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Mass Effect 2 Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 17 Recruit Jack Let's Play

by Tetra Ninja • 36,963 views

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 1 Introduction & Opening Scene Reaper Invasion Let's Play PS3 XBOX 360 PC (Gameplay & Commentary) Get ready for my Mass...

Why does he ruin the gameplay by checking wiki on 1st play through damn.. First time i played series went in blind and ya i made mistakes but thats the fun of it.. Wrex died on my first play through, and i romanced Jack which IMO is fun! Also i lost i think 2 squadmates of suicide mission.
In response to the 25:55 thing with jack I say this,nice bioware, real nice
He should have used the grenade launcher on the YMIR (heavy) mechs. He would have saved more ammo for the assault rifle, witch he is always running out of ammo for, and killed it faster. But that's just what I would have done.
I wonder why so many people are so surprised that Miranda is the second in command...she is one of the highest ranking Cerberus officers in the whole organization, and the Normandy is a Cerberus ship with a Cerberus crew. Of course she is the second in command. Everything else would have been strange.
Seriously....F*CKING USE OVERLOAD ON THE MECHS! stupid...
Miranda Garrus is second in comand
03:15 refined element zero and you missed it not picking fault just pointing it out
you should have talked to kelly
I like Jack, she's crazy but awesome, also would be a lot of fun to have her around if playing as a Renegade
Ain't no body gooot tiiiime to romance jacob
nobody noticed the vagina in 25:55 ?
I love Jack, keep up the good work with the series. I can't wait for ME3 to come out.
@tetraninja Because of you i had to buy this game =D
you know how jack is a badass now? wait till she joins your team then she wont do shit
great gamming but stop runnig out in the open
Hey dude you know you can flirt with the chick that tells you? You have messages or this person wants to speak with you.
@tetraninja those are the upgrades you have but you have buy them with money, element zero...
Jack is awesome one of my fav characters in the series
there was element zero in the purgatory control room
Miranada has always been second in command
i love love LOVE jack she is my third favorite person in the game
why didn't you use the missile launcher?
Buck buck buck... someone didn't open the Krogan tank!
EVERYONE, LOAD YOUR THERMAL CLIPS! WE ARE GOING IN!!!!! *Halo Music from the end of Halo 3 plays as the countdown goes down, and everyone gets in the [s]warthog[/s] Mako headed towards the [s]Pillar of Autemn[/s] Conduit in order to save the galaxy....and get to the citadel, or more specifically the guy who seels games on the Zakera Ward, to get our Mass Effect 3s* Oh dear, iv become too obssessed...... xD
Since Shepard has that "scouter" on he knows Jacks power is OVER 9000!!!!!!
"...I know the ship like a back of my hand..." "Oh, that's a wash room." Yeah right...
I cant belive it they make sheperd a prisoner hes no crinmal you go kick their asses
lol I like how you say what the hell in this video. xD
Well i was hoping for tetraninja to go with Miranda
Did anyone notice he missed eezo? I did it was a flash you can just see it
If you had the grenade launcher it only takes three shots to kill the warden...
Mass Effect 3 Countdown: 07 Days 08 hours 01 minute 00 seconds
Tetra... do you get your squad members from InsanePeople-R-US or is it just me. Everybody is loco in one way or another. Tell me where, I'd probably shop there to.
no one wants to talk to you again lol
lol so when jack said "you sound like a pussy" she was correct.
u know i dont remember making miranda my second in command
you fucking shit open that fucking tank!!!!
Just a word of advice, it's best that you buy all of the ship upgrades, it will pay off in the last mission. You should also get all of your crew members' loyalty. You can do that by doing their personal missions. Kelly will tell you when they are available. Also, there will come instances when two of your crew members will get in an argument, and you have to take care of the situation. To keep both of their loyalty, you will need to be full Paragon or full Rengade. Good Luck Tetra.
Hey tetra... Liara and Wrex aren't in ME2...
yo u left some element zero back at the cell lock opener
y didn't you open it RAWR!! I wanted to see what would happen..... =[
You realise that you have yet to research the upgrades... It's in a state of availability to you, so maybe you should not overlook it! :)
jack reminds me of the character jack in pitch black but older
go damn it Game! your financial diffuculties are stopping me from getting Mass Effect 3 on the 9th (UK delayed release dates can kiss my English ass)
Nick pls stop shooting mechs with your assault rifle .... you have a freaking ROCKET LAUNCHER! Gr8 vids besides that :)
First off, I'm absolutely loving your LP of ME2 so far. It's definitely getting me hyped up for ME3 next week. Second, I can't believe you bought the med bay upgrade to get rid of your scars. Since you're going paragon, they would've disappeared relatively soon on their own....sorry, had to get that out of system. lol
commander shepard NEVER falls back
Fix up Shepard's scars. Go to Chakwas.
Tetra you're better skilled in ME2 than ME1 xD Congrats for yout work, I've recently fell in love with this franchise, the story, the plot it's just amazing and I thank you for your vids ^^
fall back fall back you mean run away
If you'll open it you don't get too see Wrex in ME3...
You have grenades. The grenade launcher is the big round thing on your back.
@shaq0071 hes going to stay loyal to Liara even though he could romance Tali
However it looks like u did fine without the grenade launcher... :)
Setting here screaming at the screen. "ACTIVATE THE KROGAN!"
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