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Profit Maximization in Competitive Markets

by jodiecongirl • 57,093 views

This video explains how firms in competitive markets maximize profit and outlines how to show that profit graphically. For more information and a complete listing of videos and online articles by...

Is the marginal cost curve also the supply curve if it exceeds average total cost?
Thanks for the great video tutorial regarding perfect competitive market... Would it be possible showing the profit maximization and minimization in terms of mathematics like using derivatives?... If so, then it would be very grateful.. thnk again...
Have you taken calculus for business and social science? Class goes into some formulas or you can google it up. I personally find econ explanation easier and faster than working out the cal.
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thank you for the lecture beautiful mam 
hello, and thanks -- your videos are aften more helpful than the others I watch, Berkeley, MIT, pajholden, and Kahn, very clear, down to earth, and complete. Good speaking voice. You are a good model whose curves are inspiring.
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Our class average for our past exam was a 62% I was at a loss when I saw that. Luckily hes letting everyone retake the test. I feel a lot more confident in my ability to take it after watching your videos over the weekend. I really appreciate it! keep up the great work!
Why can't my seminar tutor explain it as clearly as this?! :(
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Hello I need help with this please: Market demand is given as QD = 200 – 3P. Market supply is given as QS = 2P + 100. Each identical firm has MC = 0.5Q and ATC = 0.25Q. What quantity of output will a typical firm produce?
I was hoping to see Pontryagin Maximum Principle applied on competitive markets. Aren't amazed by his story? Can you make an advanced economics/mathematics video please? To show us viewers what is possible within the field? That would be very interesting!
the picture on 00:00 is so cool, really smart video
Yes, but did you LEARN anything? Because, ya know... that was kinda the point of this video.
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Thank you for your work. Your videos are very helpful.
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One question: How can average total cost be less than marginal cost?
Hi :) This is a really good material, thanks for that. If someone is interested about algebraic problem solving, I also made some videos.
thanks for the lecture. It really helped clearing my concepts :)
Because marginal cost isn't constant...consider a situation where is costs $10 to produce the first unit and an additional $20 to produce the second- average cost at a quantity of 2 is then $15 but marginal cost is the incremental cost of the second unit, which is $20.
thanks i learn a lot in this session
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You're amazing teacher! Thank you so much for your help :)
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