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Broncos beat steelers in overtime

by KarlitosNetwork • 65,057 views

Broncos beat steelers in overtime at first minute...

Demarius Thomas is the man. Look at that speed!
@tonestar100 Biblical scholars is a oxymoron.
@diggyu u may be right. but those phophets who wrote the bible were down right old schooL.... and to restore the brother hood .... joseph smith was not feeling the right religion and felt all were going wrong so he became a phophet and found the hidden tablet which is now the morman bible..... thust restoring the brotherhood. so yeah those older ppl prly were wrong in a few things but u werent there i wasnt there.
It's that time again, week one, CAN'T WAIT!!! Broncos over the Steelers in the rematch, and the comeback for comeback player of the year, PFM!!!!! (That's Peyton Freaking Manning for those who don't know PFM).
I flew out of my chair when this play went down. Never expected that to happen so fast! Epic game, epic team! Go Broncos, beat Patriots!
@mollkatless Go pray to the Easter bunny and shut up you are bullshitting dude you can not show any proof at all of Christ being real so keep on getting on your knees and maybe one day he will clean all your sins away and you can go live in his fathers mansion. Yeah right.
@andrielianeify this one time my whole family wanted me to come out to the peyote meeting and help out. i couldnt understand why. i always ask them to come to my church to see me and they give me lame excuses that they cant be there. its not fair. theres no respect these days. . . i still show up to there teepee gatherings not to worship but to help cook for everyone. . . so have a kind heart and never stop learning. . . <3
@ValiantArcher Believe what you want Archer but I know it has to bother you that the earth is older than the bible says it is. If the bible help you get through this life so be it im not na at you.
@diggyu lol i really hope you're not using carbon dating as backing for that statement!
@Jbinkley79 I guarantee they will not be, AFC is too good for a lucky team to get to the Superbowl.
Good win broncos but ur losing against patriots next week my fav team
@Mikefrank333 when yall have pentalies yall like to talk shit on we steelers for no aparent reason if yall get pentalies just deal with it like we do
@mollkatless Christ is the God of the moment just like Amun Ra, Osiris, Isis, Anubis,Thoth,Tawaret,ect he is already on his way out. My timeline? Before Christ and Mosses showed up who did the people living at that time worship when they had never been introduced to those two? They worshiped the Deities mentioned above those Gods were believed to be as real back then as Christ is now, there is no proof that they are anymore real or unreal as Christ genius.
Funny how Tebow seems to be getting all the credit, rather than Thomas, who did 99% of the work.
@diggyu i tip my hat to you sir :) religion has nothing to do with this only hard work cause praying didnt help the steelers in this play lol
@kgmistler I know Jesus Christ or his Father are not the creators of the Universe.
@andrielianeify i prayed to this medicine to help me. i got nothing. :( . so i just stop going. my highschool years were filled with rebelion. but i d k how tha heck i made it threw..blah blah blah i got to a point where my freedom was taken. and i read a book in jail one nite. called the greatest man who ever lived.definitly changed who i was. so i prayed to him. and ask for my freedom back. i dont believe in luck or coincidence.i believe in bad luck and wrong timing.
@diggyu you have been pwned, you made a proof statement that you have been trying to run from the entire conversation - I am finished with you son, it is time for me to have more meaningful discussions with smarter, more honest and braver people than you
@diggyu lol you make it sound as if all christians are uneducated and ignorant!
@ValiantArcher what ever its still water. i can suck on an ice cube . i can drink the liquid form and even water vapor that drips from a cold cup. ITS WATER. . . DUH!!!!
I'm in Japan and had to see what everybody was posting about on Facebook from back home. Thanks for posting.
@diggyu LOL and what makes you say that? how much college have you been through?
I am going to laugh when Manning does not take the Broncos to the superbowl and Tebow takes the Jets to the superbowl
The best moment I've ever seen in bronco history, I was too young to see the superbowls. Were goin to a superbowl with manning, I can't wait!!
@ValiantArcher Its seems to me you are implying that anyone who does not hold a degree from a college can not possibly figure out that the Earth is older than what the bibles timeline would have us believe. Then on the other hand you claim the scientific community people that hold multiple degrees from the colleges you laugh at me for not attrnding are wrong also. You can pick any one you want none of them match the bibles timeline, numbers do not lie.
@diggyu in fact several of those dating systems can actually vary from one another up to several 100 million years difference in the dates they which one should we go with hm?
@peaceandmetal88 and its also funny that when the broncos lose tebow gets the majority of the blame just like all QB's! >>
Steelers and broncos suck go pats!!!!!!!!!
Best football game ever with an ending like that!
Congrats Broncos! Good luck next week!
hahaha damn steelers but if this means stupid tebow dick riderz is gonna keep that whole tebow is great thing maybe the broncos should of loss, the dude is ok he put in work but please dnt read so much into it. But lets relish in this moment lol he sent them bitchburgh sqeelers packin hahahaha.
There is such a thing as a GOOD penalty. Both defenders got burned but had a chance to stop this TD, by face mask or horse collar. Sure they would have drew a flag but they would have saved the touchdown and at least given themselves a chance. Looks to me like they were more interested in avoiding a penalty then stopping the guy. I'm sure they're kicking themselves for not commiting a penalty on this play. Not a Steeler fan here, just an observation.
its true when has religion ever helped a team win a game when i played soccer i never thanked anyone but myself for all the hard work and effort i put into training and practicing to get where i am today health also isnt about religion either cause praying doesnt help and when you are cured you never stop to say thank you doctor you saved my life but thank religion for it some people i swear lol
Yea I'm glad they didn't call facemasking on him, because they could have. but that's ok because the steelers did it too and it never got called
It was a good play, but it was really only 15 yard pass, most it should go to the receiver!
@andrielianeify The Brotherhood? Joseph Smith? Mormons? Give me a break the only thing more fake than Christ is the Mormons. Brotherhood my ass same people that murdered 120 people including women and children and infants on there way to California in 1857, same people that for a 150 years didn't allow anyone with brown skin to enter there temple. Brotherhood yeah just like the KKK refers to themselves as the brotherhood.
@zurgo1 Zurbo or whatever your name is you would be better off giving thanks to the wind at least you can feel that.
Offensive players are allowed to stiff arm to the facemask/helmet of a defensive player as long as they don't grab the facemask.
@flwlessfrombirth I never implied there was no God I just said it's not Jesus Christ.
@diggyu it was a joke...god, you have a dry sense of humor.
@ValiantArcher LMFAO You can keep on believing the Bible fact is the Earth is much older than the Bibles timeline would have us believe and the professors that taught you and the ones that taught them know this. You really believe the earth is only 6000 years old?
Dumbest comment ive ever seen!Nobody got paid for anything you fool. #Tebow had his best game of his life & shitted on the entire Steelers defense that game hahahaaa!
@mollkatless Thats what i thought you can not produce one shred of evidence that the Easter bunny oops I mean Santa Claus damn did it again I mean Jesus is real. Now go get your book of lies and fables aka the bible and run along pops.
@diggyu honestly junior, I don't have the time or patience to run another junior college atheist through this. Tell you what, why don't you do a little more work, iron out the dumbness in your current beliefs, and we can pick this up at a higher level of discussion, what do you say pal? Let me give you an idea where you can start - "prove" that any historical figure from antiquity existed. Understand my point? Run along now
@diggyu i honestly don't know, theres debates among many theologians about this. some believe that there is a gap in time between genesis 1:1 and genesis 1:2, that God created the earth in genesis 1:1, then when satan was cast down he destroyed it and that in genesis 1:2 God begins to recreate it. i don't claim to have all the knowledge and always be right. i hope i didnt come off that way, i honestly have no intention of offending you, the fact is that i just enjoy learning and debating!
@diggyu lol see i knew we could agree on some stuff! ;)
I still cannot believe this happened.... I cannot WAIT to see Brady destroy them this week. Not even Jesus can save them now.
@mollkatless The Mummies of Amenhotep I Amenhotep II Amenhotep III all are in the Cairo Museum, where is Christs body at there isn't one because he rose to heaven lol. Understand my point? Now you Run along.
The lord thy god helped thou team to rally past the steelers.
@zurgo1 Prince of peace my ass everywhere the bible goes its just the opposite how many people have been slaughtered by the followers of Christ? Millions!
@jrad410 only 6 on the line and thomas' stiff arm was illegal as well cheated twice to beat a hobbled and injured pittsburgh team. but yeah it's payback for getting the calls in our favor in the super bowl against seattle i guess.
The Steelers beat the Patriots last year you fool what are you talking about?? & the Patriots let the sorry ass Giants beat them in the only game that matters hahaa! #Patriots Fail since they cant cheat anymore lol.
@gleek98rocks Lol they suck??? Watch yourself boy just cause they lost a playoff game to some half ass christian Qb dosnt mean they suck!!! We been to the playoffs more than Denver!!! We have been to the SB more than denver!!! Have you ever heard about you win some you loose some?????
@ whitechocolutVevo hell yeah oh yeah fuck brady an the pats too
I'm a #TruBLUE but Congrats Tebow #Broncos Sweet Ass Stiff Arm Demaryius Thomas
Great video man! Can I get the name brand of the TV & the camera you used. Awesome clarity if you ask me.
@diggyu well no, you wouldnt have the information or knowledge that one who actually studied and learned would have. thats simple logic, im not stating you are stupid or retarded or anything like that because you obviously arent. im simply stating that in some areas you are ignorant, as am i when it comes to things like astronomy, and ignorance is just a lack of knowledge. lol you're right, numbers can not lie, that is an impossiblity, even when they can't agree with themselves.....right?
You all r stupid both of these teams can SMD the patriots r the best
@zurgo1 If you want to believe in fairy tales go ahead but you and fag tebow can keep to your selves.
@mollkatless Right. You said antiquity fool those three mummies are from antiquity fool now you are bullshitting. You give me some proof that Fake ass Christ was ever real.
As his hand was going down,he may have hit it on a few rungs.Are you that stupid?I know the vid has bad quality,but you would have to be blind to not see that,obviously you are the one that didn't see it.The referee was RIGHT THERE.You would've seen a flag go down if he would've yanked down.And if he would've yanked down the DB woul've went down WAY harder,so I am assuming that you don't know ANYTHING about football.
@diggyu ok, now see now i know that you aren't nearly as educated as you try to make yourself out to be. its all just a facade because a truly intelligent person would have no need to use character assassination. character assassination is a logical fallacy that is only employed by those that hold to a weak premise with no discernible evidence!
dammm steelerz shud of won dat game lol becuz new england beat the dog shit out of denver fuk it both teams suck 9erz all day
@diggyu as a person of faith were not supose to belittle u or try to make u change ur mind. THE LORD REBUKES YOU>>> <3 <3 <3 <3 <<< take care and enjoy the superbowL ... .. . . .
According to NFL rules, you can stiff arm with hand-to-facemask, as long as you don't hold it.
for heavens sake just watch football <3
@andrielianeify um....i agree with your premise but the water evidence really isn't the best example to use to prove your case on the trinity. water really can't be in three different forms at the same time. a volume of water has three forms it can take but it's only in one form at any given period of time. =/ sorry....
@professorironlungs too bad u got smacked by the pats
normally for a receiver that kind of stiff arm is ok, but it was the way he yanked downward on his facemask that makes it a personal foul. when he pulled ike taylor's helmet directly downward, it became an illegal facemask, this should be called any time in the NFL, but the refs were bought off for this game, tebowmania was running wild and the NFL didn't want denver to lose, they just creamed themselves over tebow "magically" beating the best defense in the NFL in a playoff game.
@diggyu we have the freedom of speech, sir! as long as we dont try to force our beliefs on others we can say what ever we like as you have the freedom to call my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ a fairy tale! you show your immaturity by trying to tell us what we can and can not say on youtube and then trying to use a character assassination to lower what people think of zurgo1 and tebow!
Lord Jesus Christ thx for nfl football and tebow and even though the bengals didnt win plz help them have a better season next year! Amen! Hey if u don't believen Christ duggya or wat ever ur name is keep it to urself and shut up let us believen Jesus if we want to.
@diggyu lol so what about when a christian holds more education than you do?
haha i love my unlce. he told me one day. do u want to know the definition of an atheist : its someone who basically gives a crap about THEMSELVES. . .
@andrielianeify Omg are u serious why do you believe what you believe? Im curious.
@tonestar100 dont let him taint your faith . pray for him . pray the that enemy get away from your thots and heart and pray for him... only those who have been saved can really know the love for christ and in him we shine brighter. calm down and pray. <3 much love ...
@ValiantArcher If you are as educated as you profess to be then you should know better than to believe in Fairy tales.
They're gonna get killed once they play us next week!!!
@Mikefrank333 pentalys are fare for both teams when we get pentalies of course its on us were not going say anything because we know whats the right calls and the wrong ones if we do get pentalies its ovisously are falts were responsible for the calls when yall do yall get mad
@diggyu MENSA, you made a proof claim, remember? It was very recently, so I know you did not foget. Did they teach you at jr. college when you make a proof claim, you actually need to have proof? Now, for all of the folks who don't understand, please provide us all with proof that the mummies you have listed, are without a shadow of a doubt who they are claimed to be. Here is your chance to shine or look foolish, which will it be?
@nonSteel Like I give a F@#k what you think.
@syndromeoffirefan Sacrificed his son? If he had sacrificed his son that would have meant he would have never been able to see him again. When you sacrifice your life you do not comeback. If he loved the world as so damn much as the fairybook says he does he would have never gave Satan rule over the Earth in the first place, even us lowly humans do not let the people we love get slaughtered John 3:16 don't mean squat.
Fucking OT was incredible! Tails always fails!
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