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Chris Haslam crazy trick

by purekenyan • 1,004,698 views


I would not have the patience to do this haha
Years of practice,, as we can thell by your beard.
Still good trick though!!
i imagine my doing it but it pops up to much and the board smacks me in the face
lol press 7 and then 8 for a song
Title should be changed from "Chris Haslam crazy trick" to " A day in the life of Chris Haslam"
who just left their board there? o.O 0:17
You know this all started one day when he accidentally kicked his board up to grab it, missed, and it landed on his foot. Which is kind of awesome, actually.
I'm clueless of why those are the top comments, anyone else? No?.. Kay bye xD
you get video of you doing it then it wont be impressive
i was just spend 4 hours of my life, watching this hall of a trick xD
East side + west, Haslam is still the best
Heel tap but idc that was sick
How did this video get dislikes?
Haha. Don't have to your not gonna do anything about it.
I was distracted by that sick little grind box/manny pad behind him
kkkkkkkkk futebol e Skate é uma maravilha
Well 31 people care. Keyboard warrior, your profile pic makes you look 8. im soo scared.
Just shut up, instead of starting a flame war on the internet why don't you actually go outside?
Thats not supreme, it's Almost, it's who he rides for.
Press 6 to find out how to learn this shit.
Hahahahahahaha WHY SO SERIOUSSSS DUUUUUUUUDEE I love this vid.
to last guy: you forgot your skateboard dude
Press 3 many times, is Ronaldinho !
wow, you just copied the top comment, honestly, did you really think you'd get any likes?
Shut the fuck up already. Everybody is fucking tired of it.
hahaha. the guy behind him in the blue hat its trying to do it but fails miserably!!!
Pop board up to foot... Decent, but easy eventually. Flip board up to foot... Extreme, and extreme even eventually.
You shouldn't be scared. If I was 8 then you would look really stupid, Talking crap to an 8 year old.
Was that Mark Baines just chilling there? random
they should have did the stairs behind them
hes got a supreme board like how much are those
Years i think 1 day Chris is a beast
his metatarsals must be metal....
haslam looks like jesus lol may the force be with you
press 6 if you wanna know how to become pro
that board looks like it weighs nothing..
its even cooler if u keep pressing 2
im sure he's killer at hacky sack!!
press: 1,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3,3,2,2,2,3,4,
Lol Haslam would make a good circus performer hahaha... fuck me that takes some quick reflexes, balance and coordination......
i did this yesterday after watching this
Chris Haslam doesn't juggle soccer balls, he's unigue & juggles skateboards.
......The Jesus of skateboarding...
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