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Forever21 HAUL.

by Dulce Candy • 135,726 views

pretty huge..O

watching this in 2015 :D
Dulces dressing style back in the days LOL
Gosh I just love your old videos and your massive hauls!!!
omg i want that chiffon dress SO bad..
haha my best friend & I went back-to-school shopping a few weeks ago, and we went to forever21. like, pretty much everything in there was plaid or stripes haha. but you got really cute things :)
wtf? Just enjoy the video and if u dont then just stop watching! Dont leave rude comments!
@LovinParisHilton It sucks, i wish we did have it :(
I enjoy her videos...thank you:)) haters stay off that page:-p
omg i love ur room! i wish my room looked like that with all those stuff in it too~
HAHAHAHA: " chains? i can get you a chain from the garage" HAHAHHA. oh man, i love you and your videos!!
Forever 21 is not organized att all i agree but the clothes is so cute i always find my clothes there ..i find everything :)
& i wouldnt want to know how much that all came too. probably broke the bank
How much was that run dmc shirt ??
i loved the flower necklaces!:) im a shopaholic too
I loved the bracelet and the dress you showed first. I wouldnt came back it!
@ladiikastic you're*. Sure, you can call me a "hater", because I am inferring that she's a snobby, obnoxious, materialistic girl. I'm not even jealous of her anyways? I don't know where you got that kind of shit from my first comment..
every price ends wiff 80 centss wdff ...
@1jourismog whenever you visit nyc you will buy the whole store!!
i LOVE eighties too! aww well love the hauls! :)
@xxskissorsxx dont get so jealous. u dont know her. maybe she donates a lot of time and money to the poor too. the not wearing the clothes thing isnt so bad cuz u can donate it to the needy anyway.
the forever 21 ovver here is soo organized all by styles and every thing
love all your videos and your hauls
is that your room u do your vids??
wow ur an inspiration. i actually find ur clothes and accessory things cute since u keep saying that they are lol. anyway i love watching ur haul vids just to get some ideas.
omgg the king of rock top would look really cute with the leather leggings if the top covers ur butt. lls.
The first pink top that you showed us, i have the same one in purple and i really didn't like it either.
she doesn't have to regret shopping so much. if she works hard to earn her money, then she shouldn't feel bad spending it however she wants. there is nothing to feel shameful about. plus it's not like Forever 21 is very expensive anyways.
ur jewlery is tooo dressy for that casual wife beater....i know ur trying to dress it up but u went about it the wrong way...dont EVER wear the necklace with that shirt clashes
I'm so excited I ordered a bunch of stuff from F21 today!!!! ahhhhhh!
i know what u mean about shopping at the stores i hate it when the store looks a freakin hot mess. but online shoppings biggest flaw....shipping fees =__=
Thats wierd cuz when I went to forever 21 the other day almost half the clothes were plaid!
i loveeeeee the pink plaid shirt at 6:22 but i can't find it anywhere!! It's driving me crazy because i want it really bad!
hmmm that's exactly why i don't shop online. i prefer to try something on and see how it looks on me. besides, i like browsing around stores
Yeah shopping at the store fails at life but online its like heaven untul they dont have your sizes but shipping and handling is death its so much plus tax ugg
thanks for the tip. you're right, the website has amazing stuff but the stores are only okay.
@1jourismog i live in australia so me and my friend chose 10 items each and we halfed the postage which is also $30 you save money so find a friend who likes the website too, hope that helps
your clothes are so cute I shop at foever 21 I love there clothes
what could you wear with the pleather leggings? i have some like that i just dont know what to wear them with. thank you. (:
my daddy said the same thing ill just get you a chain from the garage
haha, i think ima rock a chain with dis one, you're so cute! :)
@TaylorTots15 I'm not saying that I "work my ass off" helping starving children. I just think materialistic bitches like this chick are incredibly obnoxious. Sure, I don't know her as a person, but based on this I CAN AND WILL infer that she's snobby and ridiculous. WHO ELSE COULD MAKE A 14 MINUTE VIDEO ABOUT WHAT THEY LAST BOUGHT.
@xsweetsillymex I worked at forever 21 as head cashier for 4 years... sometimes items they have at the store are not online & vice versa. Even today I can't tell you how many times I see something online and I go to the store because I want to try it on and it is not available. Every store is not exactly the same. As a "Forever 21 employee" You should know that!
Dulce your the Queen of forever21 : )
that isn't an everyday necklace....i dont want to hate. I loovvveee your haul videos but that was bugging me. its just too much to wear with such a plain shirt.
xtopshopx ,you are such a jerk. just jealous, because she can afford it....
@xxskissorsxx oh shutup as if u care abt poor ppl and if u did u would not even use internet and waste ur time on youtube bitch
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Your necklacee is really prettyyyy!!!! Where did you get it from?
I have a bracelet that matches one of your necklaces
i think the da1nonlymixedqt have that run dmc shirt as well, its a nice shirt
I wish i cold shop as much as you(: <3
wtf i think you got the wrong person. i was having a go at creation1310 for being a perv that has nothing to do with being jelous i watched her videos all the time.
@luckylay18 mac is in myer stores, we dont have forever 21.
ya have to be the biggest shopaholic i thiink ive eva seen lol but i still luv ur vids!
do u think they still have the the turntable ring
@1jourismog I love this store too but I have the same problem since I live in France :(
She works for the U.S. Army. She does videos for fashion. If you don't like them then don't watch them but there are some people who do like them.
i think that the shirt u are wearing doesnt really mat ch that huge necklace, maybe it should look better with a blue dress or something else?
you have to do a closet tour update please ...i wish i had a shopping buddy like you ..i always go with my hubby and he complains that i take to long ...but im 4"9 so not everything fits me
I love all your hauls so much :)
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I know what you are saying, I hate to shop online too, you never know what you are gonna get at the end and also the tax and the shipment fee add to the cost of something that you might not even like at the end
lol i love how you do your hauls in your clost. haha<3
the one here in miami is huge and beautiful in aventura mall its awesome and never a mess!!! i dont know where you guys shop but the forever 21 down here is the bomb!!!
I just love Forever21 but i'm living in Sweden so it's to expensive to order.. Well, my mum thinks that haha i'm just 12 years. I love your videos, but i'm not such a big fan of flower but acctuly I think everything was really cute! Hugs from Sweden
then why dont you hop on a plane and go to africa and take care of them. practice what you preach, bitch
ugh! i love ur neckalace! im so sad they dont sell it anymore!!!!
wow it takes such a special person to buy everything in a store. You act like $20 is such a good deal. haha
chains i couldve got it from the garage ahahahah
that blue dress w/ the white polka dots is ADORABLE i WANT it!!!
lol..we buy like the same things lol..
OMG its not that hard if you do not like the video,QUIT WATCHING IT!!Duhhhh
@xxskissorsxx seriousli, why do u even care abt her videos if they give u headaches??
@xxskissorsxx it's so annoying when people post things like that. Yes there are starving children in the world, we know that. I'm sure she knows it too. But what I want to know is, what are people like YOU doing about it? Yes there are people who are more fortunate than you or me, but that doesn't automatically mean they're spoiled or rude. So unless you're working your ass off to help give those starving children a bowl or rice, SHUT UP!
Forever 21 is not organized at all! You can't say "ooo! I want a dress!" and go to the dress section. You have to search all over the store.
@JuicyGirlx33 I went to the NYC one and it was organized by color! They had rooms that were almost entirely one color. It was pretty cool. That was over a year ago though, so I don't know what it's like now.
Thoughs clothes wear so freakin cute!!!!!!:)
is this your room ??!! there's much of clothes O.o LOL++
9:21 - i got that as a bracelet and it is my FAVORITE bracelet out of all of mine, even my expensive ones. it complete like every outfit. i overwear it so much. it came in a set for like 7 dollars - omgg. pick it up!
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