Guide of you Sir
u might have a sub base.. but I cannot stand that voice.. and u talking to urself.. thats stupid as fuck
he def 360 no scoped that tauren pally :o
@MarapernDenzelpruim Yeah, because one class, one spec, one attack, at extremely low levels, makes this game crap... :/
i wanna see more from bajgrampy :(
If it makes you feel any better, I JUST found his Bajquiqui vids...*cries*
too bad that mageas are really this op...
i watch few videos of yours and this one made me sub
He said some roll you face on the keyboard and things just start to die, do ture
bout my 10th time watching this and i still lmao when he says no stick to warrior bitch
Hehe ,yesterday i was in a WG with my rogue and at the end i saw on the Battle ground plate thingy where it tells u ur damage heals etc.. there was a prot undead that had 86 killing blows and this was a lvl 13 or 12 donno exactly
I'm subbing but if u no make bajgrampy agin I unsubscribe love him
lol i love playing a mage as well
Lol fucking nice baj :DD best get shit on ever made!
HAHAHAHA ITS SO FUCKING TRUE! gj with this vid <3
Subscribed. I love these videos Baj. :D :D <3
WTF!! the lvl 10 hunter with 900Hp, thats unreal ( TOP LEFT CORNER )
Whats that addon that says get shit on
God damn u mages "i'm a fellow warrior"
Man the scoreboard was so good, I almost thought it was one of mine and I tried to prntscreen it.
lolololololololololololololo GET SHIT ON
P.S. you stoked for Hunger Games the movie?
6:06 LAWL omg this was to funny awesome job Baj it must truly be good to be Baaaaaaaj lol
Epic vid Bajh !!, I imagine this is how mages act most of the time too :P, Fucking mages.
More Bajuthor videos plox, This one is awesome to ^^
FINALY! The first video i saw of yours was the Bajgrampy introduction for a long time ago, been hooked since then! <3
@deathraiser2000 That's "WSG" WG stands for Wintergraps, but you already knew that
stick to your warrior you scrub! LOL, i love these vids,bahjeera<3
why don't boomkins hit that much ! xD
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