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by TheFineBros • 3,216,340 views

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I realized I've come to the point where I don't watch Finebros to see how kids, teens or elders react to a certain thing. Instead, I watch it because I want to watch the cast and their closeness with the Finebros. I love this channel. I hope my employer in the future will be as cool as you guys. So much respect!
i subscribed to nigahiga and kevjumba since 2007
+Kenneth Yee joined February 8, 2014. Yeah totally.
2:54 "Like in a race, if they cheat to win." "........" "Who cheats to lose, Megan?"      xD
Jumba is love. Jumba is life.
2012- "Most popular on YouTube- 2 million subscriber" 2014- PewDiePie, 30m Sub
2015 pewdiepie~ 34 million subscribers 😂
"I think it is Nigahiga´s slave" LOL!
2:05   TRUTHHH !!!!!!!!!
 -_-"Who cheats to lose Megan"?  HAHAHAHAHA XD OH GOD
Aww how can these kids not know him? But they know Ryan higa?
kids react to nigahiga
guys do youtubers or teens react to The Lonely Island
xD "Who cheats to lose, Megan?"
jeremy lin is KevJumba's cousin
No that was a joke. They are just friends
I didn't know Jumba before this video... thank you! XD
best line "who cheats to lose Megan"
"Which is Italian Sausage, Shannon" This made me laugh more then it. Should of.
Who cheats to lose ,Megan!?
i cant believe that kid called him nigahigas disrespectful, what are kids saying these days?
"Tell Jeremy hey" These kids say the funniest stuff
I know this is a year old but can you make them react to the bambaloo theme song (My sister wants to see that)
Teens React to VanossGaming
"Who cheats to lose, Meghan?"
"Which is Italian sausage, Shannon"
do kids react to Jonah smeltzer!
Do kid react to element animation
Americans always overeact on something,emotes everytime and always talks a lot.
This video is so weird to but I like this video so much I will watch it every day ♥
Does anyone know why they acted like jerks in the video for the one that had nigahiga in it the video is called Nice Guys
it's relevant to the lyrics
kids react to stamylonghead
Its nigahiga not niggahigga
Kids react to teddy has an operation!!!
Teens react to Thomas sanders
Kids react to roblox!
somebody brought that to school. i got 2nd degree burns
I love nice guys I'm a higaholic
That kid Troy is on Master Chef!!
Wutube! That needs to be a thing
"Who cheats to lose Megan!"
wow some of these kids sound SO posh
I love this video ♥♥♥
That phone didn't actually shock, did it? That was acted...right?
Kids react to nigahiga or iisuperwomanii
I'm a identical twin too!!!
I love kev Jumna and especially Ryan higa from niga higa
AmeliaLauren looks like that girl from Sweet Suspense xD
I seriously want to be on your show can you make a video on how you get those kids on your show like where do you find them anywhere you get them can make a video where you just like talking about that and say what place you're in like Miami or something I don't know
i think they're somewhere in south california. You can try to contact them in their facebook or twitter account. They also have a business email in their youtube profile somewhere. try those and see if that works.
Please Do NigaHiga PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!
They should react to dragon ball z
Teens react to game theory 
man as an old school youtuber... this is just a normal video for me... perplexed by those young kids... LOL i be old i suppose
KIDS REACT TO MATTHIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what kids eract to Deadlox.
You don't now it is a song
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Kids react to NateWantsToBattle!!!!!
Lol there all like hey that's nigahiga lol
You aint got nuttin on Poopdigrie! YOOO~!!
Pewdiepie has over 30 million
1:05-1:08 jake was like nigahigaaaa... nigahiga?!!!! so funny i laghed so hard and keep replaying it
can someone give me a link to a place that sells the junebow or whatever? Thanks
Do: kids react to skydoesminecraft
OMG I never watched dis guy in a yeeaar!!!!!! I like the song bad guys
kids react to pewdiepie
You have a awesome dad
Kids react to beetnik  badger
OMG I never watched dis guy in a yeeaar!!!!!! I like the song bad guys
1:49 that kid, i wanna have him so cuuute
If they watched nigahiga, might as well..
kids react to nigahiga
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