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by Wong Fu Productions β€’ 926,525 views

In this episode of Wong Fu Weekends Wes, Ted and Phil play the board game Creationary, until disaster strikes... Extended Footage (~10mins!): Awkward Panda:...

Im jealous with Wong Fu. They manage to work hard and play hard, and really doing it. Wish I could do that
you probably just wanna play hard
You dont want to play hard?
Got bored of work and decided to watch some WFW. Nice episode - I was laughing so hard. XD
I remember watching this a long time ago and being like..."I don't get it, what's so funny?" XD
Same, I wish i never understood but at the same time im glad i do
Everyone can just purposely not guess it right and then the person won't get any points...
Lol too funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
is Regina still a part of Wong Fu?
what tripod do they use (@ 2:11 behind Wes' arm)? Can anyone tell me the exact name (with the company and model) or leave a link to it please. Thanks
just to make it clear, Ted, when the picture says cat, you can't spell the words cat with the lego. XD
Wes is....❀❀
wes is soooooooooooooooooooo hawt
7:27 wes was doing gangnam style before it came out.... omfg
9:50. Wes' laugh. So cute!!! I played-replayed. Super cute.
Wes is good at guessing. Also, he's ideas on how to portray what's on the card are smart. :) Β 
Yuss! I finally found a video with Christine in it! I saw her at my work today and was like, OMG, I've seen her on Youtube with Wong Fu! But I couldn't remember her name and was too embarrassed to say anything! She seemed really sweet though! :) And it's stupid, but now I can get over my fangirling and move on! ;P
I couldn't stop laughing! Regina's lego building, lol!
Hahaha Gina is so funny
I want that awkward panda so freakin bad
It was a penis! LAWL
lol i loved that (even christine`s lego snake was hilarious)!!!!!
LOL Awwhhh, Phil was so traumatized by the missing lego pieces. <3
Ha. 12:47 was so funny I can't believe she made a penis
We have the same chair!!!!!
Ha she made a D**k
I honestly think that Wes is mesmerising to look at.. Not ashamed to say it.. In front of the
songa shi Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
ε“ˆε“ˆε“ˆε“ˆοΌŒε€ͺ製杖了 上θͺ²ηœ‹ι€™ε€‹δΉŸε€ͺ不ε¦₯了。
I have the same ottoman (idk how to spell it)
Uh, er, uh, WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?
i was drinking coffee and i literally and spit out around 10 times so funny
The girls are like hahahaha, the guys are just like lol, and im here laughing to
Dude! if your penis are partially green you should really go see a doctor !!!
They posted this 2 years ago they should have 2 million views right now
Wes: "Hot air ballon!" Why are you so smart?
I hope you know that the link in the description box is to Obama's website xD
When Phil philosophizes about his missing lego toys... you realize it was 50 episodes of wong fu weekennds ago...
pretty sure the last one was the Washington monument..and that someone guessed that. ;D
11:46 love how wes is growing a boob on his arm :D
hahaha your personalities are just freaking amazing . you guys are lucky and really fortunate to know each other .
That was so much fun to watch! Thanks guys! :-)
at first... it took me awhile for my...'smart' *cough* actually dumb *cough* Asian brain to process what she made.
his hair turned grey when he was 13, so he kept dying it black. But now he doesn't feel like dying it anymore.
It was made like 2 years ago in korea. I'm korean. It came out in American this year.
did see wut i think i just saw
At 7:30, Wes does Gangam Style, thus inventing the dance crave.
I've never seen Wes laughing this much before
The Empire State building is like an inch long!!! WTF!
well there last names .. Ted (FU) , Phillip (WANG) and Wesley (CHAN). Chinese dude :3
if you watch wfw 53 you will see it is not gangnam style
oh my gawwwdd i feel so special this was made on my birthday errr merrrr gerrrd
i love it when Ted realises hahaha that was soo funny
you guys should play quelf or game of curses
Psy didn't make Gangnam Style, Wes did
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