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The Wombats - Our Perfect Disease (Official Video)

by The Wombats • 1,151,402 views

Available to buy from iTunes here: Watch the official video for Our Perfect Disease, the new single from The Wombats, out now. Website: Facebook:...

2AM is wombats time because all time is wombats time.
Holy shit I just started listening to them at 2
Cannot emphasize enough how much I love this song and this band. And how hot Murph looks in this video.
This song is perfection
Yo, we totally fucked up this time dude
Who honestly presses the dislike button for this song
people with horrible taste in music
Saw them live last Saturday - it was the best concert I've ever been to!
Randomly found this, loving it
Wonder why they're using voice modification when he sounded perfect the other albums.
They sound pretty good to me...
it's to go with a new sound they have 
The Wombats are just great.
Who ever likes this song start pressing like button cause this song is awsome
how on earth is this below 1m hits?!
How has this not got over a million hits?
+Austin Uecker oh I'm sorry that I don't have the same opinion as you
what kind of piano do they use in this video ?
The normal piano that need electricity it's just that it has different sound choice like 599 I think :)
So true, haven't even gotten to SARS yet.
Don't you see what we did
Sarah Franklin Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
It was the perfect disease we had.. Can't stop listening to this. <3 the Wombats.
im glad i have met The Wombats, every single their song is amazing :))
Walter Isidro Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Humpday presents: "Our Perfect Disease" by the Wombats. "We all need someone to drive us...mad." The Wombats - Our Perfect Disease (Official Video)
Brian E. Young Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
We all need someone to drive us mad
Laura Denk Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago (edited)
We didnt say it but we never saw eye to eye Now life is carefree and equally as boring
Start: Beep Beep End: BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP They all die, no heartbeat
oh my god, i'm seeing them in 5 days. this is incredible.
Didnnt realise how good the wombats are aha...
The one you're talking about is probably VH1 US. VH1 Europe still has real music.
he looks so much like Gary Lightbody
the wombats are fucking amazing. They're talented and unique, I love them and their music so much. (Ignore my youtube name. I didn't choose it, it was for something that my friend posted. )
VH1 !!!!! than after this comes scissor sisters (I Want you to f@ck me) , then ting-tings (They call me stacy)!
the lyrics to this song exactly match my last relationship
Okay let me rephrase it American music is CRAP
Man, the entire song is catchy! This is the perfect musical concoction. God bless you, Wombats.
Great song, I constantly have it playing, when it stops.. repeat... GREAT SONG
how about you just say, "The music video wasnt that great, but i love the song!"
Not only great music, but Murphy is so sexy. I've never fangirled before what is happening to me.
what is the actual piano wats his name...the bass player...but yeah does anyone know the actual name for that because i've been trying to search for one...? :)
Tord, will you father my children?
nice song but its to low... like i can hear it goood the volume is to low :(
What keyboard is the bassist Tord playing?
I saw them twice ! Always amazing ! x
@Kenikaone you just made my day :D high five to you good sir/madam
this song makes me so fucking happy and i don't have the lightest idea why :D
I just love them so much <3 I would appreciate it if Dan would marry me too, but ya know.
Yep hes one good looking fellow. But in my opinion so are all of them :)
Is it just me or does he have the most beautiful eyes?
0:12 He really doesn't like this person...
why are half the comments on here not about the actual song??? anyway, these guys are amazing and i hope they tour in australia again!! ]
i love there cute it just me? :p :D
casually raping the replay button
this song describes my ex relationship perfectly... I don't know why but I loved him more than anyone and he didn't deserve it... I became self-destructive and I actually knew all the time that he was bad for me, but I couldn't end it... I waited for him, and he did finally even though we both still had feelings about each other... so I'm better off without him, and I'm moving on, but I know that if I see him or hear his voice I'm his again...
I love you Tord!!!! I saw you live, you were amazing.
I can't wait till the day when one my 12 year old friends realise how crap their 1D and the wanted and JLS are and join me in loving the wombats and Mumford and sons!
It is :) Catchy, I'm gonna listen to it now :D And that's great!! Happy listening :) :) :)
their drummer is really beautiful:)
Currently obsessed with this song.
All of you Wombats fans, don't just listen to the popular tracks, there are some real gems out there like: Trampolining, You Made Me Feel Like Brad Pit, Metro Song, Shock Goodbyes and P45's, The Baa Baa Baa Song, Guillotine, Reynold's Park ... Just to name a few :)
nec minnit..... DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
" We all need someone to drive us mad " <3
He plays the guitar so gracefully for the kind of music being played...
"Don't send a helping hand i need a battering ram" Brilliant Line
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