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by PewDiePie • 3,287,335 views

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Slender never scared me in this video it was ALWAYS Pewds screaming that made me freak out.
Except at 3:40 that almost made me shit myself and drop my water.
ditto his screams r funny and scary @ the same time!
when you get all 8 pages you still die
Why did I watch this at 4:49 IN THE MORNING
+Juan D'Marco why did you have to reboot this comment thread.
Why would he kill me?? :( Pewdie avenge meee!!!! I'm sorry :(
You said no more... yet there is a fifth part. And it's not Slender that scares me, it's when Pewdiepie screams.
 you should of hug slender first. like running right into his arms. he will be nicer the next time you play it
Slenderman is misunderstood. Slenderman has a son that draws those pictures for Slenderman his dad. So he puts them on trees and we take them. So he tries to catch you to get them back. All he wants is his sons drawings :)
If you ever read creepypasta's you would know about Sally and Slenderman's realtionship
"I'll never play this game again". "Alright guys you asked for it so here os more Slender". You need to toughen up, Pewds. :P BTW, this is the only episode as of yet that didn't scare me once.
Heh, last slender game he'll ever make. I beg to differ:3
you need to go in the bathroom thing before you have any pages Pewds otherwise he'll be there I garantee xD
"So I'm putting my penis down and saying no, you know?" I totally understand. Is ur Penis Ok after the lay down?
You are so awesome.i love you I want to be a bro but my mom won't let me subscribe.
I am starting to think he is retarded  How many times do you fall for the same trick man --" do NOT turn around it's very simple yet you turn around 90% of the tme no wonder u never finished the game
Slender dont scare me when I play it but when I am watching Pewds video, I am scaried as shit :D Thanks, Pewdiepie, you are bro :D
Just tried - I got free Castle Clash gems here! Get yours too in less than one minute!! (7wnD0YJcPV)
You should play slender again and walk right up to him!!!!
I don't know why , but every time he plays Slender , he always gets raped in the first half of the video . :{]
what do you do when you found all the pages i mean... what the flip!
pewdiepie slender you scares kkkkkkkk:-)
this is by far the scariest game ever
Nice song "haa aa" xD
I love your slender videos
i love your videos but dont worry slenderman is not real
ahhhh u freakin looked
11:38 Did Slender's FACE TURN PURPLE???????????? ___________________WHAT THE FU*K
Even On 3:41............ Wierd
Never look back and never look at him. Pewds never learns. Lol
Can Slenderman kill you before the first page?
you should zoom up on slendermans face that would be hilarious lol
Poor Pewds I feel bad
pewdiepie lisin iv you sal slenderman don lak back
you said slendy is so nice and i am gonna have a youtube channel and that is gonna be called slendy
+Destiny Wallace, there not scared per say, but just the thrill when he surprises you is why he is so popular. And Americas crazy. Case closed, Doctor OUT BROFIST
Puberty interfered with your beautiful singing. for shits sake. ;-;
Pew come on play 1000000000 more plz!!!!!!!!
  👍👍👍👍👍✋ good slenderman  ·
Take off the light if u see the slender man you can hide you bether and dont see back you he come always if you see back you
pus** and octupus XD lmao
Try playing daytime mode. You can either beat nighttime to unlock daytime or use registry edit to unlock daytime.
he needs to look down or hide him behind a tree it will help him no to get killed
not get killed is what i mean
I am obsessed with poods selender vids XD
The trick is pretty obvious. Just DON'T LOOK BACK. That's what the pages say ahah
what do u use to record these videos?
Yand then I got scared by my microwave. Beautiful.
I feel less scared when pewdie plats slendy cuz he makesbjoke & stuff & takes me mind off the creature
I miss this time alot
and dont say slendy cuz it pisses him off
what is he using to record
I am so easy to scare on junpscares. And i only get scared when pewdie screams.
I've played slender so much I just said to myself '' fuck this game so annoying I just can't beat it "
03:33 not looking at him does not make him stop LOL I am laughing crap out right now
Pewdiepie has inspired me to play horror games so fun but annoying.
you are going to make a big mistake!!
If you stop looking behind you, he will not spawn as often behind you. Keep looking straight, don't spin around, and keep going. When you stand still, he gains on you.
here pews had 1 300 000 susb xD
You know Ben drowned man ? if so, you bro : D
Pewdiepie should play a game called gta san andreas
ima play this slender man game...
I am obsessed with poods selender vids XD
Pewds, don't hate Slendy. Slendy is probably your #1 fan You Can't Say No To A Bro.
scared the shizz outta me
Minecraft woo flute woo
slenderman was chaseing me he didnt leave me until I turn around
Hey pewds I'm using my gramps iPad so I'm telling you play minecraft more it's amassing ok c ya soon lol!!!
Love this game so much XD
Dun turn back just look infront of u geez!
If he doesn't turn around he dont know where slendy is and if he doesn't run when it is nessesery he well die
Omfg lmfao at 3:42 when slendy poped up I jumped
make lots more videos and be awrsome!!
I cant do what you do
Pewds you are exactly right but this is what Slender man is: A Man Eating Octopus. Lol I just found that out like 5 minutes ago.
"Don't shave ypur legs" 10:32 XD
3.42 scared me like hell
where is the exit D: !!!!???
windows movie maker -_- realy pewds
Pewdiepie : Yes. Really.
pewdiepie play next please animal jam and look me up on animal jam my username is C57643
is there a slender men part 3 or is there only 2 and 4
2:06 I now thought, or you sang the song "Katyusha stepped out"? O_O
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