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RITA ORA - How We Do (Party)

by RitaOraVEVO • 39,644,630 views

Get the new album ORA on iTunes UK and IE here: Get “How We Do (Party)” on iTunes right now! Click here: More On Rita Ora on...

I love this song.Her and Rihanna should song together.
I agree with Brando... HAHA! Funneh =D
Who's watching this in 2015???
I get the idea that she ACTUALLY likes having a good time instead of making a song about having a good time for popularity, haha.  She seems like a fun person.
I was thinking the same thing, she seems like a really sweet person.
+Mega Minx she is a total nice person
Gwen steffani +Rihanna =Rita Ora 😂😂 Agree?😂
+Tanika Alli She is another singer search in google 
I thought she said: "cause when the sun sets baby on the avenue, I get that drum sets feeling..." Lol.
Is this Rihanna's sister? They look so similar and have virtually the same style.
+alberach yeah,nothin alike. This biach is one hell of an ugly ass
+happytroll2u Effu23 Rhianna's no prize herself...
This sounds like The Harold Song from Kesha.
I wish people would stop comparing Rita Ora to Rihanna!  
I kinnda like that song
This albanian beautiful funny girl 3 :-)
I love it. It doesn't matter about the sware words . I don't mind
Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has some amazing songs
cayla      mirnda           12            cilto   10          ceils9          chile6         wwwe   mon    wwwe
Rita Ora and Rihanna should make sex tapes... Better yet, make one together. 
Completely agree but with ariana grande
Lol party and bullshit? You're not biggie smalls bye
lol like she will read that ..silly little girl
Yes because i commented that thinking shed read it? Thanks for pointing out the obvious
I started listening to midnight city by m83, total school study music, and i came to this just by recommendations on the side... and im having a little too much fun now. fuck. 
Great Serbian singer, Serbian pride Rita Ora !!! Love Serbia, love Rita !!!
+Muli Boy  o kuku mfal ta ha loqken lol 
+Gresa Hodgson  Hahaha ,jo s'ka problem <3
2015 and i still listening this song - HOW WE DO <3
This screams TiK ToK or is it just me?
I love this song is amazing 😍
She sucks from all of the points of view, no matter how rich and popular she is and how apreciated is. As you see, all of her videos has more than 10000 dislikes, despite of her likes.
+lozba carmen last I checked... 93% positive feedback is impressive for anything.
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que bosta de musica  lixo lixo lixo ,,  é por causa dessa cantora  que  surgiu o  ditado   que  diz  ´´´´´toda loira é  burra ´´´´´  vai ser ruim  assim  la na china .
agora ta melhor ;)   pra vc tambem
anbody wtching in 2015 ?
she's such and amazing singer. i love this song so much, the video is really great. 
This song keeps getting stuck in my head:D
Pause 15 sec into the video,lol
小島健策 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
おはようございます♪ 今日も1日 fight(^-^)/
健ちゃん、おはよう〜♪ キレッキレな一曲、元気がでるね☆ 今日、私は月に何度もない午後から夜のお仕事>_< 夜のお仕事←このフレーズ、場末のスナックみたくてよくない? がんばるーT_T
+sarara lala さっちん、こんにちは~ 元気出る1曲だよね♪ うんうん、場末のスナックで 人の名前のお店だよね(笑) さっちん、負けんな! 頑張れ~┗(^o^)┛
If Rihanna, JLo and Zendaya had a baby that would be Rita. Like cmon depending from the side I'm watching I see some those girls. And depending on the video too.
When I Got You We do what we want do Mofo! Cause who got your back ? LOL
Party and bullshit pfft. There's only one notorious
Lady Gaga is a piece of shit, Rita Ora all the way!
Rittana is so cool :D she reminds me at someone :D
Mamu ti shiptarsku onodim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me dieron ganas de hacer una fiestica excelente canción y un buen vídeo 
To me Rita Ora is a unique and creative person😉
She seems like Lua Blanco
I'm watching this in 2o15 I love this song and yes she is a verry nice person :)     I love your song Rita!!!!!
This song is fucking Awe-Some
Omg I didn't know she wrote this
Love this song! you just want to party and bullshit ! ♥
Rita Ora >>>>>>>>>>>>> Rihanna
Tbh i like her better than rihanna
Linda , maravilhosa :-*
Nice copy from biggies song. "Party and bullshit-biggie". No credit from me
3 years on and I still love this song. My favourite artist
No need to cover that eye.
she's my pretty Kosovar wife
go to 3:02 look how big the girls lips are lool
Is she an illuminati? Coz she looks like that.
musica perfeita  ♥_______♥
And this is the reason why i love her...
Angel Veronica Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Was put up on my birthday 😂
Why would anyone wants bullshit (in the lyric)? 
Who's listening to old songs from 2012 and around there for some nostalgic memories
I love her a lots <3 
Rita has her style, and I love it.
Partying isn't meant for everyone...... >:/
i know rita in rl and she is a vary cool chick to hang with
Bre Shabazz Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Check out this playlist on YouTube:
triggerleanne Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
my favourite song
i love her and niki and ariana and lady gaga and rihana and rita ora and sheral coul and 
she looks like rihanna and sounds like jessie j
1. Us horrible 2. Stop acting black 3. Your not Iggy azealer 4 I'm telling the truth
1. If you wanna use an abbreviation for you're, use ur'e and not us. 1. It's you're if you wanna say you are not your 3. She doesn't think she's IGGY Azalea, I think she KNIW that's she's Rita Ora
*knows see at least I know I spelled wrong
Engjellusha Foniqi Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
สุดยอดร้องเพราะ สนุก  Like Love you  Rita 
Scott Nicol Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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