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Simple Plan-Astronaut (Cover)

by Shijin Hutton • 44,109 views

It's my first cover and first video in my channel. I've made some improvisation in this version compared to the original.If you like this song like it ,share it with your friends and subscribe....

i finally got a cover in which there's singing..that too, awesomee!! and on-tune! lots of luck! keep uploadingg! :)
Amazing Man..!! U hv not seen for ages..come back with new songs plssss
I love this fucking version, more than the original :D
Vaya, excelente interpretación mi hermano, muy bueno..!
how can u only have 1 video!!!!!! do more!!!!!! ur voice is amazing for that kind of song!!!!!!!!
hey! you should do more cover, you know! :D I really like this simple plan cover of both of you :) 
make another simple plan cover :(
The Judge has deemed this performance not worthy of the gift of life. However, should you obtain a less depiseful accent, I might reconsider.
that's just pure Indian goodness , aside from my favorite curry.
kinda relatable to the film gravity, such a beautiful cover ;)
Miriam Rijken Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Thank you Jaina...It would be great, if you could share with your friends....
Hey Sijin, keep doing your thing man, you are sounding superior, did I say superior, take it as a compliment....and pass my appreciation to bibin too, it comes natural to him , you are an international material..I have shared it with some musicians in US and they have appreciated it....keep grinding.....
you have an amazing voice,post more covers.
Thanks for the support...It would be great, if you could share my humble effort with your friends who loves music :)
Thanks Teena...Yeah we are working on some other tracks..will be in our channel soon :)
Thank you very much...It would be great, if you could subscribe and share this song with your friends :)
Thanks alot...Hope you will share this song with your friends :)
haz otro cover de simple plan... por favor C: ...cantas hermoso 3
just because people have disliked this video doesn't mean they are racist, you know!
thanks Kayla...Hope you will share with your friends :)
Shijin Can u plz her my vocal and tell whether any prblems... ur voice is amazing.... i ve uploaded my audio.. "Astronaut,Simple Plan,Zam"
Oh my god ! Realy good i love it ! Keep it up !! :)
Thanks alot bro for your kind words...Hope you will share with your friends...
this video shows what you can do when you own professionel audio recording equipment..
Oh, it's awesome cover :') You rock:) It sounds really amazing :')... good job. Love it. ♥
Its fine...It will help me to improve...Thanks for being honest :)
Bibin bro nice job with the instruments as always and shiijin awesome vocals kudos waiting for the next one all the best guys
woooooow... amazing bro :p what materials do you use?
No! Esta cancion no se toca que haces?
Beautiful cover! One of the best I've heard for this song!
Thanks alot for your comment...Hope you will share it with your friends :)
cool cover! love it! <3 guitar, piano, voice.. WOW.. ^^,
Make more plz! It was beautiful *^*
Wow *-* Amazing cover, good job guys :3
if ya do let me know on fb julian gutierrez ..
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!
i dont like the autotone part. however nice vover
Thanks :)...Hope you will share with your friends
Omg! Great talent guys.. Singer: Amazing voice!! ;) kinda cute looking too.. Hehe.!! Guitarist/ Keyboard player : YOU ARE FRIGGIN' COOL!!! Great job!! :D
Bro too good :D I expect more videos from you make it ASAP :D
:)..I'm not a pro singer..I'm a sound engineer by profession though :)
Thank you so much..hope you will share this with your friends :)
keep going guys. expecting more videos !!!! God bless
Accepted...Will try to improve in my next songs...Thank you...
Wow Brother Superb one ... really enjoyed it :)
@Emy019 thank you so much. I'm planning to do couple of songs soon. So stay tuned. Share this track with your friends :)
Vocês são demais gente,adorei o video...Portugues
Thank you :)..Keep on sharing with your friends :)
What gear do you use besides the C414, amazing sound!
awesome! keep the covers coming bro! subscribing~
You sir have my respect, I don't use to like covers but this is beyond everything, greetings.
i like most ..the part ...'cause tonight i'm felling like astronaut. good voice suits for bsb and jonas brothers. you might try on thhose ones.."When you look me in the eyes." best for you.
WoW! Awe job guyz... Bibin, loved it! Keep going n w8in 4 more... God bless u guyz n ur new covr... :)
Love this cover since the first note on the piano! Great voice there! :)
I love your cover ! really it's great !! :)
@YouSuckAtLoveMusic thank you so much :)...I will try to do best for you guys :) subscribe support my efforts :)
Omg -.- ! Im like "Wow, hes voice is amazing! Going to his profile, and DAFUQ.. No more videos o.O?" Please post more covers! <3 With simple plan ofc :-) !
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